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Best IIT JEE Coaching: JEE Mains Preparation Plan for 30 Days

The best coaching for the IIT JEE exam offers a practical 30-day plan to cover all topics and improve problem-solving skills for success.

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    Top IIT JEE Coaching: As the IIT JEE exam date gets closer, students start counting the days left to prepare. It’s essential to create a comprehensive 30-day study plan during this time to increase your chances of doing well. Having a study plan for the last month of JEE preparation is crucial. The best IIT JEE coaching in Patna suggests that students focus on revising even if they’ve already studied the entire JEE Main syllabus.

    This revision helps improve memory and recall during the actual exam, leading to better performance. So, it’s important for students to create a detailed one-month JEE Main preparation schedule and stick to it. This schedule can work for both phases of the JEE Main exam since the syllabus remains the same.

    Get Ready for IIT JEE in Just 30 Days

    When you’re getting ready for the IIT JEE exam, it’s a good idea to have a short-term plan for the final 30 days. This plan should focus on the specific chapters you need to study or review. Spending extra time on these chapters will help you understand the whole syllabus better.

    1 Month IIT JEE preparation plan, consider these tips:

    1. Spend Enough Time on Important Topics The JEE exam has certain topics in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics that are more important and carry more marks. In these last days, it’s essential to focus on mastering these high-scoring topics to improve your chances of getting a good score.
    2. Keep Reviewing Regularly Daily revision is key to remembering what you’ve learned. It helps you solidify your understanding of concepts and theories, which is crucial for doing well in the JEE exam. So, make sure to set aside time for daily revision in your 30-day plan.
    3. Take Mock Tests Taking mock tests every day is a great way to go over what you’ve studied and reinforce your knowledge. Mock tests also help you figure out your strengths and areas where you need to improve. After each test, analyze your performance to identify any tricky chapters that need more attention.
    4. Take Care of Your Health Your physical and mental health is important for performing well in the exam. Make sure you eat well, get enough rest, and include some exercise in your daily routine. Following a healthy lifestyle can really help you feel your best during the final stretch of your JEE preparation.

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    Best IIT JEE Coaching – 30-Day Preparation Plan The 30-day preparation plan for JEE provided here is organized into weeks and days. This way, you can manage your study schedule effectively while also making sure you take care of your health. Balancing your well-being and staying positive can make a big difference in how well you do on the exam and how you compare to other students.

    Week – 1





    1 Quadratic Equation


    Application and Derivatives

    Work, Energy, and Power



    Carbonyl Compounds

    Mole Concept

    Alkyl Halides and Aryl Halides

    2 Limit and Continuity

    Sets, Relations and Functions


    Heat Transfer

    Current Electricity

    Carboxylic Acid and their Derivatives

    Alcohol, Phenol and Ether

    3 Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines Sound Waves

    Wave Motion and String Waves

    Chemical Bonding

    Redox Reaction

    Periodic Table

    4 Binomial Theorem

    Inverse Trigonometry


    Wave Optics

    Ray Optics



    d and f Block

    5 3D Geometry


    Thermo Electricity

    Thermal Expansion


    Atomic Structure

    6 Probability and Statistics Newton’s Law of Motion


    Solid State

    Gaseous State

    7 Solve practice papers and mock test by setting a time frame to improve time management skills.

    Week – 2

    8 Differentiation


    Circular Motion

    Simple Harmonic Motion


    General Organic Chemistry

    9 Vector Algebra Rotational Dynamics

    Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision

    Surface Chemistry

    Chemical Equilibrium

    10 Sequence and Series Modern Physics

    Nuclear Physics


    Co-ordination Chemistry

    11 Complex Number

    Theory of Equation

    Properties of Matter, Elasticity

    Fluid Mechanics

    Hydrogen and its Compound


    12 Trigonometric Ratios Communication Systems


    Chemical Kinetics
    13 Matrices and Determinants Heat and Thermodynamics




    14 Attempt sample questions from DPPs and mock teste to evaluate knowledge and understanding.

    Week – 3

    15 Parabola Magnetism

    Electromagnetic Induction


    Ionic Equilibrium

    16 Solution of Triangles Circular Motion IUPAC Nomenclature
    17 Fundamentals of Mathematics Alternating Current Chemistry in Everyday Life
    18 Permutation and Combination Semiconductors and Electronic Devices Environmental Chemistry


    19 Ellipse Calorimetry Qualitative Salt Analysis
    20 Hyperbola Units and Dimension Isomerism of Organic Compounds


    21 Solve mock test papers and sample papers within a deadline. Focus on maintaining a high accuracy.

    Week – 4 Start Revision

    22 Mathematics

    • Probability and Statistics
    • Complex Number
    • Vector Algebra
    • 3D Geometry
    • Integration
    • Theory of Equations
    • Matrices & Determinants
    23 Physics

    • Magnetism
    • Wave Motion and String Waves
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Heat and Thermodynamics
    • Modern Physics
    • Simple Harmonic Motion
    24 Chemistry

    • General Organic Chemistry
    • Atomic Structure
    • p-Block
    • Co-ordination Chemistry
    • Aldehyde & Ketone
    • Alcohols, Phenols & Ether
    25 Mathematics

    • Circles
    • Sets, Relations and Functions
    • Applications of Derivative
    • Sequence and Series
    • Trigonometric Ratios
    26 Physics

    • Current Electricity
    • Rotational Dynamics
    • Ray Optics & Wave Optics
    • Electrostatics
    • Work, Energy and Power
    • Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision
    27 Chemistry

    • Chemical Bonding
    • s-Block
    • Gaseous State
    • Periodic Table
    • Ionic Equilibrium
    • Thermodynamics
    • d and f Block
    • Chemical Equilibrium
    • Revise important topics with notes.
    • Solve previous years papers.
    • Participate in mock tests.
    • Use flashcards ot highlighted sections of the notes to revise topics.
    • Revise formulas.
    • Take mock tests.
    • Revise all the strong topics to boost confidence.
    • Avoid taking up new topics.
    • Take rest to remain reduce stress.

    Benefits of a 30-Day Study Plan for IIT JEE Coaching

    Following a well-organized 30-day study plan for the IIT JEE exam can really help you in several ways. It makes sure you use your time wisely, understand all your subjects and topics, and get better at taking tests. Here are some of the good things about using a 30-day study plan:

    1. Time Management: The plan tells you exactly when to study each subject, so you don’t get confused about what to study when.
    2. Covering Everything: It includes all the important subjects and topics, so you don’t forget to study anything important.
    3. Reviewing a Lot: The plan encourages you to review what you’ve learned often, so you remember it better and feel more confident.
    4. Focusing on What’s Hard: It helps you find the stuff you’re not so good at and spend more time on those things.
    5. Remembering Better: When you review a lot, you remember things better, which is really helpful during the exam.
    6. Practice Exams: The plan has practice tests to help you get used to how the real exam is and how long it takes.
    7. Checking How You’re Doing: These practice tests help you see how well you’re doing and what you still need to work on.
    8. Stress Less: When you follow the plan, you won’t have to cram at the last minute, which makes you less stressed about the exam.
    9. Stay Balanced: The plan makes sure you have time for breaks, exercise, and relaxing, so you feel good both physically and mentally.

    Using a 30-day study plan can really boost your chances of doing well in the IIT JEE exam.

    Best IIT JEE Coaching FAQs

    Can I crack IIT in 1 month?

    It's extremely challenging to crack the IIT entrance exam in just one month. IIT exams require thorough preparation, and a month may not be enough time to cover all the topics and practice sufficiently. It's better to plan for a longer preparation period.

    Can I clear IIT in 20 days?

    Clearing the IIT entrance exam in 20 days is highly unlikely. These exams are very competitive, and successful candidates usually spend months or even years preparing. Short-term preparation is not recommended for IIT exams.

    How to prepare for mains in 30 days?

    Preparing for the IIT JEE mains in 30 days is tough, but if you're determined, focus on essential topics and practice a lot of problems. Create a daily study schedule, use quality study materials, and solve previous years' papers. Consider seeking help from a qualified teacher or online resources.

    Can I crack IIT in 10 days?

    Cracking IIT in just 10 days is nearly impossible. These exams require deep knowledge and problem-solving skills, which take time to develop. It's advisable to have a more extended study plan and invest enough time to prepare effectively.

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