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Essay on Summer Season

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Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are the major seasons that people around the world experience. Each season brings about a different set of things- flowers, fruits, things to see and enjoy, changes in the daily weather, different kinds of food to eat, and various clothes to wear. In the broader idea of the world, the changing seasons remind us of all the good things that come to us and to enjoy them while we can.



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    The land of India experiences Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, and Winter. Right after the gentle breeze and pleasantness of the spring season, we are faced with the summer season. Lasting from April to June, summer is the hottest season, especially in places closer to the earth’s equator. The two sides of the earth are tilted towards the sun and away from the sun, and thus experience summer and winter accordingly.


    Indian summers are scorching, and all parts of the country come face to face with extremely hot days. Another feature of the Indian summer is the blowing of a hot wind called loo. And if it couldn’t get any more unbearable, the days are longer during the summer and the nights shorter!

    Essay on Summer Season

    To get relief from the heat, people make use of fans, coolers, and air conditioners. Cotton clothes provide comfort if you are going out during the day in the sun.


    Sweet things to enjoy


    The temperature is at its highest during the summer season. However, people do their best to enjoy themselves despite the heat.


    The summer season sees a spike in cold drinks, lemonade, juices, and most of all, ice creams. Various ice-cream sellers can be seen on the roads as well as in shops and malls. There is also a variety of fresh fruit juices that are sold in the summer season. These can prove to be an absolute treat.


    Other than ice-creams and juices, the summer season also brings a variety of vegetables and fruits such as cucumber, jackfruits, lichee, watermelon, etc. These can be enjoyed as such or made into juices.


    School children tend to enjoy summers a lot more than others because of the summer vacations. They can go to summer camps or vacations.


    Ways to tolerate the Summer heat


    Going out on a summer day can seem extremely difficult, especially in the afternoons. One can easily be exposed to the sun and get a heat stroke. The hot winds (loo) can also be dangerous if one stays out for too long.

    Getting sunburns on one’s skin is also common in summer. One can make the heat of the summer months tolerable by following some of the points given below:


    1. Hydration is critical during the summer season. To hydrate oneself means to drink enough water. One should drink water even if they are not thirsty. Drinking fruit juices will also help.
    2. One should wear clothes that are suitable to handle hot weather. Our dress should be loosely fitted and light. We should prefer wearing cotton clothes as they help our skin to breathe.
    3. We should go out only in the mornings and evenings. Outdoor activity during the day should be limited. Even if we go out, we should try staying in the shady areas.
    4. Wearing sunscreen on summer days is a must. Since our skin can get sunburns quickly, we should use a generous amount of sunscreen.
    5. Eating light meals will help us stay light in the summer. Large meals require a lot of energy to digest.
    6. Carrying a wet towel with us if we go outside can be helpful. We can wipe our face or neck on it.
    7. Exercise and other physical activities should be carried out very early in the morning or in the evening. The same goes for shopping, buying groceries, etc.


    Summer season essay


    Falling after the Holi festival in India, the summer season is followed by rain. In places such as India, there might often be thunderstorms as well during the season.


    Although there are similarities in how the season comes upon us, the ways people experience summer and the difficulties it brings can be different for different people. For example, the summer can bring about droughts for people of rural areas, where the land and water resources dry up. There is no water left in the rivers, wells, and canals. People have to walk or travel a considerable distance to get access to water.


    There are also people who cannot afford electric fans or air conditioners. Summers can be highly unbearable for them.


    Trees also face dehydration which results in loss of leaves. Birds and animals as well go through hardships due to the scarcity of water. If we can, we should try to provide water to stray animals and keep water bowls for birds.


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