Olympiad examOlympiad Exam 2024- 2025

Olympiad Exam 2024- 2025

Olympiad exams are like competitions for students who are learning similar things in school. They focus on subjects like Math, Science, Computers, or English. Taking part in an Olympiad helps students see what they’re good at and where they need to improve. These exams test how much students know and encourage them to get better at their studies. Judges look at how well students can use logic and think scientifically.

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    Olympiad tests are run by different groups, and one of them is the Indian Talent Olympiads (ITO). ITO knows that kids like different things and have different needs, so their tests are really popular in India. They offer a lot of different Olympiad exams for students to choose from. ITO also gives students access to helpful educational materials that match their interests.


    These materials include things like online homework, scoreboards, books with test examples, and video lessons. Experts work on creating these materials and exam questions to make sure students learn the most. ITO makes sure the resources fit students from all kinds of educational backgrounds, considering their classes, regular schedules, and how much they know. Their main goal is to test students’ understanding and help them learn how to use what they’ve learned in different fields.

    Here are the Olympics offered by ITO:

    Olympiad Exam Subject Wise – Level 1 Exam


    DATE 1

    DATE 2

    DATE 3

    SOF International Computer Science Olympiad(ICSO) Friday
    20th Dec 2024
    21st Jan 2025

    1 to 10

    SOF National Science Olympiad(NSO) Friday
    18th Oct 2024
    12th Nov 2024
    3rd Dec 2024

    1 to 12

    SOF International Mathematics Olympiad(IMO) Tuesday
    22nd Oct 2024
    19th Nov 2024
    12th Dec 2024

    1 to 12

    SOF International English Olympiad(IEO) Thursday
    26th Sept 2024
    8th Oct 2024
    8th Nov 2024

    1 to 12

    SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad(IGKO) Thursday
    19th Sept 2024
    4th Oct 2024
    15th Oct 2024

    1 to 10

    SOF International Commerce Olympiad(ICO) Tuesday
    10th Dec 2024
    23rd Jan 2025

    11 & 12

    SOF International Social Studies Olympiad(ISSO) Tuesday
    10th Dec 2024
    23rd Jan 2025

    3 to 10

    SOF International Hindi Olympiad(IHO) Thursday
    28th Nov 2024
    17th Dec 2024

    3 to 10

    Maths Olympiads for all Classes

    Science Olympiads for all Classes

    Student Olympiad Exam Dates – Online

    Olympiad Exam Practice 2
    (Answer Key Dates)
    Level 1 Exam
    (Answer Key Dates)
    Level 2 Exam
    (Answer Key Dates)
    CREST International Spell Bee (CSB) – Summer Round
    Grades 1 till 8
    5th, 16th Jul 2024
    (19th-20th Jul 2024)
    16th Aug 2024
    (20th-21st Aug 2024)
    CREST International Drawing Olympiad (CIDO)
    Grades KG till 10
    7th Jun 2024 6th, 19th Jul 2024
    (23rd-24th Jul 2024)
    CREST Mental Maths Olympiad (CMMO)
    Grades 1 till 12
    21st, 22nd Jun 2024
    (25th-26th Jun 2024)
    24th, 25th Jul 2024
    (30th-31st Jul 2024)
    23rd Aug 2024
    (27th, 28th Aug 2024)
    CREST English Olympiad (CEO)
    Grades KG till 10
    26th, 28th Oct 2024
    (30th Oct 2024 – 1st Nov 2024)
    30th Nov 2024, 9th Dec 2024
    (13th-14th Dec 2024)
    30th Jan 2025
    (3rd-4th Feb 2025)
    CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO)
    Grades KG till 10
    4th, 5th Nov 2024
    (11th-12th Nov 2024)
    5th, 23rd Dec 2024
    (26th-27th Dec 2024)
    7th Feb 2025
    (11th-12th Feb 2025)
    CREST Science Olympiad (CSO)
    Grades KG till 10
    18th, 19th Nov 2024
    (21st-22nd Nov 2024)
    4th, 16th Dec 2024
    (20th-21st Dec 2024)
    1st Feb 2025
    (5th-6th Feb 2025)
    CREST Reasoning Olympiad (CRO)
    Grades 1 till 10
    2nd, 3rd Dec 2024
    (5th-6th Dec 2024)
    10th, 25th Jan 2025
    (29th-30th Jan 2025)
    CREST Cyber Olympiad (CCO)
    Grades 1 till 10
    12th, 13th Dec 2024
    (16th-17th Dec 2024)
    11th, 23rd Jan 2025
    (27th-28st Jan 2025)
    International Green Warrior Olympiad (IGWO)
    Grades 1 till 12
    28th, 29th Nov 2024
    (30th Nov – 1st Dec 2024)
    17th, 18th Jan 2025
    (23rd-24th Jan 2025)
    10th Feb 2025
    (17th-18th Feb 2025)
    CREST International Spell Bee (CSBW) – Winter Round
    Grades 1 till 8
    23rd, 25th Nov 2024
    (27th-28th Nov 2024)
    9th, 21st Jan 2025
    (24th-25th Jan 2025)

    Olympiad Exam Date 2024-25

    When are the Olympiad exams scheduled? The online Olympiad exams for the 2024-25 session will take place on December 11, 2024 (Round 1, Slot 1) and January 8, 2024 (Round 1, Slot 2). For schools opting for offline Olympiad exams, they will start from December 4, 2024 (Round 1).

    Olympiad Exam Syllabus

    The Olympiad tests might seem tough for kids, but that’s not really the case. The questions asked in these exams are based on what they study in school. It fits with all kinds of school boards like CBSE, ICSE, and others. These questions are straightforward and the exams last for about 65 minutes. Olympiads are actually great for figuring out how well kids understand their subjects. They help a lot in preparing for other exams too. Olympiads test how well kids can think and explore different options.

    In Olympiad exams, kids get tested on what they learn in school. The questions might be a bit tricky, but they’re just a bit harder than usual. This lets kids try out different kinds of questions about the same topic. To do well in Olympiads, kids need to know what kind of questions to expect and practice lots of worksheets.

    The Olympiad syllabus isn’t huge; it’s just that the questions are asked in different ways. There are lots of ways to ask questions about the same topic. This makes sure kids really understand the basics. Kids should be able to answer questions even if they’re asked in a different way. Olympiads let kids practice these kinds of questions at home. School textbooks give a basic idea of what’s in each chapter. But for kids who like thinking deeply about things, Olympiad books are great for exploring more. They’re like extra resources for really smart kids.

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    Olympiad – Key Benefits

    Olympiad tests are good for students in lots of ways. Kids from Class 1 to 12 can take part. Here are some reasons why Olympiads are helpful:

    • They make students better at thinking things through.
    • Students can see how good they are and where they can improve.
    • They show students where they need to get better.
    • They make students understand science and other subjects more deeply.
    • They help students get better at solving problems.
    • Competing in these tests lets students face new challenges and learn how to beat them.

    Olympiad 2023-24 – A Detailed Guideline

    The SOF Olympiad tests students in subjects like Science, Math, History, and Geography. It aims to find and support future scientists, tech experts, and IT stars from school. SOF wants to help students grow by letting them join academic contests.

    SOF offers 7 different Olympiads for students from Class 1 to 12. Each level has its own rules. Winners get prizes and certificates to encourage them in school and personal growth. Find more details about the program below.

    Olympiad Exam 2024 FAQs

    What is the date of Olympiad exam 2024?

    The date of the Olympiad exam in 2024 varies depending on the subject. You can check the official schedule for specific dates.

    Is Olympiad exam held every year?

    Yes, the Olympiad exam is held annually, providing opportunities for students to participate and showcase their knowledge and skills.

    What is the next Olympiad?

    The next Olympiad varies depending on the subject and level. You can find information about upcoming Olympiads on official websites or through educational institutions.

    What is Olympiad syllabus?

    The Olympiad syllabus covers topics related to various subjects like mathematics, science, English, computer science, and more, designed to test students' understanding and application of concepts.

    Which subjects are there in Olympiad exam?

    The Olympiad exam covers a range of subjects including mathematics, science, English, computer science, social studies, and more, providing opportunities for students to excel in their areas of interest and expertise.

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