GK QuestionsEarth Day Quiz | Important GK Questions and Answers

Earth Day Quiz | Important GK Questions and Answers

Earth Day Quiz: Every day is Earth Day, reminding us of our profound connection to nature and the imperative to cherish and protect it. As John Muir famously said, ‘In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.’ On this Earth Day, let’s celebrate the intricate web of life that sustains us all.

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    Earth Day, commemorated annually on April 21 worldwide, serves as a crucial reminder of our planet’s significance. We have crafted key questions specifically designed for competitive exams in India. These Earth Day Quiz questions are intended to assess knowledge and awareness about environmental conservation and sustainable practices, reflecting the spirit of Earth Day.

    Earth Day Quiz: 10 Important Questions and Answers for 2024

    Attempt these Earth Day Quiz Questions and check the level of your performance.

    Question 1: What year was the first Earth Day is being celebrated?
    Answer: The first Earth Day was celebrated on 22 April, 1970.

    Question 2: Who is credited as the founder of Earth Day?
    Answer: Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin is recognized as the originator of Earth Day.

    Question 3: Which environmental organization was instrumental in organizing the first Earth Day?
    Answer: The Environmental Teach-In, later renamed Earth Day, was organized by the environmental organization known as Earth Day Network.

    Question 4: What is the purpose of Earth Day?
    Answer: Earth Day serves as a reminder of the importance of environmental protection and conservation efforts to safeguard the planet for future generations.

    Question 5: What is the theme for Earth Day 2024?
    Answer: “Restore Our Earth” is the theme for Earth Day 2024, focusing on the urgent need for environmental restoration and conservation.

    Question 6: Which iconic landmark famously goes dark for Earth Hour as a symbol of environmental awareness?
    Answer: The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, famously goes dark for Earth Hour, symbolizing a commitment to energy conservation.

    Question 7: What is the primary goal of the Paris Agreement, signed in 2015?
    Answer: The primary goal of the Paris Agreement is to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

    Question 8: Which gas, primarily emitted from vehicles and industrial activities, is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect?
    Answer: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary greenhouse gas emitted from human activities such as burning fossil fuels for energy and transportation.

    Question 9: What is the significance of the Montreal Protocol?
    Answer: The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty designed to phase out the production and use of ozone-depleting substances, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), to protect the Earth’s ozone layer.

    Question 10: How does deforestation contribute to climate change?
    Answer: Deforestation contributes to climate change by reducing the number of trees available to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, leading to increased levels of greenhouse gases and global warming.

    Question 11: What is the designated theme for Earth Day in the year 2024?
    Answer: The theme for Earth Day 2024 centers around ‘Planet vs Plastics’—a focus on both the escalating production of plastic and the potential impact of broader renewable energy initiatives on sustainability.

    Earth Day Quiz 2024

    Q1. Who is recognized as the initiator of Earth Day?
    (a) Gaylord Nelson
    (b) Vandana Shiva
    (c) Wangari Maathai
    (d) Mark Boyle

    Answer: a

    Explanation: Earth Day was initiated by American senator Gaylord Nelson to promote environmental awareness and education.

    Q2. What was the central theme of Earth Day 2020?
    (a) Rhyming with nature
    (b) End Plastic Pollution
    (c) Save our species
    (d) Climate action

    Answer: d

    Explanation: The focal theme of Earth Day 2020 was ‘Climate action’, emphasizing the urgent need for addressing climate change. In contrast, the theme for the preceding year, 2019, was ‘Save our species’.

    Q3. How frequently is Earth Day commemorated?
    (a) Annually
    (b) Biennially
    (c) Triennially
    (d) Quadrennially

    Answer: a

    Explanation: Earth Day is an annual event observed by over a billion individuals across 192 countries.

    Q4. In which country did the inaugural Earth Day celebrations occur?
    (a) Sweden
    (b) USA
    (c) Switzerland
    (d) Japan

    Answer: b

    Explanation: The first Earth Day celebrations occurred in the USA, mobilizing around 20 million Americans in a peaceful demonstration for environmental reform.

    Q5. What is the primary purpose of observing Earth Day annually?
    (a) To Support environmental protection
    (b) To protect the species
    (c) To save the ozone layer
    (d) None of the above

    Answer: a

    Explanation: Earth Day is observed to advocate for environmental protection through various endeavors crucial for safeguarding the environment.

    Q6. Which theme below is mismatched with its corresponding year?
    (a) “Environmental and Climate Literacy: 2017
    (b) Climate action: 2020
    (c) Save our species: 2019
    (d) End Plastic Pollution: 2021

    Answer: d

    Explanation: The theme ‘End Plastic Pollution’ was designated for Earth Day 2018, while ‘Climate action’ was the focal point for 2020.

    Q7. What was the theme for Earth Day 2023?
    (a) Earth, your friend.
    (b) Earth is in need.
    (c) Invest in our Planet
    (d) Nature calls for support

    Answer: c

    Explanation: The theme ‘Invest in Our Planet’ marked Earth Day 2023, rallying over a billion participants worldwide to champion environmental protection against issues like pollution and deforestation.

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    Question 8: Which ocean is named as the largest body of water on Earth?

    (a) Atlantic Ocean
    (b) Indian Ocean
    (c) Arctic Ocean
    (d) Pacific Ocean

    Answer: D. Pacific Ocean

    Explanation: The Pacific Ocean, covering more than 60 million square miles, holds the title of the largest and deepest ocean on Earth.

    Question 9: Which continent is called as “roof of the world” due to its towering elevations?

    (a) Africa
    (b) South America
    (c) Asia
    (d) Antarctica

    Answer: C. Asia

    Explanation: Asia earns the nickname “roof of the world” due to hosting the planet’s highest mountain ranges, prominently the Himalayas.

    Question 10: What natural phenomenon is caused by a sudden energy release in the Earth’s crust, leading to the creation of seismic waves?

    (a) Hurricane
    (b) Tornado
    (c) Earthquake
    (d) Volcano eruption

    Answer: C. Earthquake

    Explanation: Earthquakes result from the sudden release of energy within the Earth’s crust, leading to the propagation of seismic waves and ground tremors.

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