EnglishEssaysEssay Topics on Miscellaneous 

Essay Topics on Miscellaneous 

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Essays are universal. You can write an essay about anything, be it a car you own, your best friend or simply your life’s rules. Writing an essay gives us non-judgemental information about a thing. If you want to know about a city, read an essay on it. It will help you get an overview of all the important things about it- geography, culture, people, languages, etc. For the same reason, essays are an essential part of the school curriculum.

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    We all have written essays in school. Despite this practice, we mostly dread writing essays. The simple reason behind it is the common themes that come in essays. Sometimes we are asked to write an essay on India, and our pen fails to go ahead after writing the fifth line. The reason behind it is that we don’t make many words for commonplace things. We can write an essay on the plant kingdom and its exhaustive divisions, but we all fail when writing an essay on “Save Environment.”

    Here we have some essay topics on miscellaneous subjects to help get your creative juices flowing.

    Essay Topics on Miscellaneous

    40 Essay Topics on Miscellaneous Subjects To Increase Your Knowledge!

    There are different types of essays. Some are personal and use first-person, while some are factual, like explanatory essays. An explanatory essay simply tells more about that particular thing, e.g., the importance of water in life. Some essays deal with confusing choices between two subjects like Marvels or DC. They are called contrasting essays. We have a list of miscellaneous essays under four different categories right below:

    Explanatory Essays

    • Gender discrimination in the workforce and its impacts.
    • Feminism and its role in women empowerment.
    • The problem of human trafficking/terrorism.
    • Importance of censorship in India.
    • Impact of Mental Health on Physical Health.
    • Use of Modern Technology in classrooms.
    • Importance of water cycle.
    • How does the human nervous system work?
    • Parts of the Human Heart and their role.
    • What are the underlying causes of poverty in India?

    Contrast Essays

    • Fiction vs. Non-Fiction
    • Online Shopping vs. Store Shopping
    • Night owl vs. Early Bird
    • Instagram vs. Facebook
    • Twitter vs. Facebook
    • Hardbound Books vs. E-Books
    • Rock Music vs. Country Music
    • Bollywood vs. Hollywood
    • Phone Calls vs. Messaging
    • Vegetables vs. Meat

    Definition Essays

    • What does communalism mean?
    • What is multiculturalism and its importance?
    • What is global warming and its effect on Earth’s temperature?
    • Discuss water cycle in detail.
    • What is meant by Cultural Diversity?
    • What is the role of political parties in India?
    • What do you understand by Plagiarism?
    • Is there something called a healthy weight?
    • How is India a secular country?
    • What is the Importance of Self Help Books?

    Personal Essays

    • My Favorite Pet
    • A Day Spent in Hills
    • My First International Trip
    • How I Spent My Summer Vacations?
    • The Last Dream I Had
    • My Dream Job
    • The Aim of my Life
    • My Favorite Movie
    • My Favorite Music Band
    • My Favorite Indian Dish


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