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NTSE (National Talent Search Exam) Scholarship Scheme

The National Talent Search Examination, also known as NTSE, is a valuable opportunity for 10th-grade students in India, both within the country and abroad. It offers financial support and benefits for those aspiring to pursue higher education in either Basic Science or Social Sciences.

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    To secure the NTSE scholarship, you need to successfully navigate two stages: the state-level exam (Stage 1) and the national-level exam (Stage 2), which are conducted by NCERT. If you’re a 10th grader, it’s highly recommended that you register for this scholarship. Let’s explore the NTSE scholarship in more detail.

    NTSE Scholarship Details

    NCERT offers NTSE scholarships to 10th-grade students, providing financial assistance all the way through their Ph.D. studies. The NTSE scholarship program identifies top talents through a two-stage examination process.

    The table below to provides the details about NTSE Scholarship:

    NTSE Scholarship Details
    Exam Name National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)
    Conducting Body National Council Of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)
    Frequency of Exam Once a year
    Application Online
    Mode of Exam Offline
    Exam Duration 4 Hrs (2 Hrs MAT and 2 Hrs SAT)

    NTSE Scholarship Amount

    The NTSE scholarship 2023 is awarded to applicants from various categories based on specific criteria. Interestingly, regardless of the category they belong to, all recipients receive the same scholarship amount. Below is a table with more details for your reference.

    NTSE Scholarship Amount
    Stage Scholarship Amount
    Higher Secondary level Rs.1250/-
    Graduate and Postgraduate Rs.2000/-
    For a Ph.D. degree (four years) As per UGC norms

    NTSE Scholarship Eligibility

    To determine if you qualify for the NTSE scholarship, please review the following eligibility criteria:

    • Grade 10 Students: Students currently in Class 10 are eligible for the NTSE Scholarship.
    • Indian Citizenship: Applicants must be Indian citizens.
    • Age Limit: Candidates should be under 18 years old.
    • School Enrollment: Students must be enrolled in a recognized school or educational board.
    • Open Distance Learning: Even 10th-grade students in open distance learning programs can apply for the scholarship.

    These are the key requirements to be eligible for the NTSE Scholarship.

    NTSE Scholarship Selection Process

    The NTSE Scholarship selection process consists of two stages. To be eligible for the scholarship, candidates must successfully pass both stages.

    • In Stage-I, candidates are selected by their respective States/Union Territories (UTs) based on a written examination. Only those who qualify in Stage-I are eligible to participate in Stage-II, which is conducted by the authorities.
    • To qualify in Stage-I, candidates need to achieve specific scores. For General category candidates, the qualifying score is 40% in each paper, while for ST, SC, and PH category candidates, it is 32% in each paper.

    You can check the NTSE Results for more information on the outcomes of this selection process.

    How to Apply for an NTSE Scholarship?

    To apply for the NTSE scholarship exam, you need to follow a few straightforward steps. Here’s a simplified guide:

    • Visit Your State/UT’s SCERT Website: Start by going to your state or union territory’s SCERT website, which is the NTSE scholarship portal.
    • Find the NTSE Section: Look for the NTSE section on the homepage of the website and click on the NTSE 2021-22 application form.
    • Provide Your Details: Fill in your basic information, including your name, date of birth, gender, caste, mobile number, academic details, and family income. Make sure all the information is accurate.
    • Upload Documents: Next, you’ll be asked to upload scanned copies of your photograph, signature, and any other required documents.
    • Payment (If Applicable): If there’s an application fee, you’ll be directed to a payment page where you can make the payment online.
    • Download and Submit: Finally, download the filled NTSE scholarship application form for the year 2022-23 and submit it to your school. Your school’s head or principal will review the application forms and send them to the State Liaison Officer after verifying the details.

    Remember, it’s crucial to ensure that all the information you provide is attested by your school principal. This process will help you qualify for the NTSE scholarship exam, which has two stages, and by clearing Stage 1, you automatically become eligible for Stage 2.

    NTSE Scholarship Benefits

    Receiving the NTSE scholarship comes with several benefits:

    • Enhanced Concept Clarity: Preparing for the NTSE scholarship exam helps strengthen your understanding of fundamental concepts, which can be valuable for tackling other competitive exams such as JEE or NEET.
    • Admission Opportunities: NTSE scholars have the advantage of reserved seats in prestigious institutions like IIT Delhi and IIT Hyderabad, making it an excellent stepping stone for college admissions.
    • Priority for Foreign Universities: If you aspire to study abroad, being an NTSE scholar can give you preference over other candidates when applying to foreign universities.
    • Career Recognition: In your professional journey, having an NTSE scholarship can set you apart from others and may provide certain advantages and recognition in your chosen field.
    • NDA Selection: NTSE scholars may receive certain relaxations during the selection process for the National Defence Academy (NDA).
    • Access to Study Materials: As an NTSE scholar, you can access a variety of study materials and courses at discounted rates, supporting your ongoing education.

    These benefits not only provide financial support but also open doors to a range of opportunities in education and career advancement.

    NTSE Scholarship Rules for Disbursement

    Scholarships are available for students in various fields of study, including Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Languages, Commerce, Vocational studies, and fine arts. Those pursuing qualifications up to a Ph.D. level can apply, while those in professional courses can receive support up to their second-degree level.

    To be eligible for the NTSE 2023 scholarship, candidates must meet these criteria:

    1. Maintain a minimum yearly aggregate score of 60%.
    2. Pursue certified courses in recognized institutions.
    3. Adhere to the college or institution’s official procedures, as verified by the Head.
    4. Continue their studies as full-time students.
    5. Obtain leave when necessary and avoid unexcused absences.
    6. Engage in full-time education without taking on paid employment.
    7. Do not simultaneously receive other scholarships.

    These guidelines ensure that eligible students can receive financial support for their education while pursuing their chosen fields of study.

    FAQs on NTSE Scholarship 2023-24

    What is the NTSE Scholarship?

    The NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship program in India that provides financial support and benefits to 10th-grade students pursuing higher education in Basic Science or Social Sciences.

    Who is eligible for the NTSE Scholarship?

    To be eligible for the NTSE Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria: Be a 10th-grade student. Hold Indian citizenship. Be under 18 years old. Be enrolled in a recognized school or educational board. Even students in open distance learning programs can apply for the scholarship.

    How can I secure the NTSE scholarship?

    To secure the NTSE scholarship, you need to pass two stages: the state-level exam (Stage 1) and the national-level exam (Stage 2), both conducted by NCERT. Eligible 10th-grade students are encouraged to register for this scholarship.

    What are the details of the NTSE scholarship?

    NTSE scholarships are provided by NCERT and cover education expenses up to Ph.D. studies. The scholarship amounts vary at different educational levels: Rs. 1250/- for higher secondary, Rs. 2000/- for graduate and postgraduate, and as per UGC norms for Ph.D. degrees.

    How do I apply for the NTSE Scholarship?

    To apply for the NTSE scholarship, visit your state/UT's SCERT website, fill in your details accurately, upload necessary documents, make any required payments, and submit the application form to your school for verification by the principal.

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