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Essay on Science and Technology

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In the words of the famous scientist Zottan Jstvan, “Science and technology can solve all the problems of the world and historically it has been shown to make the world better and better.” It is undeniable that we live in the era of science and there is not a single aspect of our lives that has remained uninfluenced by the wonders of science and technology. It has taken us decades and four industrial revolutions to finally reach the position we are in. The scientific discoveries have made life much more comfortable and easy than how it was a few decades ago. While the early men had to struggle for basic amenities such as food, clothing and shelter; with the advent of scientific technologies these problems have nearly been eradicated from the modern world.


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    One does not need to step out of their house to witness the miracle of science. Our house is brimming with modern technologies and innovations, making daily lives more productive. Machines such as televisions and computers keep us entertained and informed from the comforts of our beds. The various kitchen appliances like mixer grinders, coffee machines, microwave ovens are also a gift of science that has made the entire process of cooking efficient and time saving. While earlier, people had to spend hours and hours on end to prepare a simple meal, with the help of these cooking machines, huge amounts of food can be prepared in no time. Not only does science make our life easy but it also helps us in devoting our time to better things that need our urgent attention. Vacuum cleaners and washing machines have also made the process of cleaning and housekeeping much less tedious. One can undoubtedly say that science has contributed greatly to the needs and comfort of mankind.


    Another wonderful venture of science is the ease in communication. A few decades ago, sending mail from one part of the world to the other was almost an impossible task and even when a letter or mail was sent by any physical means, the entire process took days and months on end. But science has rectified this situation. Sending a message or holding a conversation has become an easy feat with the help of mobile phones, emails and various messaging applications. It is said that technology has made the human brain larger and the world smaller. It is indeed true as there is no place on the planet that cannot be accessed with the help of one gadget or another. Communication today has become a child’s play and it is very easy to talk to a person who is thousands of miles away from us. This has greatly affected the globalisation process as it makes running of business, politics, trades much more easy and effective.


    Another aspect in which technology has transformed our lives is transportation. For the longest time, man had no idea about the topology of his surroundings and this planet. Any exploration was either undertaken via an ocean root or via long road ways. Not only was such mode of transportation extremely time taking but also perilous. But with the advent of technology, we have various modes of transportation such as trains, cars, buses, aeroplanes and much more. Travelling has become much more accessible and comparatively safer for the common man, all credited to scientific discoveries and inventions. That is the sole reason why invention of the ‘wheel’ was one of the most important scientific venture as it has transformed the face of this planet. We are now so advanced in our technological knowledge that we have started exploring the outer space and already been to the moon. The Chandrayan-2 launched by India is a perfect example of how far we have come in terms of travelling and exploration.


    Science and technology have also contributed greatly to the fields of health and medicine. Not only have the vaccination and immunisation programmes eradicated a number of deadly diseases but cheap and accessible health care has also increased the lifespan and longevity of the entire human race. That being said, our researchers and scientists are still working on finding the cure for some of the life threatening ailments like AIDS and cancer but with the progress we are making, we are sure to solve this problem as well. Science has also helped us to tackle the problem of food shortage by improving the agricultural practices. Scientists have come up with innovations such as genetically modified crops, better insecticides and pesticides, improved irrigation system. All these factors have helped in increasing the crop yields significantly and the well established industries have also aided in making the finished products faster, quicker and cheaper. Science has also contributed greatly to the safety and security of every nation because of the advanced arms and powerful nuclear weapons.


    While science has surely made our lives better it does not come without its fair share of ill effects. The pollution caused by the automobiles and idustries has greatly disrupted the ecological balance of our planet. Overpopulation is another alarming problem that needs immediate attention as we are on the verge of exhausting all oue natural resources. And lastly, while technology may have made communication easier, it has also torn us apart from our families and society as majority of the people today spend all their times with cellphones and the internet. We must be wise and judicious of our usage of science and technology as we all know that science makes a brilliant servant but a poor master.

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