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Do or Die Chapters For NEET 2024

Aspirants preparing for the NEET 2024 exam must focus on key chapters that hold significant importance and weightage. These essential topics are crucial for good marks in the exam and securing admission to various medical and life science courses like BDS,MBBS, BVSC, AH, AYUSH, BSc nursing, etc.

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    Do or Die Chapters For NEET 2024

    As the exam draws near, it is crucial for students to start their preparations and prioritize studying these critical chapters. Without a clear understanding of these chapters, aspirants of NEET 2024 may find it challenging to secure a good rank on the NEET 2024 exam. To excel in their NEET 2024 preparation, students should ensure they thoroughly cover and master these important chapters.

    Significance of Do-or-Die chapters in 2024

    Before diving into the crucial chapters for NEET 2024, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind:

    1. Get an understanding of the NEET exam pattern: Understand how the exam is structured, what topics are having high weightage, and which ones carry more weight. This helps you prioritize your study efforts effectively.
    2. Plan your study routine: Make a schedule that allows you to spend more time on tougher chapters while still covering everything else. Balance is key to effective preparation.
    3. Use the right study materials: Select textbooks, online resources, and coaching materials that cover the important chapters with clarity. Quality matters when it comes to study materials.
    4. Revise and active recall: Regularly revisit the important chapters to reinforce your understanding. Short, frequent revisions are more effective than last-minute cramming sessions.
    5. Keep a positive mindset: Stay motivated, believe in yourself, and don’t let stress get the best of you. A positive attitude goes a long way in helping you learn effectively.

    Do Or Die Chapters of NEET Chemistry 2024

    In NEET Chemistry 2024, there are three main sections: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. To excel in the NEET Chemistry Exam, students must focus on mastering the following crucial chapters:

    • Thermodynamics
    • D- and f- block elements
    • Redox Reactions
    • Solutions
    • Alcohols
    • Phenols
    • Coordination Compounds
    • Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
    • Organic Compounds Containing Halogen
    • Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
    • Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
    Chapter/Unit Weightage
    Thermodynamics 9%
    Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 8%
    Equilibrium 6%
    Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 5%
    Solutions 5%
    Electrochemistry 4%
    d and f Block Elements 4%
    Coordination Compounds 4%
    Chemistry in Everyday Life 4%
    Structure of Atom 3%
    Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 3%
    Chemical Kinetics 3%
    Hydrogen 3%
    Basic Concepts of Chemistry 2%
    State of Matter: Gas and liquids 2%
    Solid-State 2%
    Organic Chemistry- Basic Principles and techniques 2%
    Redox reaction 1%
    Surface chemistry 1%
    General Principles and processes of isolation elements 1%
    S-Block elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals) 1%
    Some p-Block elements 1%
    Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 1%
    Organic compounds containing Nitrogen 1%
    Environmental chemistry 1%

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    Do Or Die Chapters of NEET Physics 2024

    Getting ready for NEET Physics 2024 means delving into theories and working through many numerical problems spread across 20 chapters in the syllabus. Candidates need to really grasp these concepts and be adept at solving the associated numerical challenges. It’s smart to kick off your preparation by focusing on most topics of NEET Physics, making the overall prep for the NEET 2024 exam more manageable. Here are some key topics in NEET Physics 2024 that candidates should give thorough attention to:

    • Rotational Motion
    • Work, Energy, and Power
    • Oscillations and Waves
    • Electronic Device
    • Current Electricity
    • Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
    • Optics
    • Electronic devices
    • Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
    Chapters Weightage
    Physics and Measurement 2
    Kinematics 3
    Law of Motion 3
    Work, Energy, and Power 4
    Rotational Motion 5
    Gravitation 2
    Properties of Solid and Liquids 3
    Thermodynamics 9
    Kinetic Theory of Gases 3
    Oscillation and Waves 3
    Electrostatics 9
    Current Electricity 8
    Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism 5
    Electromagnetic Inductions and Alternating Currents 8
    Electromagnetic Waves 5
    Optics 10
    Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation 6
    Atom and Nuclei 3
    Electronic Devices 9

    DO or Die Chapters of NEET Biology 2024

    In the NEET 2024 Biology section, there are 10 chapters from both Class 11 and 12 syllabi. Students have to answer a total of 90 questions, with 45 each from Botany and Zoology. By focusing on essential chapters, students have the potential to score over 360 marks in this section. Here are the critical chapters you should prioritize for your Biology preparation:

    • Plant Kingdom
    • Biological classification
    • Structural organization in plants and animals
    • Cell: Structure & Functions
    • Plant physiology
    • Animal/Human Physiology
    • Reproduction
    • Genetics & evolution
    • Biotechnology
    • Biology in human welfare
    • Ecology and environment
    NEET Biology Chapter Wise Weightage Weightage
    Diversity in the Living World 14%
    Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants 9%
    Cell Structure and Function 5%
    Plant Physiology 6%
    Human Physiology 20%
    Reproductive 9%
    Genetic and Evolution 18%
    Biology and Human Welfare 4%
    Biotechnology and its Applications 3%
    Ecology and Environment 12%

    FAQs on Do or Die Chapters For NEET 2024

    What are 'Do or Die' chapters in NEET 2024?

    The 'Do or Die' chapters for NEET 2024 are the ones that hold a lot of importance in the exam. These are the subjects or topics where you can score big marks or learn key concepts.

    What is the importance of do-or-die chapters in NEET 2024?

    Mastering the do-or-die chapters is super important for NEET aspirants. If you focus on these topics, you can score better in the medical entrance test, which really boosts your overall performance.

    How to prepare for an important chapter in NEET 2024?

    Before diving into those important chapters for NEET 2024, it's crucial to know what's in the NEET syllabus. For covering the important chapters for NEET 2024, stick to your NCERT books. The questions in the exam are all based on what you learn from those books, so they're your best bet for getting ready.

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