EnglishSpeechSpeech on Time in simple and easy words

Speech on Time in simple and easy words

The topic time is very important to write on, especially when it is to be addressed to the students who try their best to manage their time in today’s competitive world. The need to fathom the significance of time has been stressed by the teachers in almost all the institutions. Therefore, in order to let students understand the importance as well as benefits of time management and the different ways how it could be done, we have covered this topic with all its possibilities.

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    On our platform, we offer you both the short speech on time as well as long speech on time so that it can serve different purposes for different occasions. The content that we provide is comprehensive and can help you with your knowledge on time and time management. We can confidently say that our speeches on time are a good reference point for all the learners.

    Long and Short Speech on Time

    Speech on Time – 1

    Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students!!

    I stand before you today to speak on the importance of Time. As we all know that time is an imminent part of our lives. We often come across a well known phrase ‘Either you run the day, or the day runs you’. It is rightly said because each and every moment in our life is time. Anything that passes and never comes back is very important and time is one of those valuable treasures. So, proper utilization of time is necessary for one and all. Time management is one the pivotal factors to achieve success in any field. It is essential for our personal as well as professional life. Time management teaches us the patience that no school or college can teach. Not only this, but also how to tackle the difficult and different situations in the given span of time. This tells us that an individual who is skilled at managing time efficiently is always ahead of the ones who lack this skill of time management. For instance, to be healthy one must manage one’s time effectively by dividing equal time for work, sleep and exercises.

    Earlier it was difficult to manage the time because there was no such equipment to determine the time, all our ancestors did was predict the time based on sunrise and sunset. But today the determination of time has become very easy and one can easily divide the time for works to be done by either making notes or simply setting reminders digitally, leaving no space for errors. We live in an era where we face various challenges and tests on day to day basis. To achieve success and never fail during such challenges, a person should be able to organize the things and complete these challenges on time. Time management helps everywhere. It helps students to complete their syllabus on time leaving ample of time for revision to score good, in every office to complete the projects in the given deadlines, in the kitchen to prepare all meals on time to host a perfect table. Everything around us has its own pace and proper time. Even the nature follows the path of time. There are days and night because the sun rises and sets on its fixed time. We cannot even imagine a world where there is no timing for sunrise and sunsets. Life would become perturbed and unorganized.

    We must always respect the course of time because ones a moment is gone, it is lost forever. It is well said that the first step towards the success is efficient time management. One who cannot manage his time is likely to fail at almost anything he does. Proper utilization of time enhances the productivity, upgrades the quality of work, keeps us motivated, gives a sense of achievement and most importantly reduces the stress. However, it is not as simple as it seems to be, it requires a good amount of efforts and self discipline.

    In the end I would like to conclude my speech by saying that we must always respect time, grab the opportunity when it knocks our door without wasting any time because “Time waits for none”.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Time – 2

    A very good Morning to one and all present here!

    I am xyz from class 12th and I stand here to speak on one of the most common yet one of the most important topics, i.e. Time.

    There is a well known quote rightly said by Charles Darwin which says-“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life”. Time management is easier said than it is done. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to stay focused and follow the schedule you have set for yourself to manage your time efficiently. Time management is essential for people belonging to various walks of life. There is absolutely nobody, who can achieve success without being able to manage and respect time. Be it a student, homemaker, working professional, freelancer or business professional, everybody must learn to manage their time, in order to manage their tasks. Students need to manage their timings in order to take time for classes, co-curricular activities, lunch breaks, tuition, exercise to stay fit and sleep.

    A businessman can only be successful if he plans and implements his ideas, which is only possible if he is skilled in time management. This is because he is his own boss and that brings a lot of responsibilities compared to when you are working for someone else. Home makers toil the entire day managing a lot of work at home. There is not a fixed amount of work to be done; every day brings new tasks of testing and enduring because it is not a 9 to 5 job. So it becomes mandatory for them to prepare a to-do list, leaving extra time for anything that adds up during the day. This not only helps in managing the work but also gives a sense of satisfaction of being able to take up extra work without getting stressed.

    Freelancers, particularly those who work from home are skilled in the art of time management because mostly they work from home as they have extra responsibilities to fulfill from their place. With the growing competition it becomes imperative for the professionals to not only do exceedingly well but also submit their work before other competitors to stay a step ahead in this competitive era. This is possible if they do not only get time to do their usual work but also do something different to bring them recognition. The trick to manage time is to always prepare a to-do list so that one can always finish the work and also never skip the number of works to be done. The efficient way of managing time is to always set the to-do list according to the priority and do the most important task first and rest thereafter.

    The other things to be kept in mind are to concentrate solely on the task at hand and when the right time comes up, one must also be willing to negotiate according to the terms. One must always focus on the work and always keep phone aside while working. Mandatory sleep of 7-8 hours is also required to rest the mind so that it can work the next day. It might appear simple but managing time calls for great qualities in an individual. A person should be disciplined, self motivated, always enthusiastic to accept any task that comes in his way, ready to take up any challenge and complete in time with zeal. A person who can manage time can achieve anything that he works for and surely goes far in life.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Time – 3

    Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

    I, Punya Taneja from Standard-VII (B), would like to deliver a speech on time. Since we are students, every time we keep listening from our elders about the importance of time and how time management is extremely crucial for all of us. There is also an important saying. i.e. “Time is Money” and “If we waste time, time will waste us”, etc.

    Every day we get 24 hours and every person utilizes those 24 hours differently. Some use it by simply indulging in pastime activities and some by doing meaningful work, for example as students we can either simply while away our time or make its optimum utilization by pursuing our studies, reading books and newspapers, learning any art form, etc. Of course, it requires sustained efforts to achieve our goals, but it’s worth it and efforts that we put today give us attractive returns tomorrow. So when time is wisely invested today will give you fruits of benefits tomorrow.

    Now the question that arises is how time can be invested wisely. Firstly, managing time is the ability where it is so utilized that it becomes more productive and result oriented. If you master this art, then trust me nothing is impossible. But not everyone is good at time management as it requires painstaking effort to learn the art of time management. Self-discipline is the essential key to do a proper time management.

    So it’s important to remain conscious of the passing time and do its efficient management because then you will be able to achieve more with lesser efforts. There is yet another saying that “if you cannot efficiently manage your time, then you will not be able to handle any other aspect of your life”. It therefore becomes foremost important to take that first step towards ensuring your success by doing a proper time management. Moreover, if your time is well-managed then you are better informed at taking decisions and it boosts your motivation level too. You become more productive and the work quality is improved if you master the time management technique.

    It doesn’t really matter whether you are a student or a working professional, time management is extremely crucial for all. As students we have to juggle between various activities in a day, for instance from going to school to attending tuition to taking time out for self-studies and school assignments and also pursuing our hobbies. Showing involvement in extra-curricular activities is also important for refreshing your brain and help keeping your body fit. So everything boils down to time management and if everything is not timed well then the whole day becomes a chaos and all these activities wouldn’t be carried out effectively.

    It is therefore advised by both our parents and teachers to prepare a to-do list and execute your day according to that list. Keep your phone out of sight when you do your studies. Taking sound sleep is also very important. So take 7-8 hours sleep in a day. Take a healthy diet and do regular exercise in order to keep both your mind and body fit. This is all I have to say.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Time – 4

    Hello Friends – how you all are doing?

    As you know that your exams are around the corner and you must be toiling hard for your competitive exams, I thought it fit to discuss with you about the importance of time.

    Friends, effective time management is not always about studying 24/7 or round the clock, but it’s about striking a balance between your studies or work with other facets of your life. Because it is also important to keep your mind refreshed and body active to reap optimum benefits of all your labour because if you will study relentlessly, your memory will fail to support you. So refrain yourself from making your life mechanical and rather be flexible in your approach as it is advised to utilize your time in a manner where you get time for other activities as well.

    This way your mind can get refreshed and boredom will not seep in. So learn effective time management, which is the key factor in determining your success. Besides, it is not only good for your professional life, but personal life as well. Time management enables you to become patient and how to handle different work responsibilities at a given point in time. You become more efficient in making an optimum use of time, which increases your productivity and quality of output.

    Friends, please remember that time is much more precious than money because you can earn money at any given time, but you cannot ever get your time back which will in any case pass away. You cannot stop the passage of time, so use your time wisely and to its optimum.

    It is important to set a priority, i.e. what you expect from a day and set your clock accordingly. Be an early riser and execute your entire day as per your work priorities. Like we used to do during our school days, remember! Off for school at 7 am in the morning and back around 2-3 pm and the remaining day is managed between self study and pursuing hobbies. Time is over and above all; we cannot control time but conquer it by pacing up accordingly and never lagging behind in the race.

    We cannot travel back in time and mend things, but present is ours and we can make the best use of our present time so that our future doesn’t lie waste. Remain conscious of the passing time and prepare a list which sets the target for the whole day so that you remain better informed on what to do and what not to do. This is all I can say and I would want you all to take this opportunity and say a few words in this regard.

    I am sure your valuable suggestions on time management will prove to be helpful for other students and they will be inspired to work accordingly towards achieving their goals. This is all I have to say!

    Thank you very much!

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