EnglishSpeechWedding Anniversary Speech for Husband – Marriage Anniversary Speech

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Husband – Marriage Anniversary Speech

Wedding anniversaries are even more special than the wedding itself. Do you know why? It’s because the anniversaries mark the growing bond of the couple and many years of togetherness. So if you are curiously awaiting your own wedding anniversary and wish to prepare a wedding anniversary speech for your husband, but find yourself clueless about writing a speech, then here is the solution! Whether you wish to prepare a short speech on wedding anniversary for husband or a long speech on wedding anniversary for husband, you don’t have to go anywhere. As our Wedding Anniversary speeches will help you to make your day really special and impressive, so what are you waiting for? Browse through our web pages and find the one most suitable for your needs.

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    Speech on Wedding Anniversary for Husband

    Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Husband by Wife

    A warm welcome to everyone present here! It gives me immense pleasure to see my family and friends around me on this auspicious day of my life where I have completed 5 years of my happy married life with ____. I am glad that you all care a lot about us as many of you had to fly in here from faraway places and it would be bad on my part if I do not thank you all for coming today.

    Five years ago today, we became husband and wife. We were like a young couple, madly in love, belonged to each other! And now five years later, I can certainly say that these five years were the best years of my life. Like any other young girl growing up, fantasizing about the man of her dreams, I also had a dream of marrying a man who will love me and care for me just like my father. I felt over the moon the day I found you, ____. Then started my long journey of cherished moments with the most loving man!

    I don’t tell this to you often, but trust me you are the best thing happened to me and I just love being your wife. Actually, I am proud to be your wife because you are the one who is surprising me every year, every month and every day with your selfless love for me and with your abilities to handle every situation in a positive way. What I learned in these 5 years from you is that marriage is not just about finding the right one but its more about the ability of both the partners to adjust with each other and then make things perfect.

    I have seen you doing small endeavors for making me feel happy and special like preparing my most favorite fruit salad whenever you find time and leaving home without breakfast while I am sleeping or when you bear my extravagant expenses on personal grooming without saying a word! And guess what the best part is that you have even supported me in turning my photography hobby into my passion. You have stood by me through all my days of mood swings and difficult times and also during my pregnancy period when I used to feel extremely worried. You are not only an excellent husband, but you are an amazing father and son too. I hope our married life continues to bloom this way with every passing moment.

    Thank you for all the love and support and showering us with your blessings. Cheers to this decade and wish for many more to come. I love you ___ and always will. My life is indeed incomplete without you and thank you for choosing me as your better half. Happy anniversary love!

    In the end, I would love to express my sincere gratitude to those, who have always been helping us in making this entire journey spectacular, i.e. our Mom and Dad. And once again a big thank you to everyone present here making this special day even more special with their scintillating presence.

    Thank you!

    Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Husband – 10th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Husband

    Today is our 10th wedding anniversary and it’s not just the celebration of our wedding day but also the celebration of all those days that I have spent with an amazing human being like you, ____.  Though we don’t have the grandeur of fireworks today we have fireworks of our beautiful colorful memories and selfless love.  The time I see you, my eyes sparkle brighter than this diamond in my wedding ring.

    Today we are celebrating ten years of love and togetherness and this wedding speech is just a small gesture to express my love for you and make you feel how happy and grateful I am of making it this far. We usually say that man’s behavior changes after he gets married, but you have proved it completely wrong. You are still as romantic and caring as you were when we started this journey. I remember reading every fairytale growing up and used to wait for my man of dreams.  Your love has made my every day seem like a surreal dream. On this beautiful day, I can imagine how I got married to you and how you proposed me on your knees and asked me to be your wife.

    It’s been 10 years of our roller coaster ride where we have witnessed so many speed breakers together. But the best thing is that we have been handling all those tough times together and these obstacles have really made us stronger. For me your smile brings sunrise and your laughter brings rainbows and your sadness brings thunderstorms. I have seen your life revolving around me and our kids. You read me better than I read myself. You have been an inspiration to me and our kids.

    Not only you have worked hard for us but you are the wings of my dreams also. Thanks for inspiring me, motivating me to become a better person, wife and a mother.  Thanks for lifting me up when I was down. You have never let my past failures haunt me. You have always helped me to find the right answers to every difficult question that life has ever posed in front of me. Even though I have so many flaws in me, still you have always made feel me feel perfect and gorgeous.

    I must say that life is too short not to love you wholeheartedly, cherish every moment with you and appreciate everything you have done for me and our family. You are the alarm that wakes me up every day and also the bedtime melody that puts me into peaceful sleep every night. I cannot express you how thankful I am. You are truly a blessing to me and our kids.  Thanks for all those beautiful memories and priceless moments. I wish our further wedding life to be like this champagne glass, filled with bubbles of happiness, joy, and awesomeness. Happy anniversary love!

    And in the end, a warm thank you to all our guests who have made this evening really special for both of us and our family.

    Thanks Again!

    Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Husband – 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Husband

    To my loving husband ________!

    Today we have completed 25 years of our journey. I could not get anyone better than you to spend my life with. You are indeed a blessing for me.  I am glad that we have made it through so many ups and downs and I have no doubt that coming years would also be the best ones. You are more than I ask for in my prayers and more than that I deserve. I am deeply grateful to have you as my husband, lover and a best friend who lives his life for God and in his grace.

    Today, my heart is bursting with joy and love and yes pride too because we have kept the promise that we made 25 years back.  Things that have happened with us, between us in these 25 years would make anyone’s head reel, but I am proud that whatever situations prevailed in the past, we stood together and faced them.

    In these 25 years, you have always let me follow my dreams and fulfill them come what may. I have never felt alone in this long passage of time because you were always there to help me and held me through tough times. You have made me feel like I am the most beautiful women in this world and the one and only for you. Thank you for taking care of me all the time when I get harsh on me and do not pay attention to myself. You love for me grows with every passing day and I could every bit of it.

    Not only you fulfill your duties as a husband, but you are an amazing father who has brought up his kids so well. I can see your reflection in them. From pregnancy to their birth, from their first little steps to their university admissions, you have always stood by my side, their side.  You are the quiet but influential force that has bound the entire family together. I know as long as you are with us, we are secure and happiest.

    Dear, 25 years isn’t a long journey because I want more years to spend with you. The past 25 years have flown by so quickly, but I lived every moment of it with all my heart. It was replete with both good and bad times, but I cherish all the good memories. And, there was one thing that has remained constant in these 25 years, where everything was changing and that was you, ______.  Not a lot of couples can say the same thing after 25 years of their marriage. Words will never be enough to thank you and express for you how madly I am in love with you and how proud I am to have you as my better half.

    I pray nothing, but more decades of our married lives. I promise you to love you more every day, no matter what. I promise to carry forward my commitment to you and our family. Happiest 25th-anniversary love! I just want you to know that my heart is yours forever and I am incomplete without you.

    Wedding (Marriage) Anniversary Speech for Husband – 50th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Husband

    On this special day, where we have completed 50 years of our marriage, it’s somewhat awkward to pour out my feelings in front of everyone. Words cannot adequately convey how lucky I feel to have you in my life as my husband. It seems like a matter of yesterday when I first met you in the university and I never knew that friendship bond was destined to be forever.

    Fifty years ago, when you were delivering your wedding speech to me you were drenched in sweat out of nervousness. Today things are opposite, today you are relaxed and I am drenched. I felt like a princess on that day and today as well because you are the person who has been pampering me with all your love and care. It’s an extremely special feeling to come across someone who can accept you for who you are. You love me unconditionally. The cuteness that melted me during those days still makes me fall more in love with you. It’s unbelievable that so many years have rolled by and you are still as adorable as always.

    We have been sharing so many precious moments; have so many memories together, living each and every moment of our wonderful marriage. You have been pampering me with so many gifts and surprises but you and your love has been the best gift of my life. The best thing about you is that today you are the same; I was in love with yesterday. In these 50 years of our journey, a deep sense of joy and contentment always flow through my heart and veins making me happy inside and out.

    We have faced many difficulties together to reach where we are today. I am proud to say that we are more like best friends than just husband-wife. All these 50 years, you have been an amazing father to our kids. Not only parents, but your kids too are extremely proud of you! Whether it was about my job or about raising our kids, you have encouraged me a lot. This magic carpet ride of 50 years has been the best part of my life. I love you more than yesterday and it will continue to grow more and more with every passing day.

    At last, I cannot thank you enough for being my backbone and for all the special efforts you put in to keep me happy. Thank you for being my best friend, my love, strength, my cheerleader and my guide. You made me look at a glass as half full rather than half empty. Thanks for wiping off all my fears and tears. I love you to the moon and back and probably more than anybody could love someone. With you I become better and with you I feel complete. Thank you for choosing me as your partner. I thank God for giving me the best husband. You are truly a blessing from God.

    Happy anniversary love!

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