EnglishClass 12 English Vistas – Summaries

Class 12 English Vistas – Summaries

Class 12 English Vistas – Summaries


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    Since English is a worldwide language, students should be fluent in it so that they can interact effectively while also being able to write down their thoughts and opinions clearly.

    The Vistas English textbook for Class 12 includes clear rules and directions written in basic, easy-to-understand language that students can use to improve their writing and grammar skills.

    Vistas is a collection of eight great stories written by various authors and writers. This book is called Vistas because in the same way that a bird flies high in the sky, readers’ imaginations should soar high. So, let your imagination run wild!


    Chapter 1 – The Third Level

    This is a psychological story about the subway at New York’s Grand Central Station, which transports commuters to Galesburg. The story is about Charley’s proclivity to withdraw from society. Most notably, the third level begins with Charley’s friend Sam’s letter dated July 18, 1984.


    Chapter 2 – The Tiger King

    The story’s author transports us to a time when kings ruled. The story satirizes those in positions of power for their obstinacy and arrogance. Maharaja of Pratibandapuram tries to debunk the astrological prediction that a tiger will murder him.


    Chapter 3 – Journey to the End of the Earth

    The Journey to the End of the Earth is a book about a journey the author undertakes to Antarctica aboard a Russian vessel. Tishani Joshi went to Antarctica to study more about the continent and for educational purposes.


    Chapter 4 – The Enemy

    Sadao, a Japanese surgeon, is the subject of this story by Pearl S. Buck. He goes to America to study and marries a Japanese woman there. During World War II, all of the doctors were required to join the Japanese army. The story revolves around his chance meeting with an American prisoner of war and how humanity prevails above all conflicts.


    Chapter 5 – Should the Wizard hit Mommy?

    This story raises a moral question that the readers can determine for themselves at the end. As infants grow older, they will need to understand why things happen and how they happen. Parents may dissuade their children from asking such inquiries. Is it, however, appropriate to act in this manner?


    Chapter 6 – On The Face of It

    This is a performance piece. It is about a friendship between a small child named Derry and an elderly gentleman named Mr. Lamb. But when Derry tries to break free from his shell, he suffers the tragic loss of the only person who befriends him. The story is about how Derry grows as a person due to his interactions with Mr. Lamb.


    Chapter 7 – Evans Tries an O-Level

    Evans, also known as ‘The Break,’ is the subject of this story. He was given this moniker because he excelled in breaking out of prisons. In essence, he uses an O-level exam to try to break out, an endeavour in which he is successful.


    Chapter 8 – Memories of Childhood

    The Memories of Childhood summary is divided into two sections, each of which contains two passages from two different autobiographical incidents. The sections focus on the lives of two ladies named Zitkala Sa and Bama. Both narrators have had to deal with adversity and have been victims of social discrimination.


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