ConvertKilojoules to Calories conversion

Kilojoules to Calories conversion

Kilojoules and calories are units of measurement used to quantify the amount of energy contained in food and expended during various activities.

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    Kilojoules (kJ)

    Kilojoules are a unit of energy commonly used in many countries outside of the United States. They are a measure of how much energy is provided by food or expended by the body during physical activities. One kilojoule is equivalent to 1000 joules. Kilojoules are often used to indicate the energy content of food items and to help individuals manage their calorie intake.

    Calories (cal)

    Calories are another unit of energy used to measure the energy content of food and the energy expended by the body. In the context of nutrition, the term “calories” usually refers to kilocalories (kcal), which is a larger unit of energy.

    One kilocalorie is equivalent to 1000 calories. Calories are used to indicate the amount of energy a particular food provides and are commonly seen on food labels.

    How to convert from kJ to calories

    1 calth = 0.004184 kJ

    1 kJ = 239.0057 calth

    conversion formula

    E(cal) = E(kJ) × 239.0057

    Kilojoules to calories conversion Table

    kJ to calories kJ to calories
    1 kJ = 0.239 calorie 10 kJ = 2.39 calories
    2 kJ = 0.478 calorie 20 kJ = 4.78 calories
    3 kJ = 0.717 calorie 30 kJ = 7.17 calories
    4 kJ = 0.956 calorie 40 kJ = 9.56 calories
    5 kJ = 1.195 calories 50 kJ = 11.95 calories
    6 kJ = 1.434 calories 60 kJ = 14.34 calories
    7 kJ = 1.673 calories 70 kJ = 16.73 calories
    8 kJ = 1.912 calories 80 kJ = 19.12 calories
    9 kJ = 2.151 calories 90 kJ = 21.511 calories
    10 kJ = 2.39 calories 100 kJ = 23.901 calories

    FAQs on KJ to Calories

    How do you convert kJ to calories?

    To convert kilojoules (kJ) to calories (cal), you can use the conversion factor: 1 kJ = 239.0057 cal. Multiply the number of kilojoules by this factor to get the equivalent calories.

    Does 1 kJ equal 1 calorie?

    No, they're not exactly the same. 1 kilojoule is approximately equal to 0.239 calories. So, 1 kJ is a bit more than 1 calorie.

    How many calories is kJ to calories?

    1 kilojoule (kJ) is about 239 calories (cal).

    How many kJ is 2000 calories a day?

    To convert calories to kilojoules, divide the number of calories by 0.239. So, 2000 calories is roughly equivalent to about 8371 kJ.

    What is 2000 cal in kJ?

    2000 calories is approximately equal to 8371 kilojoules (kJ).

    How many kJ is 1 kcal of heat?

    1 kilocalorie (kcal) of heat energy is approximately equal to 4.184 kilojoules (kJ).

    How many kJ is sugar?

    The energy content of sugar can vary, but on average, 1 gram of sugar provides about 16 kJ (kilojoules) of energy. Keep in mind that this value can change based on the specific type of sugar and its composition.

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