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My School Essay

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Everyone goes ahead and pursues different academic qualifications – some go for maths, some for English, and many for engineering. But there is one thing that unites everyone and that is the experience of schooling. We all go to school and we do have this love-hate, bitter-sweet relationship with the school and school experience. School life is also one of the most important periods in everyone’s lives. It is during this time that we learn a lot of the information and knowledge of how to be a part of society, so that when we grow up and graduate, we can become more suitable citizens and be the best versions of ourselves.

I studied in and graduated from Nehru World School in Ghaziabad. It was the nearest school to my home and quite reputed for the quality of education it gave to its students. As far as I remember, I really enjoyed my first day at school, unlike the rest and most of the students who just cried the entire day. Since my happy first day, it has remained the same for the later years.

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    I really like my school because it has the best group of teachers. I really enjoy being taught by such a good team of teachers. Each day I get to learn something really new and worthwhile. My English teacher gave us one new word every day to improve our vocabulary. She used to say that we need words more than anything because it is through words that we can put across our ideas and without them we will just mumble like animals. This has played constantly in my head and I love being able to say what I wish to because of the education I am given. I feel proud of my school and teachers.

    My School is the Best

    I studied at Nehru World School. Getting admission into that school was a blessing in disguise. The school was known for the quality of education it gave. Plus, it never deprived its students of participation in extracurricular activities. There are so many reasons which make my school the best in Ghaziabad and the whole world:

    1. Education: My school focussed on education and academics more than any other school. It gave out the best records in academics. Our school toppers always left a mark on the national level ranking. Our school used a constructive method of teaching over other traditional methods. The education in our school kept the student at the center.
    2. Extra-curricular Activities: Our school understood the importance of co-curricular activities more than any other school. For this, we always had an event planned once a week in our school. My school was a beautiful amalgamation of the academics and fun part. We had theatre classes called “I Act” which helped students get over the fear of the stage.
    3. Curriculum: We had the best curriculum implemented in our school. We all have the same curriculum in all schools but the only difference comes in the implementation of it. I think my school scores a 10/10 in this aspect. My classroom has the best teacher-student interaction. Our teachers in school do not favor boys over girls. We all are treated equally both inside and outside the classroom.


    My School Essay

    What My School Taught Me?

    There are different phases of our lives. The first one is infancy where we stay at our home and interact with our close ones. The next stage marks the first interaction with the outer world and this is the stage of schooling. It comprises more than 12 devoted years which leads to a lot of personality changes. A school is often called the second home because this is where the child is sent for formal interaction. Here the child spends more than six hours studying and interacting with the classmates.

    Schooling comprises many years of an individual’s life, something that no other institution gets to do at such a level. It is schooling that sees the child growing from the base. There is a lot of learning fun that happens inside the school. So let’s check that out one by one:

    Education: The main aim of the institution of schooling is to educate students. It is where you go to study subjects like math, physics, chemistry, English, Hindi, etc, and become a socially good human. You even learn to play games in teams that teach you the importance of community association. So schooling is not all about academics only but it is also an experience through emotions and human belongingness.

    Teachers are the Best Guides: How many of you still remember your school teacher’s name? Isn’t that wonderful? Everything comes down to one simple fact that the memory of the school teachers never fades. School teachers have seen us through our best and worth. Even though you might have a sour experience with your teacher, you will still have a soft place in the corner of your heart for him. It is because school teachers are the first guides you come in contact with and later in life, you will realize how important it is to have people to guide you on each step.

    First Group of Friends: After family, our first ever interaction begins in school. We meet our best friends, seat partners and life becomes easy. Some people form such a strong bond with school pals that they even see each other years later. That’s the beauty of school friendships! You don’t need to call or text each other every day but in need, happiness and sickness are always just a call away.

    To Be Kind: This is something that school life will teach and you will get to learn it through experience. In a group of 40 students in the class, you will know that the only way to exist and mingle with people is to be kind. If you are unkind, then people will also be unkind to you.

    To Never Bully: There are many people who will enjoy their school life, make friends and miss it later. However, it’s not like that for everyone. You will find many people in your life hating school life like anything. For them, it’s like a nightmare they survived. Why is that so? The main reason behind it is the lethal practices like bullying happening inside the walls of the school. Many people are bullied for their looks and mannerisms which makes them lose all the confidence in their life. Even after getting out of school, they fail to see themselves in the eyes and their personality forever bears the bruises of school torture. The awareness of bullying being a terrible thing to do ensures that students learn compassion, friendship and love for their fellow students.

    A Wholesome Experience: School life gives you many experiences. It is true that we can always know right and wrong from some other source, but we only learn through our personal experiences. After all, we cannot live a secondhand life! We learn how to make friends, how to ensure we maintain those friendships and to also deal with friends losing touch or growing over each other. We realize working too hard and smart studying are two different things. Over that, we get to know that all that looks good from the outside has more chances of being rotten from the inside. All these teachings from school life help us go forward in life with confidence.

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