GK QuestionsGK Questions for Class 10

GK Questions for Class 10

GK Questions for Class 10th with answers

Have you ever wondered how people win popular reality shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati or excel in challenging entrance tests and competitive exams? How do individuals perform well in quiz competitions and stay informed about various fields? The answer lies in General Knowledge (GK).

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    GK questions in english helps individuals gain knowledge, stay updated, and boost their confidence. It aids in remembering events and developments. That’s why we’re providing General Knowledge questions for Class 10 to help you build a strong foundation across various subjects. Try solving these questions to test your general awareness and learn new facts.

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    General knowledge, as a subject, plays a crucial role in the holistic development of students. It enhances logical, analytical, and critical thinking skills. GK questions for class 10 students, is vital as it prepares them for future competitive exams.

    GK questions and answers in english not only exposes students to global events and industry news but also keeps them informed about local happenings. It broadens their perspective and helps them better understand the world around them.

    General Knowledge Questions for Class 10

    Question 1. You must have used the UPI facility. What does this mean?

    Ans. Unified Payment Interface

    Question 2. Portuguese were the first European to come to India. When did the Portuguese leave India?

    Ans. 1961

    Question 3. Who was said to be the last viceroy of India?

    Ans. Lord Louis Mountbatten

    Question 4. Where is the headquarters of the World Economic Forum?

    Ans. Switzerland

    Question 5. What is the currency of Iraq?

    Ans. Iraqi Dinar

    Question 6. Lake Tanganyika is the world’s longest freshwater lake located in?

    Ans. Africa

    Question 7. Where is the Keshopur Ramsar Site situated?

    Ans. Punjab

    Question 8. What is the total number of members in BIMSTEC?

    Ans. Seven

    Question 9. When was the State Bank of India founded?

    Ans. July 1, 1955

    Question 10. Name any two examples of cryptocurrency.

    Ans. Bitcoin, Litecoin & Dash

    Question 11. How many schedules were there in the original Constitution of India?

    Ans. Eight Schedules

    Question 12. If there was Monday on Jan 1, 1992, then which day was there on Jan 1, 1993?

    Ans. Wednesday

    Question 13. Where is City Birds Wildlife Sanctuary?

    Ans. Chandigarh

    Question 14. Which mountains serve as the boundary between Europe and Asia?

    Ans. Ural Mountains

    Question 15. Where is Bandhavgarh & Panna National Park located?

    Ans. Madhya Pradesh

    Question 16. What are the official languages of Mizoram?

    Ans. Mizo and English

    Question 17. How many landlocked states are there in South America?

    Ans. Two – Bolivia & Paraguay

    Question 18. Who is Raghuram Rajan?

    Ans. Famous Indian Economist & Former RBI Governor

    Question 19. “Home and the World” is written by?

    Ans. Rabindra Nath Tagore

    Question 20. Angami Tribe found in?

    Ans. Nagaland

    Question 21. How many times does concerning, the clock’s hands coincide in a day?

    Ans. 22 Times

    Question 22. Where is Luxembourg?

    Ans. Europe

    Question 23. Who was the founder of the MDH Spice company?

    Ans. Dharampal Gulati

    Question 24. Who are said to be the founders of the World’s famous Video site ” YouTube?

    Ans. Steve Chen, Jawed Karim & Chad Hurley

    Question 25. When was the first meeting of the constituent assembly of India held?

    Ans. December 9, 1946

    Question 26. Which strait lies between the Andaman Sea and the South China Sea?

    Ans. The Malacca Strait

    Question 27. Which team won the first Indian Premier League in 2008?

    Ans. Rajasthan Royals

    Question 28. Stanley Cup is related to which sport?

    Ans. Hockey

    Question 29. Krishna Parijatha Dance is a folk dance of which state?

    Ans. Karnataka

    Question 30. Which was the only session of Congress presided by M.K. Gandhi?

    Ans. Belgaum Session, 1924

    Question 31. What does shortcut key Shift + Home do?

    Ans. Highlighting the current position up to the beginning of the line

    Question 32. Samudra Shakti is a naval exercise between which two countries?

    Ans. India and Indonesia

    Question 33. What is the capital of El Salvador?

    Ans. San Salvador

    Question 34. “The Story of My Deportation” is authored by?

    Ans. Lala Lajpat Rai

    Question 35. Where is the headquarters of the Animal Welfare Board of India situated?

    Ans. Ballabhgarh (Faridabad, Haryana)

    Benefits of General Knowledge Questions for Class 10

    The benefits of General Knowledge (GK) for Class 10 students are:

    • GK questions can improve students’ awareness and help them score well in competitive exams.
    • Learning GK can help students achieve their goals by increasing their knowledge.
    • It keeps students updated with current information.
    • Knowledge of general facts can give students an edge over others.
    • Studying gk quiz with answers makes students more confident in various subjects.
    • Learning General Knowledge enhances overall knowledge and understanding.
    • Students can share information with others confidently, as they already have knowledge about it.
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