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    Infinity Learn IIT JEE/NEET Offline Coaching Centre in Lucknow, UP

    At Infinity Learn Knowledge Hub, we make learning new things easier and enjoyable! Whether you're getting ready for IIT JEE/NEET entrance exams, we believe that anyone can do great with the right help. Our teaching combines creativity with the basics, making it easier to understand. You can access lots of practice tests, helpful tools for understanding, and our friendly instructors to boost your skills. Whether you prefer attending classes in person or studying on your own, we offer a welcoming and comfortable place for all students.

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    IL Knowledge Hub Advantages

    Success is not by chance, but a meticulous process that has helped the Sri Chaitanya group create a legacy of 36 years in shaping the most Rankholders in the industry.



    Preparing on Techniques

    At Infinity Learn Knowledge Hub our teachings blend concepts with imagination, offering you new techniques, patterns, tricks, shortcuts that play to your strengths and make you better, faster and prepared for success.

    Detailed subjectwise

    Animated videos

    Tech-enabled offline
    classroom lessons

    Doubt sessions


    Preparing by Automatizing

    Practice makes one perfect. The millions of mock tests, sample papers, granular analysis and insights offered at the Knowledge Hub help you master the learning effortlessly, preparing you by automatizing.

    Mock tests

    Previous year papers

    Adaptive Practice

    Solutions for Practice


    Preparing in Environments

    At Infinity learn Knowledge Hub, we create the right environment for you to learn in Classes with no distractions, self study modules, healthy discussions on daily goals, doubt solving, access to faculty and all under one roof for an immersive experience.

    Online and offline classes

    Access to the best
    digital library

    Class room faculty

    Limited batch size


    Preparing through the Grind

    At the end of the day, there is no alternative to hardwork. The grind of early morning classes, late study hours creates a familiarity with subjects With Flash cards for rapid revisions, strategies to conquer the vast syllabus and ultimately finding your confidence to succeed.


    Assignments & Reports

    Test series

    Quiz / Polls


    Our 38 years of Expertise

    Success is a habit for us

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    our results our results BOOK A FREE DEMO

    Best IIT JEE, NEET, Foundation, Coaching Institute in Lucknow (UP) by Infinity Learn

    Lucknow stands out as a premier coaching center renowned for its competitive exam preparation. Known for its top-notch training in entrance exams, Infinity Learn has consistently achieved remarkable outcomes in recent years.

    Infinity Learn has steadily risen to become the leading coaching center in India for NEET, IIT JEE, and Foundation courses, with a maximum number of qualifying candidates. Moreover, Infinity Learn center has an exceptional track record.

    Our team comprises highly qualified, experienced faculty, and subject matter experts who are dedicated to student success. They foster a supportive learning environment to empower students to realize their career aspirations and objectives.

    Best IIT JEE, NEET Couching in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)

    Infinity Learn in Lucknow is a dedicated offline coaching center specializing in IIT JEE and NEET exam preparation. They offer high-quality classroom-based learning at affordable prices, making them one of the best IIT coaching centers in Lucknow.

    Their coaching centers are located across various cities, including Lucknow, and they provide convenience for students. The experienced faculty at Infinity Learn is fully committed to delivering top-notch education, establishing themselves as a reputable choice for IIT JEE coaching in Lucknow.

    Infinity Learn Institute is renowned for its excellence in catering to the educational needs of aspiring students. They offer a range of programs tailored to suit individual preferences and requirements, making them a popular choice for students seeking the best coaching for JEE in Lucknow.

    At this center, you’ll experience exceptional offline learning guided by the finest IIT JEE and NEET teachers in India. Infinity Learn Coaching center, dedicated to ensuring the success of aspirants, provides comprehensive guidance and essential resources, solidifying their reputation as the center for the best IIT JEE, NEET coaching in Lucknow.

    Best IIT JEE Coaching Centers Near Me in Lucknow

    Infinity Learn (IL) in Lucknow is a distinguished coaching institute renowned for its expertise in IIT JEE entrance exam preparation. It has earned acclaim for delivering top-notch coaching programs tailored specifically for IIT JEE aspirants with a consistent history of successful students. While Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya is widely acknowledged as one of the finest options for IIT coaching in Lucknow, it is imperative to conduct thorough research. I advise visiting the institute and engaging with current as well as former students to ensure it aligns with your unique requirements and preferences before making a final decision.

    For those seeking the best IIT coaching in Lucknow, Infinity Learn stands as a reputable choice with a proven track record of guiding students effectively through the IIT JEE entrance exam. Numerous individuals have achieved remarkable success through their coaching. Nevertheless, I recommend visiting the institute, interacting with both present and past students, and evaluating if it resonates with your specific needs before making a commitment.

    When it comes to competitive exams like JEE, a profound understanding of subjects and expert guidance play pivotal roles in securing success on your initial attempt. Infinity Learn IIT JEE Coaching in Lucknow consistently ranks among the top choices for JEE preparation. It is a dedicated institution committed to empowering students to excel.

    Within the Infinity Learn center, seasoned educators offer regular feedback and organize comprehensive test series to enhance students’ confidence. They provide extensive study materials, foster a competitive learning environment, and administer frequent assessments to nurture the potential of bright minds. The faculty is deeply devoted to simplifying intricate subjects and sharing valuable tips and strategies for solving challenging problems, making it one of the greatest options for the best IIT JEE coaching in Lucknow.

    IIT JEE Courses offered by Infinity Learn for IIT JEE Coaching in Lucknow

    • JEE Mains Course: This course focuses on the JEE Mains syllabus, covering concepts and providing test series. It is renowned as the best IIT coaching in Lucknow, designed for quick JEE Mains preparation. It explains theories, concepts, and examples in simple language and offers plenty of practice questions to build a strong foundation.
    • JEE Advanced Course: Tailored for those aiming to excel in JEE Advance’s objective-type questions, this program is considered the best IIT JEE coaching in Lucknow. It includes chapter-wise previous year questions and micro assignment booklets based on NCERT Textbooks. Personalized attention, regular tests, error analysis, and doubt-clearing sessions ensure a smooth learning experience.
    • JEE Crash Course: This intensive program, offers the best coaching for JEE in Lucknow. It includes 350 hours of live online classes, over 400 recorded video lectures, and online practice tests for regular revision. It also offers recorded sessions, in-depth explanations by chapter and topic, a large collection of practice questions, and periodic performance assessments.
    • JEE Droppers Course: Designed specifically for Class 12 pass-out students looking to improve their scores, this course provides comprehensive study materials, practice tests, and test series to improve accuracy, speed, and grasp of essential concepts. It includes over 9500 practice questions, error-free live lectures, and guidance on understanding exam patterns and managing exam pressure. This course gives repeat students an edge over newcomers and is recognized as the best IIT coaching in Lucknow.

    Join Infinity Learn Institute for top IIT JEE Coaching in Lucknow and position yourself for success.

    Best NEET Coaching Centers Near me in Lucknow

    Infinity Learn in Lucknow stands as a renowned coaching institute specializing in high-quality coaching for NEET, making it the premier choice for NEET coaching in Lucknow. If your aspiration is to pursue a career in medicine and you’re seeking the best NEET coaching in Lucknow, Infinity Learn emerges as the top-notch institution to consider.

    Distinguished by their unique approach, Infinity Learn doesn’t determine fees based on conventional industry standards. Instead, they assess fees based on the quality of education and services they provide, taking into account the income levels in the state. These comprehensive fees encompass various components, including registration, admission, tuition, technology, and exam fees. Furthermore, Infinity Learn offers fee concessions on a case-by-case basis, ensuring accessibility to coaching for a broader range of students.

    At their leading NEET coaching center in Lucknow, Infinity Learn offers a diverse array of courses meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of students preparing for the NEET Exam 2024.

    Whether you’re looking for the best NEET coaching in Lucknow or seeking free NEET coaching in Lucknow, Infinity Learn consistently upholds its reputation for guiding students to success. Their track record speaks volumes about their commitment to helping aspiring medical professionals achieve their dreams.

    NEET Courses offered by Infinity Learn for NEET Coaching in Lucknow

    • NEET UG Classroom Courses: Our institute offers comprehensive best NEET preparation courses, with a special focus on Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany. These courses cover the syllabi of both Class 11 and 12 to ensure a thorough understanding of the subjects. We are recognized as one of the best NEET coaching centers in Lucknow, providing top-notch guidance.
    • NEET Crash Course: Designed for students with time constraints, our NEET crash course in Lucknow provides a well-structured study plan, valuable tips and tricks, and regular assessments. It allows students to prepare effectively for NEET in a shorter period, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the best NEET coaching in Lucknow.
    • NEET Droppers Course: Tailored for students who have completed Class 12 and are attempting the NEET exam for the second time, this course concentrates solely on the NEET section of the exam. It offers targeted preparation to enhance performance in the NEET examination. If you’re looking for free best NEET coaching in Lucknow, consider our institute as the best choice for NEET coaching in Lucknow. At our NEET coaching institute in Lucknow, we are committed to providing the highest quality education and helping students achieve their NEET goals.

    Learn From Best IIT JEE, NEET Experts Coaching in Lucknow at Infinity Learn Institute

    Infinity Learn is committed to offering flexible and effective NEET exam preparation choices customized to cater to the individual requirements of each student. Embark on your path towards a rewarding medical career by enrolling at Infinity Learn, the center for best NEET coaching in Lucknow.

    At Infinity Learn Center in Lucknow, you have the opportunity to learn from seasoned NEET and JEE experts. Our team of highly qualified educators is prepared to deliver personalized guidance that aligns with your specific learning needs. To accommodate a diverse range of learning preferences, we provide a variety of course formats, including online, in-person, and hybrid options.

    Mock Test, Test Series, PYQs For IIT JEE and NEET at Infinity Learn Coaching Centre in Lucknow

    We provide Mock Tests meticulously crafted to replicate the actual examination experience closely. These Mock Tests feature same types of questions, difficulty levels, and time constraints you will encounter on the day of the real exam. Taking these Mock Tests serves the dual purpose of bolstering your confidence and alleviating exam-related stress. Our wide array of Mock Tests caters to various competitive exams, enabling you to concurrently prepare for multiple assessments, optimizing your overall preparation.

    Our Test Series, exemplified by the nationally acclaimed All-India Infinity Learn Test Series (AITS) for JEE and NEET, grants you the opportunity to gauge your performance on a national level. AITS is available for NEET, JEE Main, and JEE Advanced exams, providing valuable insights into your strengths and areas that warrant improvement. It helps students to compete with thousands of students from across the country and acts as a crucial stepping stone towards a successful career.

    Additionally, we offer access to a Previous Year’s Question Bank for NEET and JEE. This comprehensive resource comprises a diverse range of exam questions from past years, facilitating a deeper understanding of exam patterns and the refinement of effective test-taking strategies and time-management skills. Organized systematically by subject and chapter, it offers a convenient and efficient approach to preparation while enabling you to monitor your progress effectively.

    About Us

    Infinity Learn (IL): India’s Most Trusted Coaching Institute for NEET | JEE Mains | JEE Advance | Foundation. Infinity Learn (IL) stands out as a best IIT-JEE / NEET coaching institute in Lucknow . With a ‘Student First’ approach, we focus on holistic development, offering expert guidance and motivation to students. Our faculty comprises renowned educators, ensuring high success rates in NEET/IIT-JEE exams. Through innovative teaching techniques, we bring up brilliant minds, aiming for excellence in their fields. With a strong track record and commitment to student success, Infinity Learn (IL) is dedicated to serving society by producing top achievers in medical and engineering fields.

    Why Choose Us

    • Affordable and high-quality offline courses led by India’s top faculties.
    • Modern offline classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art teaching tools.
    • Daily DPP (Daily Practice Problems) quiz with video solutions on the Infinity Learn App.
    • Highly curated study materials with video solutions.
    • 24-hour doubt support.
    • Regular minor and all India-level tests with remedial classes.
    • Student dashboard for progress tracking.
    • Parent-teacher meetings (PTMs) and weekly progress reports for parents.
    • Holistic wellness programs for physical and mental development.
    • Monthly feedback sessions with students.
    • Dedicated counselors for student support and queries.

    Join Infinity Learn Institute in Lucknow to receive expert guidance, quality study materials, and comprehensive support to excel in NEET, JEE, and foundation-level courses.

    IIT JEE and NEET Coaching Infinity Learn Institute in Lucknow Address

    Centre Name Infinity Learn IIT JEE/NEET Institute
    Centre Address 4th Floor, Halwasiya Court, Lucknow, UP, 226001
    Centre Phone No. +919154668269
    Centre Timing
    • Monday (9:00am – 7:00pm)
    • Tuesday (9:00am – 7:00pm)
    • Wednesday (9:00am – 7:00pm)
    • Thursday (9:00am – 7:00pm)
    • Friday (9:00am – 7:00pm)
    • Saturday (9:00am – 7:00pm)
    • Sunday (10:00am – 3:00pm)

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    Best IIT JEE, NEET Coaching Centre at Lucknow, UP

    Are you searching for Top Best IIT-JEE, NEET coaching for your child? Enrol your child in Infinity Learn Institute at Halwasiya Court, Lucknow, UP. Register your child now so that your child can prepare for entrance exam and thus score higher marks. Infinity Learn provides best IIT JEE, NEET coaching for students. Students can have a world-class tech-enabled classroom experience at Infinity Learn coaching centre, Halwasiya Court, Lucknow. Expert teachers at Infinity Learn coaching centre, Halwasiya Court, Lucknow,help students in immediate doubt clearing. Frequent assessments will be held so that teachers can evaluate the progress of the students. These tests will help students to improve their problem-solving skills. Infinity Learn coaching centre help students to make learning easy.

    Near Places Infinity Learn Coaching Centre – Halwasiya Court, Lucknow

    Below you can find several places near Infinity Learn coaching centre at Halwasiya Court, Lucknow within around 80 meters:

    • Bookworm (50 meters)
    • Shree Ram Stationery Store (60 meters)
    • Domino’s Pizza (70 meters)

    JEE Mains 2024 Toppers Session 1 From Infinity Learn

    JEE Mains Toppers

    Name Application Number
    A V Tanish Reddy 240310807613
    Parekh Meet 2403101557524
    Putti Kushal Kumar 240310241276
    T V S S Naga Bhushan 240310868568
    P V S D Sai Mohith 240310038215
    D Srinivas Reddy 240310682440
    M Sai Siva Lochan 240310866829
    Mavuru Jaswith 240310542275

    JEE Mains 2023 Toppers From Infinity Learn Institute

    S.NO Application No. Name of the candidate NTA score
    1 230310124339 Singaraju Venkat koundinya 100
    2 230310286801 Kallakuri Sainadh Srimanth 100
    3 230310352290 Ishan Khandelwal 100
    4 230310167803 Deshank Pratap Singh 100
    5 230310034589 Nipun Goel 100
    6 230310210373 Allam Sujay 100
    7 230310481885 Vavilala Chidvilas Reddy 100
    8 230310146952 Bikkina Abhinav Chowdary 100
    9 230310666162 Suthar Harshul Sanjaybhai 100
    10 230310514113 Abhineet Majety 100

    NEET 2023 Toppers From Infinity Learn Institute

    AIR Name Marks
    01 Bora Varun 770
    09 Varun 715
    14 Shashank 715
    15 Raghuram 715

    FAQs on IIT JEE & NEET Coaching in Lucknow

    Which is the best institute for NEET in Lucknow?

    Infinity Learn (IL) is known for its quality NEET coaching in Lucknow. They have experienced faculty and a track record of producing successful NEET candidates.

    Which institute is best for IIT and NEET?

    Infinity Learn (IL) is a top choice for both IIT and NEET coaching in Lucknow. They offer comprehensive programs and have a reputation for excellence in both fields.

    What is the fees of NEET coaching in Lucknow?

    The fees for NEET coaching at Infinity Learn (IL) in Lucknow may vary depending on the specific program and duration. It's advisable to contact the institute directly for the most accurate fee information.

    Which institute is best for JEE in Lucknow?

    Infinity Learn (IL) is one of the leading institutes for JEE coaching in Lucknow. Their experienced faculty and well-structured programs make them a top choice for JEE aspirants.

    Is Lucknow good for NEET?

    Yes, Lucknow has several good coaching institutes, and Infinity Learn (IL) is among the reputable ones for NEET preparation. The city offers a conducive environment for NEET aspirants.

    What is the fees of JEE coaching in Lucknow?

    The fees for JEE coaching at Infinity Learn (IL) in Lucknow may vary depending on the specific program and duration. To get accurate fee details, it's best to contact the institute directly.

    Which branches of IIT JEE is best?

    The branch of IIT JEE that is best for you depends on your interests and career goals. Infinity Learn (IL) offers comprehensive coaching for all branches of IIT JEE, and the best one for you would be the one that aligns with your aspirations and strengths. It's recommended to consult with the institute's counselors to determine the most suitable branch for your individual goals.

    Which Coaching Centre Is Best For NEET?

    Infinity Learn Institute in Lucknow is highly regarded as one of the best coaching centers for NEET preparation. Their comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and personalized approach make it stand out among others. Additionally, Infinity Learn offers top-notch online coaching for NEET, ensuring accessibility and quality education for students across different locations. With a strong track record of success and positive reviews from students, Infinity Learn Institute in Lucknow consistently ranks as the top choice for NEET coaching, both in-person and online.

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