EnglishEssaysEssay Topics on General

Essay Topics on General


Essays are quite crucial in the school curriculum. Every now and then, we were asked to write an essay on a general topic, and even that would make us sweat! Have you ever wondered why? It is because we are mostly clueless about the basic things in life? When it comes to talking about “Summer Holidays,” “My Favorite TV Show,” “My Best Friend,” etc., we usually stammer after uttering at most five lines.

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    Below are 40 Essay Topics on General stuff to help you cope with such situations. Read these essays and expand your knowledge base on the most general and common topics of conversation.

    Essay Topics on General

    60 Essay Topics on General Stuff to Help You Get Ready for Conversations Without Fearing Them!

    It is essential to develop a stance on general topics. But before that, we need to know what these topics are. Here we have 60 topics on general stuff from different categories to inflate your knowledge base and give you an ultimate source for all general topics.

    Narrative Essay Topics

    1. My Favorite Childhood Memory
    2. Trip During Summer Vacations
    3. Trip During Winter Vacations
    4. My First Time on Airplane
    5. My Worst Fear
    6. Death of My Friend or Relative
    7. The Thing I Regret the Most
    8. Loss of a Pet That I Dearly Miss
    9. My First Summer Camp Story
    10. The Most Embarrassing Situation I Have Been In

    Informative Essay Topics

    1. Essay on Global Warming
    2. Essay on Environment Conservation
    3. Essay on Republic Day
    4. Essay on Independence Day
    5. Essay on Mahatma Gandhi Ji
    6. Essay on India’s Struggle for Independence
    7. Essay on Importance of Yoga and Exercise
    8. Essay on Cultural Diversity in India
    9. Essay on Child Obesity
    10. Essay on Sustainable Development

    Personal Essay Topics

    1. The Happiest Moment of My Life
    2. How I Overcame My Worst Fear
    3. My Favorite City in India
    4. My Dream Destination in the World
    5. My Favorite Month of the Year
    6. How I Met My Best Friend
    7. The Biggest Disappointment of My Life
    8. The Happiest Moment Of My Life
    9. The Inspirational Person of My Life
    10. My Favorite Teacher From School

    Compare and Contrast Essay

    1. Tea vs. Coffee
    2. Freelancing vs. Working In an Office
    3. Capitalism vs. Communalism
    4. Which one is Better: Movie vs. Book
    5. Which one is Better: Movie vs. Series
    6. Online Shopping vs. In-Store Office
    7. Living in a PG vs. Hostel
    8. Nuclear Family vs. Joint Family
    9. Electronic Books vs. Physical Books
    10. Horror Films vs. Comedies

    Process Essay Topics

    1. How to Drive a Car
    2. How to Make Coffee or Tea
    3. How to Make Sanitizer at Home
    4. How to Download a Movie
    5. How to Write Your Autobiography
    6. How to Smart Work
    7. How to Get Rid of a Bad Habit
    8. How to Overcome Fears
    9. How to be a Good Friend
    10. How to Pass Your Board Exams

    Definition Essay Topics

    1. What is Global Warming?
    2. What is Sustainable Development?
    3. What is Deforestation?
    4. What do you understand by Digitalisation?
    5. What is Perfectionism?
    6. What is Optimism?
    7. What is Terrorism?
    8. What is Secularism?
    9. What do you understand by Democracy?
    10. What is Computer Literacy?


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