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Franchising Meaning, Function, Features, Pros and Cons of Franchising

What is the Meaning of Franchising

Franchising is a type of business where a company licenses its trade name and products or services to another company in exchange for a fee. The company that receives the license is called a franchisee.

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    What is meant by Franchise?

    A franchise is a contractual agreement between two parties, the franchisor and the franchisee. The franchisor is the party that grants the franchisee the right to use its trademarks, trade secrets, and business methods in order to sell or provide a particular product or service. The franchisee is the party that agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement and to pay the franchisor a royalty fee for the use of its trademarks, trade secrets, and business methods.

    How Does a Franchise Function?

    A franchise is a type of business in which the owner, or franchiser, licenses another party, or the franchisee, to use its trademark and business model to sell a product or service. Franchising allows the franchiser to expand its business with minimal risk, as the franchisee assumes much of the risk and responsibility for the business. The franchiser typically provides the franchisee with training, support, and marketing materials. In exchange, the franchisee pays the franchiser a fee, typically a percentage of its sales.

    Features of Franchising

    The benefits of franchising include:

    1. Established business model: A well-established business model gives a new franchisee a head start in terms of operations, procedures, and systems.

    2. Training and support: Franchisors provide extensive training and support to their franchisees, which helps them get up and running quickly.

    3. Brand recognition: Franchises benefit from the power of the franchisor’s brand, which helps them attract customers and build their businesses.

    4. Marketing and advertising: Franchisors typically provide extensive marketing and advertising support to their franchisees, helping them to attract new customers and grow their businesses.

    5. economies of scale: Franchises benefit from the economies of scale generated by the franchisor, which helps them keep their costs down.

    Pros and Cons of Franchising


    – A well-developed and successful franchise system can provide a new business owner with a high level of support and training, as well as a proven business model.

    – Franchisees often enjoy a high degree of brand recognition and customer loyalty, which can be beneficial when launching a new business.

    – Franchises can be a less risky way to start a business, as they often come with a pre-existing customer base and support infrastructure.


    – Franchisees are typically required to pay a franchise fee, which can be expensive.

    – Franchisees are often required to adhere to strict guidelines and procedures, which can be constraining.

    – A failed franchise can be costly and damaging to a business owner’s reputation.

    Franchise Examples

    There are a number of franchising opportunities available in a variety of industries. Some of the most popular franchise opportunities include:

    1. Restaurants – There are a number of different restaurant franchises available, including fast food, casual dining, and pizza franchises.

    2. Retail – Retail franchises include businesses like clothing stores, home improvement stores, and auto dealerships.

    3. Service – Service franchises include businesses like car washes, pet care, and lawn care.

    4. Health and Fitness – There are a number of different health and fitness franchises available, including gyms, diet programs, and personal training studios.

    5. Business Opportunities – There are a number of different business opportunity franchises available, including home-based businesses and online businesses.

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