Study MaterialsCBSE NotesSample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 English Solved 2016-17 Set 10

Sample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 English Solved 2016-17 Set 10

Sample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 English Solved 2016-17 Set 10


SECTION – A : READING (20 marks)

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    Q. 1. Read the following passage carefully: (8 marks)

    (1) Slowly, but surely, two Indian rockets were bom at Thumba. They were christened Rohini and Menaka, after the two mythological dancers in the Court of Indra, the king of the sky. The Indian payloads no longer needed to be launched by French rockets. Could this have been done but for the atmosphere of trust and commitment which Prof. Sarabhai had created ? He made every man feel directly involved in problem solving. By the very fact of the team members’ participation, the solutions became genuine and earned the trust of the entire team resulting in total commitment towards implementation.

    (2) Prof. Sarabhai was matter-of-fact. He used to talk with us in an honest and objective manner. Sometimes I found him making tilings look more positive than they actually were, and then charming us by his almost magical powers of persuasion. When we were at the drawing board, he would bring someone from the developed world for a technical collaboration. That was his subtle way of challenging each one of us to stretch our capabilities.

    (3) At the same time, even if we failed to meet certain objectives, he would praise whatever we had accomplished. Whenever he found any one of us attempting a task for which he did not have the capability or skill, Prof. Sarabhai would re-assign activity in such a way so as to lower pressure and permit better quality work to be performed. By the time the first Rohini-75 rocket was launched from TERL on 20 November 1967, almost each one of us was in his own groove.

    (4) Early next year, Prof. Sarabhai called me urgently in Delhi. By now I was accustomed to Prof. Sarabhai’s working methods. He was always full of enthusiasm and optimism. In such a state of mind, sudden flashes of inspiration were almost natural. On reaching Delhi, I contacted Prof. Sarabhai’s secretary and was asked to meet him at 3.30 a.m. at Hotel Ashoka. Delhi being a slightly unfamiliar place, with an unfriendly climate for someone like me, conditioned to the warm and humid climate of South India, I decided to wait in the hotel lounge.
    (5) I have always been a religious person and I maintain a working partnership with God. I was aware that the best work required more ability than I possessed and therefore I needed help only God could give me. I made a true estimate of my ability raised it by 50 percent and put myself in God’s hands. In this partnership, I always received all the power I needed, and have actually felt it flowing through me. Today, I can affirm that the kingdom of God is within you in the form of this power, to help achieve your goals.

    (A) On the basis of your reading of the above passage, answer the following questions briefly: (1×4 = 4 marks)
    (i) The two rockets were named……….after……….. (1)
    (ii) The Indian payloads were launched by Indian rockets because of…………. (1)
    (iii) By motivating each team member to participate in solving the problem, Prof. Sarabhai
    ensured that…………… (1)
    (iv) Prof. Sarabhai had a very positive attitude and he would praise the team even………… (1)

    (B) Answer the following questions briefly: (1×2 = 2 marks)
    (i) How did Prof. Sarabhai motivate the team members to work beyond their limits ? (2)
    (ii) How does the narrator describe his relationship with God ? (2)

    (C) Find words from the passage which mean the same as : (1×2 = 2 marks)
    (i) To carry out plans……….(para 1) (1)
    (ii) Team work………..(para 2) (1)

    Q. 2. Read the passage carefully: (12 marks)

    (1) Generally, a safari is associated with an expedition for hunting or viewing wild animals. Little
    did I know about a desert safari till I visited Dubai, a city with modem architecture and fabulous shopping plazas. ’

    (2) While browsing through the various brochures on tourist information I came across this item on desert safari. Something entirely different from the usual sight-seeing programmes. Immediately, I was attracted towards it as it would be a worthwhile and novel experience travelling through desert. Though, I was familiar with the sand dimes and camel rides of Rajasthan, I was keen to know what this desert safari would be like. So, I enlisted myself in one.

    (3) After a drive of about 20 kms on the metalled roads of the city, we entered the desert. At once we felt the change. The vans started wobbling, steering through the sand and cutting roundabouts to push through- Gradually, the sand mounds seemed to be rising. We went up and suddenly dipped to negotiate our course for the next rise and fall. It reminded me of a rollercoaster drive. Outside the glass window, lay a vast expanse of sand.

    (4) All we saw throughout were scattered patches of shrubs which broke the monotony of the sand cover all around. It was amazing how they survived in such intense heat. Another noticeable feature was the pattern of ripples over the sand dimes common to all desert lands.

    (5) After traversing for about 60 kms we approached the mountain terrain. The change of scene was a welcome relief.

    (6) These rocky mountains, devoid of vegetation, in the proximity of the desert and the hardy shrubs in the desert itself, proclaimed in a mute way how they stood there, defying the vagaries of nature.

    (7) We reached our destination in a narrow gauge between the rocky mountains. Staggered streams of water could be seen here and there which, perhaps, was the stranded rain water. Some trees could also be spotted as mere jottings on the rocky landscape.

    (8) We then geared up for our return journey. Horror lurked in our minds that we would have to repeat our arduous desert ride. But the driver said that we would circumvent the desert and touch only a small portion of it. This came as a blessing for us. We sat at ease in our seats and proceeded.

    (A) Answer the following questions : (2×4 = 8 marks)
    (i) What is a safari ? Why did the writer take interest in a desert safari ? (2)
    (ii) What change did the writer feel when they entered the desert ? (2)
    (iii) What were the noticeable features in that vast expanse of sand ? (2)
    (iv) What came as a blessing for all of them ? (2)

    (B) Find words which mean the same by choosing the correct option:(1×4 = 4 marks)
    (a) wonderful: (para 1)
    (b) a magazine containing information about something : (para 2)
    (c) move unsteadily from side to side : (para 3)
    (d) completely lacking in : (para 6)


    Q. 3. Television is a popular source of entertainment. The school going children spend most of the time in watching television. Children get addicted to TV programmes. They do not concentrate on studies. They imitate things blindly. Media attracts them and ruin their future. Write an article on ‘Harmful effects of viewing television’ in about 120 words. (5 marks)

    Q. 4. The teacher asked the students to write a story. Sonalika couldn’t complete her story. Help her to complete her story. (150 words) (10 marks)

    Ramu was a porter. He was a very honest boy. One day an old man hired him to carry the luggage to his house. On reaching his home the old man gave Ramu…………..

    Q. 5. Choose the most appropriate options from the ones given to complete the following passage :

    I hate advertisements. They annoy me (a)………….[(i) when (ii) how (iii) where (iv) what] I am
    watching TV and a good film is interrupted every twenty minutes or so by eight or ten commercials.
    I always turn the sound (b) ………… [(i) of (ii) off (iii) on (iv) in]. I become furious when I
    see posters all over the place, trying to (c) …………. [(i) persuaded (ii) persuading (iii) persuade
    (iv) will persuade] me to make somebody else rich by spending my money on things I can’t afford or don’t even need. (3 marks)

    Q. 6. The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one word missing in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after. Underline the words filled by you.
    Before Missing After
    They reached the dam nine eg: dam at nine
    in the morning. Stopped in the a)_____ ______ _______
    garden near dam and left their b)_____ ______ _______
    food in rest room. In the garden c)_____ ______ _______
    there several beehives d)_____ ______ _______

    Q.7. Read the following conversation and complete the paragraph that follows :
    Mother : Rita, finish your food.
    Rita : I don’t want to have this food. You never give me a pizza or burger.
    Mother : They are not good for health. You had pizza at your friend’s birthday party last evening. Rita : OK then give me French fries and shake.
    Mother : If you live only on junk food, you will spoil your health.
    Mother told Rita (a)……………..,………..Rita replied that (b)……………………….and told her mother that
    she never gave her a pizza or burger. Mother said that they were not good for health and reminded
    her (c)………………………..Rita then asked her mother to give her French fries and shake. Mother
    warned her that if she lived only on junk food, she would spoil her health.


    Q. 8. Read the extracts given below and answer any one of them : (1×3 = 3 marks)

    The luncheon party she declined, there are limits beyond which repressed emotions become dangerous.
    (a) Who is ‘she’ here ? (1)
    (b) Which luncheon party is mentioned here ? (1)
    (c) Why did she decline to attend the party ? (1)

    No, if I’m not to have him you shan’t either. We quarrelled because Elizabeth said she wouldn’t take you off our hands at any price. She said she’d had enough of you to last a life time, and we’d got to keep you.
    (a) Who is I ? (1)
    (b) Why is there a quarrel ? (1)
    (c) Who had got to keep the old man according to the speaker ? (1)

    Q. 9. Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each : (2×4 = 8 marks)
    (a) What do you think the ‘terrible fish’ in the poem, ‘Mirror’ symbolizes ? What is the poetic device used here ? (2)
    (b) The poet says that neither forces of nature, nor war can destroy his poetry. What quality of the poet is revealed through these lines ? (2)
    (c) What were the villagers worried about in the lesson ‘Mrs. Packletide’s Tigers’ ? (2)
    (d) What was Mrs. Packletide’s pleasure and intention ? Why did she decide to kill a tiger ? (2)

    Q. 10. Answer any one of the following in 80-100 words :

    You are Abel Merryweather. Express your ideas/feelings with your friend after you wake up and come to know about your daughter’s feelings, greed and intentions. (4 marks)
    Imagine yourself to be the narrator of the story, ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’. Write a letter to one of your friend to contribute some money to aid the treatment of Lucia.


    Attempt any one question from 11(a) or 11(b) in about 150 words.

    The Story of My Life
    Q. 11. (a) What type of relationship did Miss Anne Sullivan and Helen share ? (10 marks)
    (a) “Helen had a great strength and courage which helped her to come out of her dark and silent world.” Justify.

    The Diary of a Young Girl ‘
    Q. 11. (b) What impression do you form of Mrs. Van Daan. (10 marks)
    (b) What destruction had been caused by the war shown in Anne’s diary ?


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