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Essay On Saving Water


Water: The Core of Life

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    Water is a vital resource on the planet. Without it, there is no life. There are so many proverbs and sayings that constantly emphasize the importance of water. For example, the famous saying, “No water, no life” is quite relevant and true. There is another popular saying, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”. This tells that water is an essential part of life; water sustains life. One can dare to exist without love and care but living without water is impossible- unthinkable.

    Our body is made up of 65-70% water. That is why we can live without food for more than a month but not without water. Still, why is water the core of life?

    • Helps in the assimilation of digested food
    • Helps in getting rid of waste
    • A vital source of energy
    • Regulates body temperature
    • Carries nutrients to different parts of the body
    • Releases fatigue

    …and much much more!

    Essay On Saving Water

    The Necessity to Save Water

    Let’s assume for a moment that our life was dependent on our mobile phones. If this were the case, you’d be extremely careful regarding its maintenance. Neither will you leave it plugged into charging for hours and neither will you let the battery drain. You will use it wisely. Then, when our life is dependent on water in real terms, what stops you? We need to take care of this valuable resource before it is too late.

    Potable water is limited in quantity. There will come a time when even the areas that receive maximum rainfall will get to see frequent droughts. Saving water and conserving it for future generations is becoming a very important issue worldwide. Saving water is all about using water wisely and not exhausting it. While saving water, we should think not only about the present generations but also the future generations who are not born yet. We have to act now to ensure that they are not born into a world without water.


    Why do we need to save water?

    Massive Use: Water has innumerable uses at both personal and worldly levels. We need water for both domestic purposes and in industries and agricultural sectors. To keep all these functions running smoothly, we need to conserve water.

    Limited Availability: We misuse water like it is an abundant resource. This is not true though. Those who think of water as an infinite resource have to realize that we have very few sources of water that can be used for human purposes. Water is limited in supply, especially the water we drink i.e. portable/fresh water. It is extremely less in quantity and is increasingly reducing. Save water because each step that is taken toward conserving water counts.

    Water for Food: We need food to eat in order to stay alive and food production needs water too. A simple plant or even grass cannot grow without water. This makes it clear that our survival completely depends on this resource. Without it, we will starve to death.

    Balance in Ecosystem: If we look at planet Earth as an abode of humans only, then this outlook is very selfish. We should look at the entire biodiversity altogether. We are not the only species on Earth. There is aquatic life that lives and breathes in water as we do in the air. Any pollutant resulting from human activities directly affects their life and ecological balance. Thus, we should think of the world as a whole and be more concerned and responsible for our actions.

    Save Energy: Water is also used to generate energy. There are so many hydroelectricity plants installed all over the world that use water to produce electricity. So if you save water, you are indirectly saving energy as well.

    Sometimes words from the mouth of great people leave an indelible mark on our personality. Here we have curated a list of slogans on saving water that is quoted from the mouths of great philosophers and writers. These quotes will motivate you on your mission to save water. Not only this, but they are a source of awareness on how important it is to address this problem of issues of water. As W. H. Auden said, “Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One Without Water – making us think about how, while love and affection are necessary emotions to live through this life, we should not forget that without water there will be no life to live. Water is indeed important for survival but there are many mineral qualities of water too that make it such a wonderful resource for us.

    How Can an Individual Contribute Towards Saving Water?

    Let’s not talk about what the government should do to save water. Water is used by all and hence it is everyone’s responsibility to save it. You might think turning off your tap while brushing your teeth won’t count when crores of people are doing nothing. Always remember that just like those crores of people wasting it, many like you would be saving it too. Never belittle the efforts of an individual. Like drops of water make an ocean likewise you can bring a change; you can do anything.

    1. Turn the tap off while brushing or washing your face. This method can end up saving a lot of water which we don’t realize we are wasting.
    2. Get your toilet leakage fixed. While this may be a problem you ignore and delay calling a plumber for, toilet leakages can be a big source of water being utterly wasted.
    3. Avoid running the hose while washing your car or vehicle. Instead, use a bucket and cloth to ensure optimum usage of water.
    4. Use a broom instead of a hose. This actually saves a lot of water misuse.
    5. Wash clothes only in full loads. Washing lesser clothes utilizes almost the same amount of water, which is wasted in the long run.
    6. Install a dual flush toilet to regulate the amount of water flushed.
    7. Keep the tap off when you wash utensils.
    8. Refrain from contaminating water bodies by washing and bathing in rivers and ponds.
    9. Eat less water-intensive food.
    10. Reuse the used water for watering plants, especially the extra water from water filters, etc.
    11. If you have a lawn, install an irrigation system to minimize water wastage.
    12. Water your garden only when it’s dry.
    13. Use a sprinkler while watering the plant.
    14. Use the water from the washing machine to water home plants.
    15. Control the weeds so that the water is used up for plants only.
    16. Plant in the shade so as to reduce the need for a regular water supply.
    17. Take showers but cut down on your shower hours.
    18. Carry a water bottle whenever you go out. This not only reduces your plastic waste creation but makes sure that half-used bottles that are bought are not left behind and the water wasted needlessly.
    19. Adopt composting toilets.
    20. Do not bathe in swimming pools.

    …and much more!

    There are a lot of ways in which you can save water from depletion. All you need to do is realize first the dire need of saving water. We cannot live without water and hence we should adopt these habits and lifestyles with a sense of urgency in our life. It is never too late, begin from today and contribute towards saving water.


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