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Essay on Dog

Dogs are Man’s Best Friend. Dogs are the most loyal animal. God has given the dog a powerful weapon – Sharp teeth and a strong sense of smell. Because of this Police uses Dogs for catching thieves. They can also run very fast using their four legs. Dogs are very clever and intelligent. They understand everything and wag their tail when they are very happy. They can do anything to protect the life of their owner. We should try to adopt as many dogs and pets as possible. If you have a puppy in your life, it is more peaceful and happy. I have written an Essay on Dogs below.

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    500+ Words Essay on Dog

    A dog is most often called “man’s best friend”. This simple saying says a lot about the beautiful relationship that dogs and human beings share. History has infinite pieces of evidence that prove dogs were companions to humans from prehistoric times. History is replete with instances where humans and dogs shared a strong bond.

    We should never think of this relationship as one-sided; it is mutual. If we call human beings the “giver” and dogs as the “taker”, then we are not doing full justice to this lovely relationship. Being the caretaker, the person is showered with love and affection every day so much that life without a pet dog appears like a nightmare!

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    Dogs are extremely jovial and fun-loving creatures and having a pet dog is one of the most fulfilling experiences one can have. From the responsibilities associated with having a pet to the companionship that a pet offers you, it is a very symbiotic relationship between a human and a pet and it is something that helps humans grow in innumerable ways.

    Essay on Dog

    Why Should Humans Pet Dog?

    Are you too bored of human beings? Jokes aside, it is very natural to get fed up with the constant exposure to human relations and all the mental and physical expectations surrounding living life in a society. In this regard, pets can be great pals to people as well as offer them a support system unlike any other:

    The companionship: Pets, especially dogs, can be great friends through thick and thin. Sometimes we don’t want anyone constantly talking and understanding us. We don’t want to go out and chill with friends every time we feel low. The feeling of being there with us in our comfortable environment can sometimes seal the greatest wounds.

    Get a Routine: Stick with a dog and get a wonderful routine in your life. This routine involves taking care of your pet dog, taking him for a walk, feeding him food when he’s hungry, and much more. Basically, it is all about taking care of your pet dog like a parent. With time, you will feel more responsible and connected to him.

    A Healthier Lifestyle: Your pet dog can’t go on a walk on its own. You will have to take him out and get him in. This means you might never go on a walk for the sake of your own health but with a pet dog with you as a companion, you will be more willing to do the hard work and seek out the fresh air with your furry friend.

    Better Mental Health: It is scientifically proven that having a pet can reduce a lot of stress from life. The reason behind it is simple: love. All we need is love and the feeling of being with someone in our lives and dogs are the best to reflect these feelings. Being with a pet dog takes away the feeling of loneliness and gives you a chance to be just yourself.

    Importance of Dogs

    Nurturing and Life Experience

    Having a pet dog is a life experience. Those who haven’t been in this position will never understand this gush of emotions associated with looking after another being. You nurture your dog in all ways possible. You feed him food, give him shelter and shower him with love and care.

    You’re brought along for the journey they take in life and you are responsible for their well-being and happiness as well. This creates a bond for life between you and your dog and gives you the chance to learn and appreciate the beauty of this relationship, which might be shorter than most other human relationships one might have as one grows older.


    While you nurture him by fulfilling all his needs, there is something you get back. Except for the constant companionship and support, you get back protection and security. Your pet dogs can be trusted guards for your homes.

    Suppose it is late night and you are asleep, a stranger’s intrusion into your house might not get noticed by you, but your dog will instantly alarm you with a bark. Dogs are naturally protective of their owners and this has been proven time and again with various humans being saved, not just against robbers or criminals, but even in the case of fires and mishaps which the human might not realize and be aware but a dog might.

    Rearing a Life

    Giving a home to a pet means a lot. It is a lot more than you can ever think of. Always remember, you are saving a life. Not only this, but you are giving the best you can to save animals and life. With terrible spaces like dog pounds existing, having a pet dog ensures that you’re offering a safe and comfortable space for the animal to live in peace.


    So, it is easy to understand now why having a pet dog is one of the greatest joys one can have. Dogs are loving creatures and having them around as a pet is something that helps humans grow as loving creatures themselves. Always remember: adopt, don’t shop!

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