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Ncert Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew

English is an essential subject in everyone’s life. It is a subject that you will use for the rest of your life as a means of communication, and professional fluency in the subject will be required in the future. As a result, having a solid understanding of the subject is critical. CBSE introduces NCERT’s “Honeydew” – the English textbook, beginning in eighth grade. This book will help you learn more about English literature and broaden your horizons. You can use INFINITY LEARN NCERT solutions for class 8 English Honeydew to make the most of this. INFINITY LEARN NCERT Solutions follow the most recent rules and include answers to all textbook questions.

INFINITY LEARN is a website that offers students free NCERT solutions and other study tools. Science, Maths, and English would become easier to study if you have access to NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science, Maths, and other topic solutions. You can also get NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths to help you revise the entire syllabus and improve your exam scores.

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    NCERT Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter-wise Solutions

    Chapter 1 – The Best Christmas Present in the World

    Chapter 2 – The Tsunami

    Chapter 3 – Glimpses of the Past

    Chapter 4 – Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

    Chapter 5 – The Summit Within

    Chapter 6 – This is Jody’s Fawn

    Chapter 7 – A Visit to Cambridge

    Chapter 8 – A Short Monsoon Diary

    Chapter 9 – The Great Stone Face – I

    Chapter 10 – The Great Stone Face – II

    NCERT Class 8 English Honeydew Poem Solutions

    Chapter 1 – The Ant and the Cricket (Poem)

    Chapter 2 – Geography Lesson (Poem)

    Chapter 3 – Macavity – The Mystery Cat (Poem)

    Chapter 4 – The Last Bargain (Poem)

    Chapter 5 – The School Boy (Poem)

    Chapter 6 – The Duck and the Kangaroo (Poem)

    Chapter 7 – When I Set Out for Lyonnesse (Poem)

    Chapter 8 – On the Grasshopper and Cricket (Poem)

    NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew – Free PDF download

    INFINITY LEARN NCERT Class 8 English Honeydew solutions are available as a free PDF and were created by some of the country’s most experienced English teachers. They produced the solution book after conducting extensive research and adhering to the most recent CBSE requirements.

    All of the chapters are covered in the NCERT Solution PDF, and each chapter is listed separately so that you don’t get confused while learning. The CBSE Class 8 English Honeydew NCERT answer, which is accessible as a free download from the INFINITY LEARN official website, allows you to select a chapter to learn.

    The book will also assist you in comprehending the underlying meaning of a few English lessons. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy what you’re learning even more. English is a language that allows you to express yourself freely and creatively. Here are the chapter-by-chapter details for the NCERT Solution for Class 8 English Honeydew.

    Chapter 1: The World’s Best Christmas Present

    A battle drama set against the backdrop of Christmas, a holiday defined by family reunions, gift exchanges, and general goodwill. Connie, who is 101 years old, receives a gift from someone she mistook for her long-awaited husband. What did she get as a present — the letter or the visitor’s incorrect identity? At the conclusion of the book,

    “The Ant and the Cricket,” a lovely poem, is offered at the end of the chapter. It is, in a way, a fable. Students will discover what a fable is in this chapter, and the practice assignment at the end of the chapter allows them to put their knowledge to the test.

    Tsunami (Chapter 2)

    The chapter begins by describing a natural disaster that resulted in massive destruction and loss of life and property. At the end of the chapter, there are exercises such as filling in the blanks and identifying active and passive voices.

    The chapter is followed by “Geography,” a lovely poem about the author’s experience witnessing his city from 10,000 feet above the ground during an airplane flight.

    Glimpses of the Past (Chapter 3)

    Students will learn about our country’s history through pictures and text strips in this chapter. This type of information is always popular with kids since they find it fascinating. After reading the text, students are expected to answer the questions at the end of this chapter. Additionally, pupils are given practice exercises in which they must adjust the sentence’s speech.

    This chapter concludes with a poem titled “Macavity: The Mystery Cat,” which discusses the strange attributes of cats. The exercises at the end include descriptive questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and true/false questions.

    Bepin Choudhury’s Memory Loss (Chapter 4)

    After all, this is a fun spin on a Satyajit Ray narrative with a surprise ending that provides much-needed psychological respite to the intelligent executive besieged by a plot. Apart from the comprehension problems at the end of each unit, there are some descriptive questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and reading and writing exercises at the end of each chapter.

    The Last Bargain is a poem that follows this chapter. It’s a poem about someone searching for work. Finally, he was employed by a child. Students will do an exercise at the end of the poem.

    The Summit, Chapter 5 Within

    Mr. H.P.S. Ahluwalia’s experience climbing Mount Everest in 1965 is detailed in this chapter. Learn about his obstacles, feelings, and experiences as he climbed through this chapter. Completion, short answer questions, filling in the gaps, matching the columns, and writing the correct noun forms are among the exercises presented at the end.

    A poem titled “The School Boy” follows the chapter. The schoolboy in this poem is not a happy kid. What is it that makes him so unhappy? He compares himself to a caged bird or a plant that withers when it should be blooming. All of the questions at the end of the chapter have been solved by INFINITY LEARN.

    This is Jody’s Fawn, Chapter 6

    A narrative of a little boy’s emotional attachment to the fawn whose mother was sacrificed in order to save his father’s life. Compassion and justice, as well as care and concern for both human and animal life, are among the qualities highlighted in the novel. The chapter’s exercises include comprehension questions, short answer questions, speech conversion, and determining the transitive and intransitive verbs.

    A Visit to Cambridge (Chapter 7)

    The plot centres around two remarkable individuals who are ‘differently abled’ and must spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair. These two people discuss what it’s like to live in a wheelchair. Also, how people react to handicaps. This chapter’s exercise is a mix of comprehension and short-answer questions with fill-in-the-blanks. INFINITY LEARN provides solved answers to these problems, which students can consult if they are having trouble answering the questions on their own.

    A wonderful poem penned by Thomas Hardy, who once visited a parish to observe the renovation of a church, follows the chapter. This section’s exercises include words that communicate the exact meaning of a sentence.

    A Short Monsoon Diary (Chapter 8)

    Some excerpts from the diary of a nature enthusiast who loves the monsoon in the hills and notes the changes in the world of flora and wildlife are shown in this chapter. The task in this chapter combines comprehension, fill-in-the-blanks, proper verb usage, and matching words to the correct meaning of phrases.

    The poem that follows “On the Grasshopper and Cricket” has been covered by INFINITY LEARN, and students can use the answer as a reference.

    The Great Stone Face (Chapter 9) – I

    Earnest, a little boy, predicts several faces from a mountaintop in this narrative. Comprehending the material, working with the language, and speaking and writing tasks are all included in this chapter.

    The Stone Face – II (Chapter 10)

    This is the 10th chapter’s continuation. The chapter concludes with exercises such as a comprehension check, text work, language practice, speaking, and writing.

    You may also tackle past years’ question papers and get exam-ready by studying with the NCERT class 8 English Honeydew solutions in a free PDF download.

    Chapter 1: The Ant and the Cricket NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew Poem

    This poem tells the story of an ant who works tirelessly throughout the summer to store enough food for the winter. Cricket, on the other hand, enjoys the summer season by dancing and singing. Because he did not use his time and resources throughout the summer to acquire enough food for the winter season, the cricket dies of starvation during the winter season.

    Lessons in Geography, Chapter 2

    Zulfikar Ghose, the poet of this poem, was born in India but moved to Pakistan following partition. He now lives in the United States. When he looks down from above in a jet, he notices that the cities are not well-planned. Then he goes on to discuss the importance of water for many reasons such as agriculture, business, and transportation. As the plane flies higher, he mulls over his observations and concludes that people have established borders with one another and that there is a rising animosity among them.

    Macavity – The Mysterious Cat (Chapter 3)

    The peculiar qualities of a cat named Macavity are discussed in this poem. He is enigmatic and always manages to flee the crime scene. Almost every human law has been broken by him.

    The Last Bargain (Chapter 4)

    This poem is about a man who is looking for work. But, in the course of his pursuit, he learns some valuable lessons. This poem’s core topic is that we don’t need money, beauty, or power to be happy for the rest of our lives. Freedom and innocence can make a person content and joyful.

    The School Boy (Chapter 5)

    In this poetry, the poet is a dissatisfied schoolboy. He despises going to school and has no desire to learn. He feels imprisoned as if he were a caged bird, and his childhood has been shattered. Birds, trees, and mornings are among his favorite things. He also tells parents not to rob their children of the freedom and happiness that they deserve.

    This is Jody’s Fawn, Chapter 6

    This is a beautiful poem about a young boy named Jody and his awareness. When his father is bitten by a snake, he kills a doe and uses the heart and liver to drain out the venom. However, he is anxious about the fawn who has been left behind. He persuades his parents to go on a search for the fawn and return it to their home. He goes on to state that he will give the fawn his part of the milk. They later locate the fawn in the woods and bring it home to raise. Jody is relieved that the fawn is safe and that he may now feed him.

    Chapter 7: I was on my way to Lyonnesse when

    Thomas Hardy, the poet of this poem, recalls a time when he was an architect and visited a parish church. He went to oversee the church’s repair. While he was returning, people noticed two things about him: a new shine in his eyes and a crumpled piece of paper in his coat pocket.

    On the Grasshopper and the Cricket (Chapter 8)

    The grasshopper and cricket are used to represent the summer and winter seasons, respectively. This poem describes how the song’s lyrics evolve into a continuous tune from summer to winter.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the chapters in the CBSE NCERT English Honeydew Textbook for Class 8?

    The following is some of the writing from the CBSE English Honeydew textbook for Class 8:

    • The World’s Best Christmas Present
    • The Great Tsunami
    • Past Reminiscences
    • Lapse of Memory by Bepin Choudhury
    • The Ascension Within
    • Jody’s Fawn is a fawn that belongs to Jody.
    • A Journey to Cambridge
    • A Monsoon Diary in a Nutshell
    • I’m talking about the Great Stone Face.
    • The Second Great Stone Face

    The following are the poems from the CBSE English Honeydew textbook for Class 8:

    The Cricket and the Ant

    Lesson on Geography

    The Mysterious Cat Macavity

    The Last Chance

    The High School Student

    The Kangaroo and the Duck

    When I first set out for Lyonnesse, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

    On Crickets and Grasshoppers

    1. Why Should I Use NCERT Solutions for English Honeydew in Class 8?

    Referring to NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew textbook has numerous advantages. Understanding prose or poetry may be simple when it comes to literature subjects. However, students may find it difficult to write answers in exams that represent the authors’ thoughts and the genuine meaning of the chapter in their own words. Students might benefit from NCERT Solutions for English in this situation. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew can help students discover answers to textbook questions. This will assist students in analyzing how to write answers in tests in order to obtain the highest possible grade. These responses have been crafted by subject matter specialists who are familiar with NCERT rules.

    1. Where can I get NCERT Solutions for the English Honeydew Textbook for Class 8?

    NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew textbooks are available on a variety of e-learning platforms. INFINITY LEARN is one such dependable platform that offers well-curated and accurate NCERT Solutions. You may get free PDFs of NCERT Solutions from INFINITY LEARN, which are produced by subject matter specialists with years of teaching experience. These solutions are simple to install and use at any time. Students can use these solutions to clear up any questions they have about the subject. These solutions follow the board’s rules and are based on the most recent curriculum. These solutions contain answers to all of the textbook questions. NCERT Solutions are available for download.

    1. How many chapters does Class 8 Honeydew have?

    Honeydew comprises ten prose chapters and eight poems in Class 8. The prose chapters are listed below.

    The World’s Best Christmas Present

    The Great Tsunami

    Past Reminiscences

    Lapse of Memory by Bepin Choudhury

    The Ascension Within

    Jody’s Fawn is who you’re looking for.

    A Journey to Cambridge

    A Monsoon Diary in a Nutshell

    I’m talking about the Great Stone Face.

    The Second Great Stone Face

    The following are the poems:

    The Cricket and the Ant

    Lesson on Geography

    The Mysterious Cat Macavity

    The Last Chance

    The High School Student

    The Kangaroo and the Duck

    When I first set out for Lyonnesse, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

    Cricket and Grasshopper

    1. What is the most effective strategy to prepare for Class 8 English?

    English is an important language to learn in school and in the future for professional communication. The fundamentals of a language learned in school will be carried with you throughout your life. It’s critical to concentrate on the finer elements and study appropriately. Start reading little storybooks, newspapers, and other materials to learn English. You will learn a lot of new words while you read this. These can be written down together with their meanings. You can try to use these while composing your answers. Reading and writing are the most effective ways to develop your writing, vocabulary, and literature skills.

    1. What is the plot of ‘The Best Christmas Present in the World’?

    This is a narrative about a family reunion and gift exchange during the Christmas holiday season. A stranger will give Connie, who is 101 years old, a gift. That’s what she mistook for her long-awaited husband. This chapter is an excellent example of friendship. It’s a fun chapter to read and learn about.

    1. What is the message conveyed by the chapter ‘Tsunami’?

    A tsunami is a genuine story about the battle to get back into service after the tragedy. We never know what awaits us the next day. This chapter explains that life is unpredictable and that one should never give up hope, but rather fight and try. Giving up hope entails losing everything before the end of the time limit. For more information and clarification, consult INFINITY LEARN chapter-by-chapter solutions. INFINITY LEARN website (INFINITY and mobile app both offer these for free.

    1. What is the best way for me to prepare for English Grammar in Class 8?

    Grammar in English is similar to mathematics. You can do well in English Grammar if you prepare thoroughly and thoroughly comprehend each topic. English Grammar, like Mathematics, should be practiced by doing the exercises in the text and using the NCERT Solutions. Understand the terminology and comprehend their suitable usage in the sentences. Each topic’s rules and regulations should be learned. It would be very easy for you to prepare properly for the exam once you have a clear understanding of the guidelines. INFINITY LEARN website (INFINITY and mobile app both offer these for free.

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