EnglishEssayEssay on Importance of Adult Education in English for Children and Students

Essay on Importance of Adult Education in English for Children and Students

Adult education gives the adult citizens a chance to enroll for educational programs to improve their knowledge and skills. This is a great initiative to empower the adults and help them widen the scope of their career. Adult education plays an important role in development of the nation. Those who could not get a chance to study during their childhood can benefit through this and so can those who had to leave their studies mid-way or crave to acquire further degree.

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    Adult Education provides an option to gain knowledge and skills, outside a fixed classroom. It has a flexible curriculum and involves subjective knowledge, practical training, skill development etc. It’s aimed at instilling lifelong skills in adults, making them independent and self reliant.

    Long and Short Essay on Importance of Adult Education in English

    Below we have provided Long and Short Essay on Adult Education in simple and easy to understand English language.

    These Importance of Adult Education Essay will let you know the courses/curriculum of adult education along with its advantages; who are eligible for adult education and what role does it plays in the development of an individual as well as the society.

    So, go through these essays and select your needed ones:

    Short Essay on Importance of Adults Education – Essay 1 (200 words)

    If the youths are the future of our nation then the adults are its present. A country can develop and prosper only when its adults are educated. An educated person can nurture his coming generation more wisely, confidently and appropriately. Adult education is thus of utmost importance. However, unfortunately many adults in our country were deprived of education when they were children and the trend still continues.

    A number of reasons led the children to being deprived of education among which the main reason is poverty. Poor people engage their kids in menial jobs so that they can help in bearing the household expenses. Thus, such kids do not get a chance to go to school and get education. On the other hand, there are some who are deprived of higher education owing to financial constraints or other reasons.

    The government of India has taken a great initiative of providing adult education. Night schools and distance learning programs have started for this purpose. With this, people can work during the day time to earn their livelihood and study during the night to improve their chances of getting a better job and enhancing their career. Many adults in our country have enrolled for adult education and are making the most of it.

    Essay on Need of Adults Education – Essay 2 (300 words)


    One of the biggest problems that India is facing today is that of illiteracy. Majority of the population in our country is illiterate and this has become a cause of various other problems. Here is why there is a dire need of adult education in our country.

    1. Curb Exploitation

    The rich people in India are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. One of the main reasons of this economic disparity is illiteracy. People who are not educated are forced to indulge in menial tasks. They are not paid well and continue to lead a miserable life. They struggle to make their ends meet. Adult education has proved to be a boon for such people. Seeking education makes them more knowledgeable. They get to know about their rights and the rightful wages they should be paid which helps them stop the ongoing exploitation against them.

    1. Find Better Job

    Those who are uneducated indulge in tasks such as cleaning and washing. They continue to earn meagre wages and have a poor lifestyle which gives way to numerous problems such as poor hygiene, lack of amenities, etc. Seeking adult education helps them find better jobs and do well in life.

    1. Boosts Confidence

    An educated person is certainly more confident. He has an opinion about various things and doesn’t hesitate in sharing the same. This sharing of opinions and suggestions can help in the betterment of one’s society, surroundings and even the nation as a whole.

    1. Better Parenting

    An educated adult can nurture his children much better. He is knowledgeable and wiser and can thus guide his children at every step.


    Adult education initiative taken by the government has worked for the betterment of our country. It was much needed and has benefited many. Many countries around the world run adult education plans.

    Essay on Advantages of Adults Education – Essay 3 (400 words)


    Adult education is of utmost importance. It offers numerous advantages to the adults who were deprived of the right to education during their childhood as well as the nation as a whole. Many countries have started the initiative to educate the adults of their country and are working hard to encourage them in this direction.

    Advantages of Adult Education

    Here are some of the advantages of adult education:

    1. Increases the Country’s Literacy Rate

    In a country like India where illiteracy is considered to be one of the main problems, adult education is helping in increasing the literacy rate of the country. Many adults are enrolling for adult education in order to attain a degree and do better in life.

    1. Contributes in the Development of the Nation

    It goes without saying that education is the stepping stone for development of any nation. When the people of a nation are educated, it stands a greater chance of development. Adult education is increasing the number of educated, learned and skilled professional which is impacting the development of our nation in a positive way.

    1. Curbs Crime Rate

    The crime rate in our country is high majorly due to high rate of illiteracy. It is the illiterate and unemployed people who mainly engage in various criminal activities such as pick-pocketing, robbery and rape. Adult education gives them a chance to get educated and acquire skills which in turn opens the door of employment for them.

    1. Helps Shape Better Youth

    Educated adults can certainly nurture their children better and thus shape better youth. A person who is uneducated can never understand the value of education. Most of the times, such people do not even encourage their children to seek education. They engage them in work from an early age and ruin their life.

    1. Develop Better Lifestyle

    Adult education gives a chance to learn and expand knowledge which in turn provides better job opportunities. Better job opportunity means better purchasing capacity and a better lifestyle.

    1. Women Empowerment

    Women in the earlier times were confined to the kitchen and other household tasks. Little girls in many areas and communities of India are still confined to the households. They grew up to be vulnerable adults who are dependent on the male members of the family. Adult education programs are an opportunity for them to take charge of their lives and become self-dependent.


    Thus, adult education offers various advantages such as women empowerment, better lifestyle, reduction in the crime rate, increase in literacy rate and overall development of the country.

    Essay on Importance of Adults Education and Ways to Implement it – Essay 4 (500 words)


    The importance of education is known by all. An educated person possesses knowledge about various subjects and is worldly wise. He is more confident and better equipped to take decisions on various matters. He is an asset to the society. Adult education must be encouraged as many people are deprived of the right to education during their childhood owing to various reasons. Adult education programs allow them to seek education during adulthood.

    Importance of Adults Education

    • Adult Education: Essential in a Democratic Set-up

    In democratic nations such as India, the adults are given the right to vote irrespective of their educational qualification and on their own discretion to choose between right and wrong. An illiterate person can never understand the nitty-gritty of the political system. He has no knowledge about his rights and the duties of the leaders chosen by him.

    What use is it to give the power to choose the leaders in the hands of people who have no knowledge about the how’s, what’s and when’s of the political system? One of the main purposes of the adult education is to increase the literacy rate of the country so that its citizens are equipped to take better decision when it comes to choosing the government.

    Adult education must be given special importance in a democratic set up so that people can exercise their right to vote wisely.

    • Development of the Nation

    Adult education also plays an important role in the development of the nation. A nation with greater number of educated people certainly stands a better chance to develop and prosper. Well-educated people enter various professional fields and work hard to acquire the skills required to handle their positions efficiently.

    They develop the zeal to learn and grow. As they grow professionally so does their organization and eventually the nation as a whole. It goes without saying that if we have greater number of educated and skilled professionals in our country then it will grow and develop at a greater speed.

    Ways to Implement Adult Education

    Here are some of the ways to implement adult education:

    • The government must set up adult education schools in every nook and corner of the country.
    • The teachers and the management of the schools set up in the remote areas must take initiative to contact the adults living there and encourage them to make the most of the adult education programs.
    • Road side skits should be performed to emphasize the importance of adult education.
    • The government must promote adult education by way of radio, television and other mediums.
    • Those enrolled at the adult education schools must encourage those around them to join these schools and seek education.


    Adult education is of utmost importance. While the government of our country has already understood its importance, a large number of people in our country are yet to recognize it. A number of schools have been set up by the government to provide adult education. However, the role of the government does not end here. It needs to sensitize the importance of education among the masses. People must recognize the need to get educated in order to feel determined to enroll at adult education schools.

    Essay on Challenges Faced by Adults in their Learning – Essay 5 (600 words)


    The government of many countries run adult education programs to educate and empower the adults. Special night schools are set up to provide adult education as it is easier for them to take out time during those hours since most of them earn their livelihood during the day. There are many night schools providing adult education in different parts of India too. However, even though the opportunity to learn and grow is readily available in almost all the cities in our country not as many enrolments are seen in the adult education schools. This is because the adults face quite a few challenges when it comes to going to school and learning.

    Challenges Faced by Adults in Learning

    Here are some challenges faced by adults when it comes to learning:

    1. Grasping Problem

    Children are quick learners. They are keen, curious and possess good observational as well as grasping power. They love to explore new things, ask questions and learn constantly. Learning for them is fun. However, it is not the same with the adults. As a person grows old, he isn’t as quick when it comes to learning, the curiosity to learn new things fades away and so does the ability to grasp. This becomes one of the biggest hindrances in learning.

    1. Time Constraint

    Another problem is time constraint. Adults are mostly working and are unable to take out much time to study. This is the reason why many of them refrain from enrolling at adult schools. Even those who go to adult school aren’t able to manage enough time for self study. This slows the learning process and hampers their performance.

    1. Responsibilities

    Children are just required to go to the school and study and may be indulged in certain extra-curricular activities out of interest. They are not loaded with any other responsibility but it is not the same when it comes to adults. Adults need to take care of the financial, emotional and other needs of their family. They also need to fulfil their social responsibilities. Amid all these responsibilities they find it hard to concentrate on their studies and thus learning becomes a challenge for them.

    1. Difficulty Getting Back

    It is not that easy to get back to school after you start working. Those who haven’t ever been to school find it all the more difficult to adjust to this new environment. Adults find it hard to accustom to new thingsand going to school as their age seems to be one of the most difficult and challenging tasks for them.

    1. Social Obligations

    Many people refrain from enrolling to the adult schools because of the fear of society. This is particularly true for the women. A woman who has been suppressed since her childhood and has been denied the right to education will find it hard to gather the strength to go to school in her adulthood. People in our society take no time to criticize a woman who tries to be independent. Those who go out to study at an adult school are often criticized of neglecting their families. Meeting the needs of her family and children and completing the daily household chores also becomes a hindrance in learning for those enrolled.


    Thus, we see that seeking adult education is quite a challenging task. People find it difficult to learn their lessons owing to their age factor, household and social responsibilities, time constraint and more. It requires a lot of hard work and determination to seek adult education and complete the courses successfully. Those adults who gather the courage to seek adult education and put in efforts to learn deserve applause. They serve as an inspiration to those around them.

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