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Essays on Argumentative Topics

Argumentative essays


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    An argumentative essay is one that requires an extensive amount of research and enough evidence to present your stance on the topic in a clear but thorough manner. It calls for logical transitions between introductory paras and the conclusive ones. The body part must contain supporting proof explaining your position, which could be factual, statistical, analytical, or even anecdotal. An argumentative essay is known for its fullness, so to say, leaving behind no suspicion about your intent. Here, we present an example of the same.


    Essays on Argumentative Topics


    Ebooks vs Paper books


    Over the last few years, technology has sneakily paved its way into the world of even literature in the form of ebooks. But age-old readers still firmly hold paperbacks dear to them and refuse to replace the experience. They do so with good reason.


    Abandoning shelves of books for a little slab of plastic to read seems haunting as a reader myself. Only an avid reader will fit my shoes when I prioritize the smell of new books and gigantic libraries over the experience of scrolling pages. Half the experience of a good read lies in holding a book and gently turning pages to reveal the forthcoming plotlines. The illustrations of a hard copy are far better than even a high-end ebook. The illustrations in an ebook are often chaotic and make annotation an unpleasant process.


    To support the argument, research conducted by Guardian proved that readers who gather information off of paper books tend to retain the said information better than those getting it off Ebooks. This recallment helps them enjoy the story as a whole more because it enables them to keep up with the plots and the twists. Even though it may not seem like it, paper books do last lifetimes, while ebooks on kindles or Ipads expire when the device gives up in spans of five-to-ten years.


    Ebooks may cost a few cents less than paperbacks, but is it fair to the writers and authors when they are deprived of this earning by publishing companies? It may be a few cents to us but it sums up to a much bigger amount for those who depend on these incomes for a living. Additionally, are a handful of pennies really worth sacrificing the quality of this leisure activity.


    Not to mention, the health compromise needs to be made to stick to the habit of e-reading. Readers who engage themselves for hours will never not complain of eye strains and headaches when using the technical alternative.


    A digital book can carry the scent of neither new nor older books, or have flowers be press dried in between the pages. They don’t have memorable coffee stains from when you were reading at your favorite cafe or have teardrops spattered on them when your favorite character doesn’t live to see the end. You can’t annotate it with color-coded sticky notes or hold it around school halls as an accessory. In a world racing to catch up with technical advancements, be a tortoise. The rabbit does, after all, lose while the slow but steady tortoise bathes in the glory of victory. I read this story in paperback too!


    Here are a few fascinating topics to pin argumentative essays down on:

    1. Paper Money vs Electronic Money.
    2. The dilemma behind beauty pageants
    3. Drawbacks of a democratic government
    4. Vaccinations: Is mandating them a fair call?
    5. Should animals continue to be tested upon in the name of science?
    6. Should uniforms and dress codes be abolished?
    7. Is a three-day weekend better than a two-day weekend?


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