BlogNEETSuccess Stories of NEET Droppers Who Cracked the Exam

Success Stories of NEET Droppers Who Cracked the Exam

The NEET examination is a national-level test that admits students to undergraduate medical courses like MBBS, BDS, and more. The NEET exam is considered one of the toughest examinations in our nation. Also, even after preparing well for the examination, aspirants sometimes fail to crack the exam. Therefore, it’s common for aspirants to take a drop of a year and re-attempt the examination. If you are one of such candidates and wondering if NEET droppers succeed in cracking the exam, read this blog to learn about the success stories of NEET droppers who cracked the exam.

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    Dropper to Topper in NEET

    Success Stories of NEET Droppers Who Cracked the NEET Exam

    NEET droppers, also can be a NEET repeaters, are the aspirants who fail to crack the NEET exam in the first attempt and decide to take a break of a year or two to prepare for the examination thoroughly.

    For all the NEET Droppers, we share some success stories of NEET Droppers with you. These stories will surely motivate you to prepare for the NEET 2025 exam. NEET Aspirants must remember that they can also crack the examination if they are highly motivated, disciplined, devoted, and willing to work hard to crack the NEET examination.

    Success Story of NEET Dropper: Rishav Mishra

    NEET Dropper Rishav Mishra took one year to prepare for the NEET examination. He wasn’t able to get the desired score on his first attempt and hence reattempted it in 2017. He devoted well-planned time to practice and self-study sessions while preparing for the examination. With practice, discipline, and determination, he was able to crack the NEET Exam in 2017.

    Success Story of NEET Dropper: Kirti Agarwal

    The NEET Exam is one of the most challenging examinations conducted in our country. However, medical aspirants work hard to pass the NEET exam and get admitted to their dream colleges to study medicine. But, if you fail to succeed in your first attempt, you feel demotivated and find it difficult to make a comeback. The mental pressure gets to its peak.

    But do you know the story of Kirti Agarwal, who attempted the examination thrice to get her desired rank? She dropped out twice and attempted the examination three times to reach her dream college. Her determination became the ladder to her success.

    Success Story of NEET Dropper: Nikhil Bhajiya

    Nikhil Bhajiya is one such NEET Dropper who inspires many. After not being successful with his first attempt at the NEET examination, Nikhil Bhajiya didn’t let go of his determination. He took a drop and topped the NEET 2016 Examination. He is one of the best examples of NEET droppers who topped the examination in their later attempts. Nikhil secured AIR 3 from the state of Gujarat.

    Success Story of NEET Dropper: Pradyuman Singh

    Pradyuman is one such dropper who cleared the NEET Exam on his 3rd attempt. Therefore, he is the perfect example to the question: Are NEET Droppers Successful? Well, yes, you can also succeed in the NEET Exam as a dropper. NEET Repeaters face numerous challenges in their journey but are also rewarded with results at the end if they prepare wholeheartedly for the examination.

    Can Droppers Do Well in NEET?

    How Many Hours Should a Dropper Study for the NEET 2025 Exam?

    The NEET aspirants require a proper preparation strategy to crack this examination. To achieve a high score, students must study for 10 to 12 hours per day. An appropriate plan of study must be followed by the aspirants so that they can crack the examination and get their dream college. Aspirants must balance their study routines with time for sports and other activities. Adding other activities to your schedule along with your study routine is essential for your overall mental and physical well-being. One must create a well-organized study plan, eat healthier, and seek guidance from experienced mentors.

    How to Succeed in 6 Months as a NEET Dropper?

    A NEET Dropper must follow a well-planned and effective strategy to achieve the desired rank in the NEET 2025 exam. We know that the NEET exam is one of the highest-competition examinations in our country. However, we have a number of success stories of aspirants who cracked the exam in their repeat attempt. Therefore, scoring outstandingly in the NEET 2025 examination is not impossible.

    You just need proper planning before starting the revision. If you didn’t score as expected in the NEET 2024 examination, it’s a clear sign that your strategy needs improvement. By planning better, you can increase your chances of improving your NEET 2025 score and can also secure your desired rank. This will help you in getting admitted to your dream college.

    Also, check the Blog for the best preparation strategy for a NEET Dropper 2025.

    Can a Dropper Crack NEET Without Coaching?

    Yes, a NEET Dropper can crack the NEET 2025 Exam without coaching. There are many students who have prepared for the NEET Exam by themselves and have cleared it through a disciplined approach. Coaching institutes can provide you with structured guidance and support, but it’s not the only way to succeed in the exam.

    But if you plan to join a coaching institute for the preparation of the examination, check the course details below.

    Best Coaching for NEET Droppers 2025

    You must have read the Success stories of NEET droppers who cracked the exam. If you are planning to reappear for the NEET Exam 2025 and want to have your own success story as a dropper, then this NEET Dropper course for 2025 is designed for your benefit.

    neet rank assurance program

    This course for NEET Droppers is designed to benefit students who plan to attempt the NEET 2025 Exam as Droppers. This course focuses entirely on Dropper students and provides the best guidance and one-on-one assistance. For the NEET 2025 Aspirants, the details of the best online course for NEET droppers are below.

    FAQs on Success Stories of NEET Droppers

    Are NEET droppers successful?

    Yes, NEET droppers can be successful. Many students who did not pass the NEET exam in their first attempt go on to succeed in their next attempts. They use the extra year to improve their preparation and strategies, leading to better results. For example, Rishav Mishra, who scored 428 and 412 in his first attempts, secured 574 rank in his next attempt after dropping a year.

    Is any NEET topper a dropper?

    Yes, there are examples of NEET toppers who were initially droppers. Nikhil Bhajiya, who topped the NEET exam in 2016, was a dropper who had attempted the exam previously but did not pass. He worked hard and improved his score to secure the top rank.

    How many droppers succeed?

    While the exact percentage of successful droppers is not known, there are many inspiring stories of students who have overcome their initial failures and gone on to succeed in the NEET exam. These stories show that with determination and the right strategies, droppers can achieve their goals and become medical professionals.

    Do droppers perform better in NEET?

    Students who take a gap year to prepare for NEET can develop a better understanding of the syllabus. They can also practice thoroughly, increasing their chances of scoring higher and getting admission to top medical colleges.

    Can a dropper crack the NEET Examination?

    Yes, a NEET dropper can crack the NEET Examination. We have many success stories of NEET Droppers who have excelled in the exam with the right approach. A student can start from zero and successfully crack NEET in a gap year.

    How many hours should a dropper study for NEET?

    NEET droppers 2025 must dedicate at least six to seven hours to prepare for the NEET 2025 examination.

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