BlogStep by Step Guide to Prepare Class 12th Organic Chemistry

Step by Step Guide to Prepare Class 12th Organic Chemistry


How to Study Organic Chemistry Class 12?

Do you feel Organic Chemistry tough? No worries! We are here to guide you from beginning to end in your Organic Chemistry preparation. Moreover, we will give you tips to memorise chemical formulae and reactions. Most of the candidates give a lot of importance to Chemistry while preparing for Class 12th exams. So, they feel panic and stressed about how to score top marks in this subject. Actually, preparing for Organic Chemistry is very easy. You just have to concentrate and be thorough with all the topics and concepts.

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    Do not go with bookish knowledge, rather you understand the concepts and start your preparation from the beginning. Every character in Organic Chemistry has some hidden story. You just have to follow the logic and need good memorization to excel at it. You have to apply as much as you remember. Take time and prepare each chapter thoroughly. Check the best preparation plan to follow all the steps and reach your target.

    Books for Class 12th Organic Chemistry

    • Concepts of Organic Chemistry by Tej Prakash Akhouri
    • Concepts of Organic Chemistry for Competitive Examinations Vol. I 2020-21 by Bharti Gupta, Ajnish Kumar Gupta
    • Handbook of Chemistry by Singh Rp
    • Together with Chemistry Study Material for Class 12 by R. P Manchanda, Shivansu Manchanda
    • Organic Chemistry by Robert Thornton Morrison, Robert Neilson Boyd, Saibal Kanti Bhattacharjee
    • Modern Approach To Chemical Calculations An Introduction To The Mole Concept by Ramendra C. Mukerjee
    • Organic Reactions Conversions Mechanisms & Problems by R L Madan

    12th Class Chemistry Syllabus

    • Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
    • Polymers
    • Chemistry in Everyday Life
    • Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
    • Biomolecules
    • Amines
    • Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

    Class 12 Organic Chemistry Preparation Tips

    Here we are giving you the tips on How to Study Organic Chemistry Class 12? Check below

    • If you are not really good at Chemistry, then you have to spend a lot of time learning and practicing each topic separately.
    • Collect the complete syllabus and books to start your preparation.
    • Do not rush to complete your syllabus fast, indeed start preparing on beforehand. You will require a lot of time to memorize formulae, scientific concepts and reactions.
    • Follow many textbooks to understand the topic more clearly. It is true that you will remember what you see more than what you hear. So, try visualizing all the concepts as you learn them.
    • If you get any doubts or need any clarifications, get them as soon as possible from youtube videos, lecturers, peers etc.
    • Start attending laboratories and classes to memorize them practically. You can easily score marks in labs as they are easy to perform and understanding those topics will help you in answering theoretical questions.
    • Prepare a timetable and make sure you allocate time to prepare all concepts and chapters.
    • Grasp all the chemical formulae and equations.
    • Also, attend several mock tests and answer yourself whether you are on the right track or not. Know all your strengths and weaknesses before going to the exam.
    • Don’t ignore numerical problems. You may find some of the direct questions or some questions that are mixed up with the concepts. If they are direct questions, you can easily score marks.
    • Revise at least 2-3 times after completing the preparation.
    • Solve chemistry previous question papers and create an exam environment around so that you can improve your time management skills.
    • Know the marking scheme and duration of time beforehand to avoid time management issues.

    Things you should consider while Preparing for Chemistry

    Build a Strong Foundation

    Most of the students skip early chapters and beginning of the lecturers, but they are really important. Basics will help you to make your preparation easy and comfortable. So concentrating on the first chapters is really useful. Even you have no time, go to the introduction chapters and spend time revising them. With the help of those basics, you can easily solve complicated problems.

    Know about the Structure

    Organic Chemistry is full of compounds and structures. Structures provide properties to a compound which tells the reactions that are possible or not. Understand the formations of structures from a name and hybridization of different atoms, how to identify the number of bonds etc. Mastering organic chemistry will help you solve many tactical questions. If you are perfect at forming the structures, then you can easily solve most of the questions without any worry.

    Prepare MindMaps

    In organic chemistry, you will find many reagents and reducing agents. Know all the chemical properties of various compounds and classes. Prepare a chart of reactions of specific compounds to get perfect in organic chemistry. You take the example of some compounds and try to solve it yourself so that you will become expert in forming the compounds.

    Concentrate on the Problems

    If you don’t concentrate on the problems, you can’t get the expected results. Solving organic chemistry requires problem-solving skills and analytical thinking. You must solve many sample papers and mock tests to improve your problem-solving skills.

    Understand Rather Than Memorising

    Memorizing is not at all a good strategy to score the best marks. Instead, you have to understand each topic clearly. However, there are certain things in Organic Chemistry that are to be memorised like acronyms, functional groups, reagent names, nomenclature terms, functional groups etc. Apart from these topics, you have to understand the remaining topics.

    Some Important Topics in Organic Chemistry

    Distinction Test

    Distinction test is generally asked in between aliphatic compounds and aromatic compounds, compounds with different atoms arrangement and same functional group, compounds with different functional groups.


    Conversion questions are the mandatory ones and you can easily score in this section. There are many ways to solve this type of questions but you have to find out the most efficient and easiest way to solve these conversions.

    Name Reactions

    You have to prepare for different reactions. Check for previous question papers and note down the common reactions asked and practice them perfectly. Some of the name reactions are – Clemmensen Reduction reaction, Williamson synthesis, Kolbe’s reaction, Coupling reaction, Hoffmann Bromamide, Sandmeyer reaction, Cannizzaro Reaction etc.

    We hope you have found the required information in this article. Stay tuned to get more information on How to Study Organic Chemistry Class 12? Moreover, get details regarding the preparation of every subject and other exams.

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