EnglisharticleFruits Rhymes for Kids and Children in English

Fruits Rhymes for Kids and Children in English

Rhymes on Fruits

There are many varieties of fruits according to the season which kids like very much. Fruits are rich source of vitamins and minerals and very healthy for the kids growing age. We have provided various unique and quality fruits rhymes for the kids of class nursery. Interesting fruit rhymes may attract your kids towards various seasonal fruits and easy learning.

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    Tips for Moms:

    Fruit rhymes can be made more entertaining by the moms using real fruits, fruits toys, fruits costume, appropriate facial expressions, body movements and smile according to the rhyme lyrics. Such activities will help you to draw your kids mood to get attention towards rhymes learning and practice fruits eating habit. Select any fruit rhyme according to your kids interest.

    Healthy fruits

    Fruits fruits healthy fruits,

    We should eat healthy fruits,

    To keep us healthy and lengthy,

    And make our life very wealthy.


    I like fruits

    I like fruits very much,

    They make me soul touch,

    I eat them in the bunch,

    I simply wash and eat as such.


    I like muskmelon

    Apple banana and watermelon,

    But I like muskmelon,

    All are very caring,

    I eat them by sharing.


    Fruits make us strong

    Fruits make us very strong,

    And keep us healthy for long,

    They taste very sweet,

    And never make us cheat.


    Fruits are beautiful

    All the fruits are very beautiful,

    They keep us happiful,

    And make us cheerful,

    When we eat mouthful.


    Banana, apple, orange, cherry

    Banana, apple, orange, cherry,

    Mango, watermelon and strawberry,

    All the fruits are my dear,

    I wash them very clear,

    And eat them without fear.


    Apple, orange and pear

    Apple, orange and pear,

    All are my dear,

    They make me very cheer,

    I eat them without gear.


    Fruits have great taste

    All the fruits have great taste,

    I eat them without waste,

    They make me very cool,

    And I believe they never fool.


    I like mango and Strawberry

    Apple, Banana, Chikoo, cherry,

    But I like mango and Strawberry,

    All are very tasty,

    And make us really healthy.


    Fruits have sweet taste

    All the fruits have sweet taste,

    Mamma says they are best,

    They do not need to test,

    But others need to suggest.


    Apples and cherries are red

    Apples and cherries are red,

    They promote us to go ahead,

    I eat them after wash,

    And a clean mouthwash.


    Red red apples

    Red red apples are very nice,

    Mamma makes little slice,

    But I like a crunchy bite,

    And eat with lots of delight.


    I like apples

    I like apples bright red

    With slight yellow shed,

    Mamma gives me daily new,

    Which I eat by chew.


    Apples may be green, yellow, red

    Apples may be green, yellow, red,

    But I mostly like reddish one,

    And feel energetic when eat once,

    After that I make a dance.


    Red cherry Apples

    Apples red cherry red,

    I eat them as mom said,

    I bite apple before go to bed,

    But red cherries after leaving bed.


    I eat apple daily night

    I eat apples with its skin,

    It has lots of nutrients within,

    I eat them daily night,

    As they are always right.


    Brown chikoo

    Chikoo chikoo brown chikoo,

    They look like potato,

    But always differ to tomato,

    I eat chikoo for good health motto.


    Eating fruits is healthy way

    My dear mamma says,

    Eating fruits is healthy way,

    But you first wash them always,

    Then you can eat every day.


    Fresh fruits are only way

    My dear papa says,

    Fresh fruits are only way,

    To keep your diseases at bay,

    But you need to eat every day.


    An apple a day

    Old people always say,

    That an apple a day,

    Keep your doctors away,

    When you eat every day.


    Fruits make our body strong and tough

    Eating fruits make our body strong and tough,

    But eating only few is not enough,

    Fruits make us really youth,

    By keeping our skin very smooth.


    Orange Papaya Pear Peach

    Orange Papaya Pear Peach,

    I like them each,

    We can be very weak,

    When do not eat.


    Fruits help us to combat summer heat

    Fruits help us to combat summer heat,

    As they fulfils our need,

    Fruit juice is nice drink,

    We should take without think.


    I eat fruits in the morning

    I eat fruits in the morning,

    But take juice in the evening,

    Both keep me ever strong,

    And proved to be never wrong.


    Mamma gives me grapes bunch

    Mamma gives me grapes bunch,

    In my every day lunch,

    It is very healthy snack,

    As contains vitamins and minerals sack.


    Fruits are always very fine

    Fruits are always very fine,

    I finish them by counting nine,

    I like to eat them alone,

    Very fast one by one.


    Banana is my name

    Mr. Banana is my name,

    I always get very fame,

    If you have some patience,

    Then eat me before being patient,


    Apple is my name

    Mr. Apple is my name,

    Keeping healthy is my aim,

    I look very juicy red,

    And can make you bloody red.


    My name is Peach

    My name is Mr. Peach,

    I can make healthy each,

    I am at easy reach,

    And make you all very rich.


    Pineapple is my name

    Mr. Pineapple is my name,

    Outer side is very tough,

    And it looks really rough,

    But I swear inner side has good stuff.


    Apple is my name

    Mr. Apple is my name,

    I have heart shape,

    I taste very sweet,

    You can eat me in the feast.


    I am a sweet pear

    I am a sweet pear,

    You can eat me my dear,

    My skin is little rough,

    But I can make very tough.


    Small dates

    We all are small dates,

    You don’t need to more wait,

    I say, I am more than great,

    You can eat me number eight.


    I am muskmelon

    I am yellow muskmelon,

    But taste more than watermelon,

    I can meet you every summer,

    But never forget me oh my dear.


    I am lemon

    I am sour and little lemon,

    I am almost like sun,

    And have vitamin C in ton,

    People use me to lose some pound.


    I am Kiwi

    I am little green Kiwi,

    You can see me on TV,

    Eat me with whole skin,

    As it has something within.


    I am watermelon

    I am big and green watermelon,

    But have more water than muskmelon,

    Can combat your summer heat,

    When you eat me oh my sweet.


    I am red red pomegranate

    I am red red pomegranate,

    Can fulfil your iron and folates,

    I help you to make more blood,

    When you drink my juicy flood.


    I am pineapple

    I am big yellow pineapple,

    Doesn’t matter how I’m rough,

    But can make you strong and tough.

    You just need to spend some dough.


    Fruits are always right

    Fruits are always right,

    They save us from sunlight,

    And make our skin very bright.

    When we eat with delight.


    Coconut, peanut and healthy walnut

    Coconut, peanut and healthy walnut,

    You just need to mouth shut,

    But after wash and safe cut.


    Yellow guava, yellow papaya

    Yellow guava, yellow papaya,

    Nina, Minu, Golu and Maya,

    Everyone likes to eat both,

    For their proper health and growth.


    Green cucumber

    Cucumber cucumber green cucumber,

    I request you please remember,

    I am useful to reduce your temper,

    Include me forever in your diet plan,

    Please please please if you can.


    Green green banana

    Green green banana I can see,

    They are hanging far on a tree,

    But they need to get ripe,

    To prevent them from tripe.


    Healthy fruits we should eat

    Healthy fruits we should eat,

    But must lessen chocolates and sweets,

    Fruits make us strong,

    And bless with life long,

    They boost our immunity,

    And enhance our beauty.


    Mangoes are yummy

    Mangoes are always yummy,

    And favourite of my mummy,

    They are fruit’s king,

    So once I eat gets cling.


    Fruits are great

    Fruits are ever great,

    And improve eye sight,

    Keeps diseases at bay,

    When eaten every day.


    Sweet oranges

    Sweet oranges I can see,

    Rich source of vitamin C,

    Keep away from cold and cough,

    When we eat enough.


    Fruit juice is very healthy

    Fruit juice is very healthy,

    Gives us much energy,

    Helps to build healthy body,

    Always drink with my daddy.


    Fig Litchi and Jackfruit

    Fig Litchi and Jackfruit,

    All are healthy fruit,

    Blessed by God to help us,

    On the earth to nourish.

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    FAQ’s on Fruits Rhymes

    What is the rhyming word of fruit?

    The rhyming word for fruit is suit.

    Which fruit has no rhyming word?

    The fruit orange is often considered to have no perfect rhyming word.

    What are the 5 rhyming words?

    Some rhyming words for fruit are suit, cute, mute, root, and pollute.

    Does mute and fruit rhyme?

    Yes, mute and fruit do rhyme, sharing the -ute sound.

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