EnglishEssaysEssay On Christmas for Students

Essay On Christmas for Students

Essay On Christmas: The winter season marks the beginning of festivities for people all around the globe, especially Christians, who celebrate the festival of Christmas on 25th December every year. Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the ‘Messiah of the People’. The day reminds people to follow in his footsteps of love, peace and kindness.

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    Short Essay on Christmas of 100 Words

    Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians worldwide. The holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and is typically marked by gift-giving, family gatherings, and festive food. For Christians, Christmas is a time to reflect on the teachings of Jesus and to celebrate the hope of salvation offered through his birth.

    Christmas is a festival celebrated worldwide with great joy and happiness. It is a festival for Christians. On this day, Jesus Christ was born. People exchange gifts, greetings, and blessings on this day.

    What is the true meaning of Christmas?

    The true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

    10 Lines on Christmas in English

    Christmas is a time of happiness and joy. It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Families get together and exchange gifts. They celebrate by eating Christmas dinner and singing Christmas carols. It is a time to be with loved ones and friends.

    In today’s society, there are many different types of families. There are traditional, single-parent, blended, and adoptive families. Each family has its own unique set of challenges and rewards.

    A married couple with children typically heads traditional families. These families are often considered the “typical” American family and usually have the most traditional values. Single-parent families are families where the parents are divorced, widowed, or never married. These families often face more challenges than traditional families but can also be very close-knit and supportive. Blended families are families where the parents are divorced and have re-married. These families can be complicated, but they can also be very loving and supportive. Adoptive families are families where one or both of the parents are not the children’s biological parents. These families can be very diverse, but they often have a strong sense of family unity.

    Each of these families has its own unique set of challenges and rewards. Traditional families may face challenges such as balancing work and family responsibilities, but they often have a strong sense of stability and support. Single-parent families may face financial challenges, but they often have a close bond with one another. Blended families may have to deal with complicated family dynamics, but they can also learn a lot from each other. Adoptive families may face challenges, such as adjusting to a new family dynamic, but they often have a strong sense of love and support.

    Ultimately, each family is different, and each family has its unique rewards. I am excited to see what the future holds for blended and adoptive families, and I know they will continue to thrive and grow.

    List of 500+ Essay Writing Topics and Ideas

    Origin of Christmas

    In 4 BC, on the coldest of nights, a baby was born to Mother Mary and Father Joseph in the small town of Bethlehem. It is believed that this child was the son of God and had incarnated as a human to end the world’s misery. Many Christmas folklore suggests that on the night of the birth of Jesus Christ, an angel descended from heaven to the shepherds of Bethlehem and said, “I bring you the great news that will bring joy to all people”. As the news of this event spread, wise men and kings from far and wide set on a journey to Bethlehem. When baby Christ was born, he was surrounded by shepherds and sheep in the stable. Three wise men, called ‘the Magi’, paid Jesus a visit and gave him gold and other valuable offerings.

    Essay On Christmas

    Although Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year, the preparations and merriment start much before that. The festive season begins with Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Wednesday of every November. People eat a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and express gratitude for a good harvesting season and other amenities of life. After Thanksgiving, people start preparing for Christmas. This includes buying presents for their near and dear ones, making Christmas cards, decorating their houses with lights and ornaments, and setting up a Christmas tree. People usually decorate a pine tree with stars, candy sticks and light bulbs. The Christmas tree symbolises a fresh and rekindled spirit for the upcoming new year.

    On the day of Christmas, people visit their family members to exchange greetings and gifts. A special mass is held in Church, called ‘The Holy Communion’. Children are especially excited for this day as they get to eat loads of cake, candies and other delicious treats that make up the Christmas feast. After Christmas dinner, people gather around the Christmas tree to exchange presents. It is a tradition to pack Christmas presents in socks. Common folklore suggests that every Christmas at midnight, a saint named Santa Claus visits each household and leaves presents for well-behaved children under the Christmas tree.

    To please Santa, children go carolling and sing the famous Christmas carol, “Jingle bells, jingle bells! Jingle all the way!”. Since Santa Claus is dressed in red and white attire, these colours are associated with Christmas, and people dress in red and white themselves. Other common Christmas traditions also include performing Christmas-themed plays that spread the values of love and kindness. On the occasion of Christmas, every church decorates the chapel and sets up a ‘manger scene’ to commemorate the events of Jesus Christ’s birth.

    Institutions like schools also host grand Christmas celebrations every year. Before the beginning of winter vacation, there was a well-organized cultural program in my school. Every student of my school participates in this cultural event. Various competitions, like a carol-singing competition and skit competition, capture this festival’s essence. A grand Christmas tree is set up in the school hall that the students decorate. We also have a huge feast on the school premises, where we eat a lot of delicious food. Finally, some teachers dress up as Santa Claus and give each pupil a present.

    There is a lot of singing, dancing and merrymaking on this special day. After we are done with our celebrations in school, we ride the school bus to the town orphanage to spend some time with the needy and wish them a ‘Merry Christmas’. We also give Christmas presents to the orphanage kids as that is the real value of Christmas – spreading joy and love among our fellow people. We then return to our homes to spend time with our families and friends. Christmas Day is one of the most fun days of the school year, and I will never miss it!


    Although Christmas is mainly a Christian festival, it is celebrated by people everywhere in the world, irrespective of their culture and religion. It is a festival that spreads joy and brings people together. Christmas is a reminder that one does not need to be rich to be happy. Rather, the jewels of love and companionship make life fulfilling. Christmas is also the time to recollect the teachings of ‘the Great Messiah’ and try to embody his teachings of love, peace and harmony in our lives.

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