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Essay on Farmers

Essay on Farmers

In the last few years, the world has changed (and is still changing) quite rapidly. With unbelievable innovations in almost every field of our daily life, we are moving towards a space of fast paced people and machinery. Along With all the technology, we are made to think about the root of our sustainability–our environment, what we consume whether in food or drink etc. And the links of these things are connected to farming. Almost every country in the world would agree on the fact that farming or agriculture is critical to their overall economies.

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    What is Farming ?

    What we used to associate with farming or agriculture earlier was confined to growing and supplying food crops. Agriculture is now associated with cultivation of fruits, beekeeping, poultry etc. Everything from planting and growing to processing the food crops or raw material comes under the umbrella of farming.

    Apart from contributing to fulfilling a basic need, farming also generates employment for people.

    And while we talk about how farming sustains us, we are bound to acknowledge those who engage with it: the farmers. Whether we buy our food from a supermarket or from a local vendor, a significant part of what we consume, vegetables, fruits, grain, poultry, are grown or raised by a farmer.

    The textiles that are made into our clothes, such as cotton are grown by them as well.

    Essay on Farmers

    Why are farmers important?

    It is easy to overlook the role of those who work silently and at a distance from us. It often happens that most people who engage in farming hardly ever get a chance to come to the front. Yet, they are the ones who work most tirelessly, keeping track of seasons and taking care of our natural resources.

    We have tried to highlight some points in praise of the work and the contribution of our farmers:

    • Connection between man and environment: Farmers might be the people who are the most in sync with how much we know and understand nature. They observe the soil closely, remain in tune with the seasonal change, and do their work in a sustainable manner. In a way, they act as a connection between the environment and the people they grow food for. Through the food that we consume, we become aware of the consistency it requires.

    Farmers also require to be respectable in the way they make use of the land and other resources they have at hand. This is crucial, especially if the same mindset is shared by other people of a community as well.

    • Provide food and raw material: This is, of course, the primary and the most significant role that farmers play in a country’s economy. They supply food to millions of people whether to their own communities or to bigger cities.Apart from growing food, farmers contribute to industries or large trade sectors by producing raw materials. Therefore, playing an important role in contributing to the economy of a country.

    Not only do they produce food for people, farmers also produce food for the consumption of animals.

    • Farmers help in conservation of resources such as soil, which in turn affects the kind of vegetation a certain place will have, the kind of wildlife that will inhabit it. Farming may also help mitigate soil erosion etc given that a farmer has the knowledge and the resources required to plant certain crops on time.
    • New diversity of crops is produced because of the efforts of farmers. It is because of them that there is such a variety of food available for us.


    Some challenges faced by Farmers these days

    The challenges that farmers are facing have increased due to many reasons. First there is the threat of climate change, and to adapt to that farmers need to come up with new ideas and methods to sustain crops as well as conserve biodiversity. And of course, there is the ever-present need to come up with methods to save crops from pests and animals.

    There is also the pressure to come up with methods to meet food demand.

    Certain government regulations regarding farming also make it difficult for farmers to continue working and benefitting a bit from the work they put into feeding nations.


    Farming and farmers have often been described as the “backbone” of any society. This statement is true if we analyse the role that agriculture has played and still plays in the world. If we have to determine if a country’s future is secure in larger terms, we should take the condition of its farmers and the agriculture into account.

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