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AFK Meaning

Afk” means “away from keyboard.” It tells others that you’re not at your computer for some time. People often use it along with “brb” (be right back) to say they’re taking a quick break.

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    Meaning of AFK

    AFK means you’re not at your keyboard. When you’re working and need to step away for a bit, just say AFK. Even when gaming with friends online and you need to leave your computer for a moment, you can use AFK. There are other short ways to say things professionally, like BRB (Be right back) and FYI (For your information). AFK basically says you’re taking a quick break from what you’re doing.

    How to Use AFK?

    Afk is a word used on the Internet. It’s better not to use it in serious talks. But sometimes, in relaxed workplaces, people use it to quickly say they’re away. You can write it in big letters or small letters.

    The word ‘AFK’ started in an office chat among coworkers. It became popular during the pandemic when everyone worked from home. Later, people used it while playing games.

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    There aren’t strict rules for writing AFK or afk. You can use ‘AFK’ if you want to make it stand out. To understand how to use AFK, look at these examples below.

    Example of AFK

    • I’ll be away from the keyboard for 20 minutes.
    • Lunch is ready, so I’ll be away for an hour.
    • Feeling tired and need some tea. I’ll be away for 10 minutes.

    AFK Meaning FAQs

    What does AFK mean on social media?

    AFK stands for Away From Keyboard and is used to indicate that someone is temporarily unavailable online.

    Why do gamers say AFK?

    Gamers use AFK to let others know they'll be away from the game or computer for a short while.

    Does AFK mean offline?

    No, AFK means the person is away from the keyboard but might still be online or available on other devices.

    What does the slang AFK mean?

    AFK is a quick way to say that someone is not actively present at their computer or in the game they're playing.

    What is the meaning of AFK in ML?

    In ML (Mobile Legends) or other games, AFK refers to a player being away from the game, not participating actively in the current match.

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