EnglishEssaysEssay Topics on People around us

Essay Topics on People around us


Humans live in a society because they cannot live alone, without people. When some people interact with others and engage in natural give and take to safeguard their interests, they develop a community. A society requires its members to experience a sense of togetherness and mutual relationship. When numerous members of a community are interested in one another and perceive themselves to be linked by certain feelings, a civilisation is formed.

Many people play a part in influencing us to develop our own set of views and ideals. We try to conduct my life in accordance with those ideas and ideals, even when they are questioned and ridiculed. The people around us never cease to inspire us to believe in them.

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    Firstly, family acts as a child’s gateway to the world, where it learns about many things. The only source of basic knowledge about one’s culture and identity is one’s family. Our parents bring us up and teach us all about the ways of the world. Even after we have grown up, they are there to love and support us. Similarly, our siblings are there for us in every step of the way. They never judge us and we can be ourselves around them. Humans only learn to socialise and grow their intelligence through our families. Family nurtures and develops us.

    Essay Topics on People Around Us

    Secondly, our friends are another set of people around us that deeply contribute to our life. We meet a lot of people in our life. Some of them remain as simple acquaintances, whereas some others grow into some of our dearest friends. To us, the very close ones become like a family apart from home. People rightly say that a good friend is a family member we chose for ourselves. Friends add fun and joy to our life.

    Thirdly, teachers are excellent role models who have an impact on a person’s choices. They are the ones who develop a good country and improve the world. A teacher shows us the value of a pen over a sword. They are like the pillars of society, educating individuals and moulding them into better people.

    Additionally, our beliefs are formed by the people in our lives. And it is not just the people we cherish, such as our family and friends that influence us to establish our own ideals, but also the people around us. Other people around us such as postmen, milkmen, newspapermen, sweepers, doctors, lawyers, farmers, electricians, plumbers, chefs, domestic workers etc. also contribute to our life.

    Our interactions with most people around us may be small and irregular but every member of society is an essential wheel in the cog. We might feel that they are irrelevant to us and our life, but we often fail to remember that it is only when every person does their job that the world functions smoothly. Regardless of race or ethnicity, social status or occupation, religion or faith, these people have a large or small influence on all of our values.


    Essay topics on People Around Us:

    1. My Neighbourhood
    2. My Family
    3. My Friends
    4. Society and the individual
    5. Why we should surround ourselves with like-minded people


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