EnglishEssayEssay on Beggars for Children and Students in English

Essay on Beggars for Children and Students in English

Beggars are known to be one of the most miserable people on earth. They depend on others for the fulfillment of their needs. They are treated badly and are deprived of the basic necessities. Beggars roam around from street to street or sit at a particular place each day begging people to offer them food and money. They are looked down upon. We must ask beggars to work instead of giving them money and encouraging them to beg.

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    Long and Short Essay on Beggars in English

    Below we have provided short and long essay on beggars of varying lengths in English to help you with the topic in your exams.

    These beggars Essays have been written in simple English language for you to make it easy to remember and presented.

    After going through these beggars essay you will know the concerns of beggars; how difficult and uncertain is the life of a beggar; what steps are taken by the government to eliminate the practice of begging.

    These essays will prove helpful in your school and college assignments wherein you need to write an essay, take part in debate or give a speech on beggars.

    Essay on the Life of a Beggar – 200 words

    Beggars beg for a living. They usually do not have a house to live in. While some of them reside in slum areas many are denied entry even at such places. They lead their lives living on the footpath. In the big cities, footpath and road side areas are the only places they get to sleep and lead their lives.

    During the day time, the beggars sit on the footpath asking the passers-by to lend them food and money. At night, they sleep at the same place as they have nowhere to go. Some beggars put on tents on the footpath where they leave their kids and keep their belongings. However, the place is occupied illegally and is often wrecked by the police. And these beggars are once again forced to live on the footpath without any roof on their head.

    In places such as Delhi, where the weather conditions are extreme, the life of beggars is the worst. They have to face the adverse effects of heat and cold. Things get even worse during the rainy season. Beggars suffer from illnesses caused due to exposure to extreme weather. The news of beggars living on the footpath dying due to heat wave, cold and heavy rainfall is quite common. They certainly lead a very difficult life.

    Essay on Street Beggars – 300 words

    Begging is a cause of concern for the society. While beggars are usually found at the traffic signals, in front of the temples and other such places some of them also roam around from street to street to beg for alms, money and food. These are the worst kind of beggars as they intrude the residential areas and disrupt peace.

    Street Beggars: Despised by Residents

    Street beggars usually have particular areas assigned to them. They visit these areas from time to time to beg for a living. These beggars are dressed in rags and carry a shabby bag on their shoulder. Women are usually seen carrying a small child in their arms which is a tactic to invoke pity. Small kids in torn clothes also go around from street to street begging for food, clothes and money.

    Some elderly men are seen dressed as saints carrying a bowl in one hand and a stick in another as they go begging from street to street. They mostly move in groups singing religious songs and pleading for food and money. Many a times, such beggars ring the door bells of the residents and ask them to help them monetarily. This is quite annoying as it hampers the privacy of the people. They often narrate their sad stories to the residents who help them out of pity.

    It is very difficult to figure out whether the story being told by these beggars is genuine or fake. Such people start out with begging and often go on and get involved in crimes such as theft, robbery and even murder. Street beggars are more likely to get involved in such bigger crimes. Since they get to know about the whereabouts and the financial status of the residents of the areas they visit frequently it is easier for them to carry out thefts and robbery.


    Begging is one of the major issues in our society. The government must take stringent steps to stop the same.

    Essay on Life of a Beggar in India – 400 words

    India is engulfed with many problems and begging is one of them. Statistics reveal that about half a million people in our country are beggars. Here is a look at the way these beggars lead their lives and what invokes them to choose begging as a way of life.

    Beggars Lead a Miserable Life

    Beggars in India lead an extremely miserable life. They are seen draped in shabby and torn clothes and are mostly barefoot. Irrespective of the season, beggars are seen clad in minimal clothing. It is heart-wrenching to see small kids with bare minimal clothes seeking alms and food in extreme weather conditions. Pregnant women and those carrying small kids in their arms and a bowl in their hand asking for money and food to eat is also a common sight in India.

    Elderly and physically handicapped beggars are seen sitting on wheel chair asking people for help. These beggars do not have any home. Even the people living in the slum areas deny permission to them. They mostly lead their lives on the footpath begging and trying hard to make their ends meet. The extreme weather conditions of our country make things all the more worse for them. Many of these beggars fall sick and die due to extreme cold, hot and rain.

    The condition of most of the beggars in India is as bad as it looks. However, there are many who have accumulated a good amount of money by way of begging and are no longer poor. They can very well afford a good lifestyle but they choose to live in rags and continue to beg for a living as that is what they can do best. Not only do these people beg themselves but also involve all their family members in this hideous task. Despite having enough money, most such beggars do not send their children or grandchildren to school and force them to beg.

    Difficult to Distinguish between Beggars

    There are some beggars who are genuinely deprived of the basic necessities and need to beg for their livelihood. They have no other means of fulfilling their needs. On the other hand, there are beggars who have good amount of wealth and are also physically fit to do different kinds of work to earn money. However, they still choose to beg as it means easy income for them. In such a scenario it becomes difficult for people to distinguish between the needy and the fake.


    Whether one is needy or not, he must not resort to begging. Begging must be banned by the government of India.

    Essay on Causes of Child Beggars in India – 500 words

    Begging is a grave problem and it becomes graver when there are young children involved in the same. In India, the number of child beggars is huge. At an age when these young minds should be nurtured with love and care, given good education and involved in healthy activities, most of them are deprived of all this and are forced to beg for their livelihood. Those involved in begging cannot see beyond this work. They tend to involve their entire family in begging – be it their wives, children, grandchildren or any other family member.

    Main Causes of Child Beggars in India

    Here is a look at some of the main causes of child beggars in India:

    1. Acute Poverty

    Poverty is one of the main reasons that forces one to beg. A person who gets into begging seldom comes out of it. He involves his entire family in this profession. Young kids are especially considered good for this work and are thus forced to beg.

    1. Lack of Education

    Illiteracy is another reason for the rise in child beggars in our country. A person who is well-educated would never get involved in this work and nor would he force his children to beg.

    1. Unemployment

    The problem of unemployment in India has also led to the rise in the number of child beggars. People here feel that there is no use of studying hard and acquiring degrees as they wouldn’t get good job due to the problem of unemployment. This is why they involve their children in begging from the very beginning.

    1. Refugee Community

    Refugees who come from other countries because of different reasons find it hard to get a job and thus indulge in begging to meet their needs. They especially send their children for begging giving rise to child beggars.

    1. Abandoned Children

    Many children especially females are abandoned by their families immediately after their birth. Such children often get involved in begging as it is the easiest means to get food and money.

    1. Religious Sentiments of Indians

    Indians are superstitious by nature. They seldom deny money to child beggars carrying bowl with the pictures of God and oil in it. It is said that donating money this way wards of evil. This is another reason beggars send their children to beg from street to street.

    1. Begging Gangs and Rackets

    Child beggars are considered a good catch by those who run begging rackets. Young children are said to be good for this work mainly because people feel pity looking at their innocent faces deprived of the basic necessities and offer them food and alms. Thus, these gang leaders look for more and more children to involve them in begging.


    The NGOs involved in fighting the rights of children and ensuring a safe and sound environment to nurture them well have raised concern over the rise in the number of child beggars. However, they cannot overcome this problem without help and support from the Indian government. We hope the government of our country understands the severity of this problem and takes stringent steps to eradicate it. We, as general public must also contribute towards discouraging this practice.

    Essay on Problems of Beggars in India/Beggar Problem in India – 600 words

    Beggars are a common sight in India. You can easily spot beggars roaming around on the streets, near traffic signals, outside religious places, malls and many other places. While many of the beggars begging for their livelihood in India are of Indian origin, a good number of them also come from Bangladesh. This is because they find India as a more easy and lucrative ground for this work. From the condition of their clothes, footwear and overall look and behaviour one can easily make out that the beggars in India lead a very wretched life.

    Problems Faced by Beggars in India

    Beggars in India face numerous problems. Some of these problems are severe and can even be beyond our imagination. Here is a look at some of the main problems faced by beggars in India:

    1. No Food; No Shelter

    Beggars in India lead their entire life living on the road side. Their whole family sits on the road side during the day begging the passers-by for food and money and sleeps on the footpath or underneath a tree near the same place as it grows dark. Food, cloth and shelter are the basic needs of the human beings and beggars are denied even these basic needs. Such is the life of these poor people.

    1. Poor Hygiene

    Living on the roadside, the beggars do not have access to good quality food, clean drinking water as well as water which is clean enough to bath or good enough for sanitation purpose. They do not bathe for days and roam around in the same clothes for weeks without washing them. They, thus, suffer from poor hygiene.

    1. Poor Health Condition

    Poor hygiene leads to poor health condition. Besides, these people do not have proper shelter and are faced with adverse climatic conditions such as strong heat wave, heavy downpour and chilling cold. Eating healthy food is beyond question for them. All this has a severe impact on their health and leads to various illnesses.

    1. Lack of Medical Facilities

    When these poor people fall ill they do not even have access to good medical facilities to get themselves cured. They cannot afford the enormous fee charged by the private doctors. While some of them don’t visit the doctors at all and wait for the condition to get better on its own others go to the government dispensaries or hospitals that are over-crowded with patients and lack proper patient care.

    1. Illiteracy

    Illiteracy is the main problem. Beggars are mostly illiterate and do not make any effort to send their children to school either. Instead of providing education to their kids they force them to beg on the street. This gives rise to the illiteracy as well as crime rate. Education can change a person for good but these people do not understand this.

    1. Begging Rackets

    There are gangs that force people to beg. They kidnap young children or give a ransom to the poor families in their exchange and engage them in begging. These gangs divide areas and send beggars for begging in their respective areas. At the end of each day, they take away a substantial amount of cash and kind collected by the beggars. The beggars are helpless in this case. The worst part is that these gang leaders even make these beggars handicapped to invoke pity of the public and get more alms.


    Begging is a serious problem and the problems faced by the beggars in India are no less. Even though the government is taking measures to stop it and many NGOs have been formed to eradicate this problem nothing concrete has been done yet.

    Essay on Beggars FAQs

    What is a short paragraph about beggars?

    Beggars are individuals who rely on others for financial support or handouts. They often roam the streets, asking for money, food, or other forms of assistance. While the circumstances of each beggar may vary, their commonality lies in their need for help from others to survive.

    What is the concept of beggars?

    The concept of beggars revolves around the idea of individuals who lack the means or resources to sustain their basic needs. Beggars generally depend on the generosity of others to fulfill their daily requirements, such as food, shelter, or healthcare.

    What are the problems faced by beggars?

    Beggars face numerous challenges in their everyday lives. Some of the problems they encounter include societal stigma, lack of access to education and employment opportunities, health issues, vulnerability to crime and exploitation, and the struggle to find stable shelter and food.

    What is the reason for beggars?

    The reasons for individuals becoming beggars can vary greatly. Some may be victims of poverty, unemployment, or homelessness, while others could suffer from physical or mental disabilities that prevent them from engaging in regular employment. Some individuals might turn to begging as a last resort to survive when all other options have been exhausted.

    How to describe a beggar essay?

    When describing a beggar in an essay, it is vital to provide a comprehensive portrayal of their appearance, behavior, and circumstances. This can include detailing their physical appearance, such as worn-out clothing and unkempt hair, highlighting their reliance on handouts, discussing their interactions with passersby, and shedding light on the difficulties they face while trying to meet their basic needs.

    What is the role of a beggar?

    The role of a beggar is to rely on the compassion and goodwill of others to meet their essential needs. Beggars often play the part of individuals in need, highlighting the issues of poverty, inequality, and social injustice present in society.

    What is the introduction of begging?

    The introduction of begging refers to the act of asking for help or assistance from others, typically in the form of monetary contributions or essential supplies. Begging is often deemed a last resort for individuals who have been left with no other means to support themselves, driving them to reach out to their community for aid.

    What are the problems faced by beggars?

    Beggars confront various challenges, including societal bias and discrimination, physical and mental health complications, limited access to education and employment, susceptibility to exploitation, and the constant struggle for adequate food, shelter, and medical care. These problems often perpetuate the cycle of poverty and hinder their potential to escape the hardships they face.

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