GK QuestionsGK Questions on NIFT 2024

GK Questions on NIFT 2024

Welcome to the world of General Knowledge Questions on NIFT. Are you ready to explore and test your knowledge about the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)? In this quiz, we’ll delve into various aspects of NIFT, covering its history, campuses, courses, and notable achievements. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or just curious to learn more about this prestigious institute, get ready to dive in and discover fascinating facts about NIFT.

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    50 GK Questions on NIFT

    Q1. The battle of Kalinga was fought in the year

    (a.) 540 BC

    (b.) 320 AC

    (c.) 440 BC

    (d.) 261 BC

    Answer. (d.) 261 BC

    Q2. The Russian revolution occurred in the year

    (a.) 1918

    (b.) 1819

    (c.) 1917

    (d.) 1913

    Answer. (c.) 1917

    Q3. In which year the First World War was fought

    (a.) 1917-1920

    (b.) 1914-1918

    (c.) 1912-1916

    (d.) 1910-1914

    Answer. (b.) 1914-1918

    Q4. An award-winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire” is directed by one of the following directors?

    (a.) Danny Boyle

    (b.) Ram Gopal Varma

    (c.) S.S. Rajamouli

    (d.) V. Razvan

    Answer. (a.) Danny Boyle

    Q5. Earth has a spherical shape. The sphere can be divided into two halves by a line; name that line

    (a.) Divider

    (b.) Divisible line

    (c.) Latitude

    (d.) the Equator

    Answer. (d.) Equator

    Q6. The movie Rockstar comprises unique costumes designed by

    (a.) Jenny Beavan

    (b.) Aki Nirula

    (c.) Edith Head

    (d.) Manish Malhotra

    Answer. (b.) Aki Nirula

    Q7. Nakshatra diamond jewellery has a very renowned actress as its brand ambassador. Choose the right name

    (a.) Manisha Koirala

    (b.) Kareena Kapoor

    (c.) Katrina Kaif

    (d.) Alia Bhatt

    Answer. (c.) Katrina Kaif

    Q8. In the year 2000, Who was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize along?

    (a.) Statjewelleryof India

    (b.) Central Bank of Sri Lanka

    (c.) State Bank of Bangladesh

    (d.) Grameen Bank of Bangladesh

    Answer. (d.) Grameen Bank of Bangladesh

    Q9. The Nobel prize winner from India in literature for the time was

    (a.) C.V Raman

    (b.) Rabindranath Tagore

    (c.) Mother Teresa

    (d.) Hard Gobind Khurana

    Answer. (b.) Rabindranath Tagore

    Q10. MGNREGA was a popular act in India. Its full form is

    (a.) Mahatma Gandhi Nominal Referral Entity Guarantee Acliteraturehatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

    (c.) Main Gateway of National Regional Employment Guarantee Act

    (d.) Mahatma Gandhi National Regional Employment Act

    Answer. (b.) Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

    Q11. Which one is the name of the father of Delhi Metro?

    (a.) Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

    (b.) Shri Manoj Joshi

    (c.) Shri Vikas Kumar

    (d.) E.Sreedharan

    Answer. (d.) E.Shreedharan

    Q12. The first Indian director who gets the opportunity to shoot at NASA

    (a.) V. Kesava Raju

    (b.) Japan Shakti

    (c.) Ashutosh Gowariker

    (d.) Edith Head

    Answer.) Ashutosh Gowariker(Film- Swadesh)

    Q13. The Filmfare Trophy to celebrate 100-year of Indian Cinema Will be awarded this year whose bases are of

    (a.) Golden

    (b.) Shipra

    (c.) Silver

    (d.) Platinum

    Answer. (a.) Golden

    Q14. A very famous SV. Kesavaaayer, the year 9 December 2012, scored the highest number of goals in the year as the 86th goal in 2012, choosing the name

    (a.) Cristiano Ronaldo

    (b.) Neymar

    (c.) Robert Lewandowski

    (d.) Lionel Messi

    Answer. (d.) Lionel Messi

    15. The Filmfare Trophy to celebrate 100-year of Indian Cinema Will be awarded this year who are of

    (a.) Golden

    (b.) Shipra

    (c.) Silver

    (d.) Platinum

    Answer. (b.) Shipra

    Q16. In which year did the beginning of the Gulf war happen

    (a.) 1971

    (b.) 1981

    (c.) 1991

    (d.) 1989

    Answer. (c.) 1991

    Q17. Artificial satellite is an artificial satellite. Which did Russia launch the first artificial satellite

    (a.) Kosmos, 1956

    (b.) Sputnik, 1957

    (c.) Cosmos, 1945

    (d.) List 1, 1929

    Answer. (b.) Sputnik, 1957

    Q18. Which year is mentioned as the discovery of the north pole by which scientist?

    (a.) 1989, Commander Pesty

    (b.) 1906, Alexander Peary

    (c.) 1907, Commander Pesty

    (d.) 1909, Commander Peary

    Answer. (d.) 1909, Commander Peary

    Q19. 1st World war ended in the year

    (a.) 1916

    (b.) 1917

    (c.) 1918

    (d.) 1919

    Answer. (c.) 1918

    Q20. In which era and year did the Suez Canal open

    (a.) 1860, b.c.

    (b.) 1896, a.d.

    (c.) 1896, b.c.

    (d.) 1869, a.d.

    Answer. (d.) 1869, ad.

    Q21. The first voyage of Columbus, in which he sailed for the new world, found America in the year of

    (a.) 1491, AD

    (b.) 1492, BC

    (c.) 1491, AD

    (d.) 1492, AD

    Answer. (d.) 1492, AD

    Q22. On the date of 14 March 2012, Parkash Singh Badal was appointed as

    (a.) The chief minister of Haryana

    (b.) The chief minister of Punjab

    (c.) The chief minister of Delhi

    (d.) The chief minister of Madhya Pradesh

    Answer. (b.) Chief Minister of Punjab

    Q23. What was the designation of Salman Khurshid

    (a.) Chief minister

    (b.) of minister

    (c.) External Affairs minister

    (d.) Transportation Minister

    Answer. (c.) External Affairs Minister

    Q24. A rural scenery Hay wain painted by

    (a.) John Eric

    (b.) Denmark

    (c.) Leonardo da Vinci

    (d.) John Constable

    Answer. (d.) John Constable

    Q25. Sikkim state of India is touched by which of the following state

    (a.) West Bengal

    (b.) Mizoram

    (c.) Meghalaya

    (d.) Bhutan

    Answer. (a.) West Bengal

    Q26. Which country is the largest tea producer in the world?

    (a.) Britain

    (b.) India

    (c.) Bhutan

    (d.) Nepal

    Answer. (b.) India

    Q27. Sutlej river has which dam over it

    (a.) Sardar Sarovar dam

    (b.) Bhakra Dam

    (c.) Hirakud Dam

    (d.) Tehri Dam

    Answer. (b.) Bhakra Dam

    Q28. The higher number of foreign investments in India by which of the following companies?

    (a.) Vodafone

    (b.)tea producer

    (c.) BSNL

    (d.) Idea

    Answer. (a.) Vodafone

    Q29. On the bank of which river was the Harappa situated?

    (a.) Sutlej

    (b.) Ganga

    (c.) the Yamuna

    (d.) Ravi

    Answer. (d.) Ravi

    Q30. In which region is the Indian research station Himadri situated

    (a.) Antarctica region

    (b.) Arctuth region

    (d.) Himachal region

    Answer. (b.) Arctic region

    31. Twas the Harappation from the sun comes due to which of the following reaction

    (a.) Fusion

    (b.) Fission

    (c.) Solar emission

    (d.) Synthesis

    Answer. (a.) Fusion

    32. Various gases are present on the earth, and one of them is the most abundant gas in the earPolartmosphere

    (a.) Oxygen

    (b.) Hydrogen

    (c.) Nitrogen

    (d.) Carbon dioxide

    Answer. (c.) Nitrogen

    Q33. Washing Machine at home works on the principle of which process

    (a.) Centrifugation

    (b.) Removal

    (c.) Adsorption

    (d.) Absorption

    Answer. (a.) Centrifugation

    Q34. Theone of which Track passed through a range of mountains. Name that mountain range

    (a.) Himadri

    (b.) Konkan

    (c.) Himalayan

    (d.) Western ghat

    Answer. (d.) Western ghat

    Q35. A product that is associated with ‘De beers’??

    (a.) Diamond

    (b.) Gold

    (c.) Silver

    (d.) Platinum

    Answer. (a.) Diamond.

    Q36. Mulberry silk is highly produced in India. Name that state

    (a.) Kullu

    (b.) Sikkim

    (c.) Arunachal Pradesh

    (d.) Karnataka

    Answer. (d.) Karnataka

    Q37. In 1984, the Bhopal mishap in the industry was caused due associated fixed gas

    (a.) Carbon monoxide

    (b.) Ethyl

    (c.) Methyl Isocyanate

    (d.) Ethyl Isocyanate

    Answer. (c.) Methyl Isocyanate

    Q38. Rice is the primary meal used in various diet patterns. Which of the following country produced the highest amount of rice

    (a.) India

    (b.) Bangladesh

    (c.) Nepal

    (d.) China

    Answer. (d.) China

    Q39. What was the establishment year of the Planning Commission of India?

    (a.) 1947

    (b.) 1975

    (c.) 1949

    (d.) 1950

    Answer. (d.) 1950

    Q40. When were the Green Revolutiodiet patterns0

    (b.) 1960

    (c.) 1970

    (d.) 1980

    Answer. (b.) 1960

    Q41. Which King defeated Seleucus Nicator?

    (a.) Alexander

    (b.) Ashoka

    (c.) Chandragupta Maurya

    (d.) Bindusara

    Answer. (c.) Chandragupta Maurya

    Q42. The train Thar Express runs to

    (a.) Pakistan

    (b.) India

    (c.) Bangladesh

    (d.) Nepal

    Answer. (a.) Pakistan

    Q43. The process by which the sun produces energy

    (a.) Solar emission

    (b.) Solar radiation

    (c.) Fission reaction

    (d.) Nuclear fusion

    Answer. (d.) Nuclear Fusion

    Q44. Which state of India has the minor population reside in?

    (a.) Bihar

    (b.) Gujrat

    (c.) Mumbai

    (d.) Sikkim

    Answer. (d.) Sikkim

    Q45. The Maurya dynasty had ended with which of the following ruler

    (a.) Chandragupta Maurya

    (b.) Ashok

    (c.) Brihadratha

    (d.) Ashok

    Answer. (c.) Brihadratha

    Q46. In the Constitution of India, How many fundamental duties are there?

    (a.) 10

    (b.) 12

    (c.) 8

    (d.) 6

    Answer. (a.) 10

    Q47. Where is Green park situated?

    At the green park, test cricket is played.

    (a.) Lucknow

    (b.) Kanpur

    (c.) Kolkata

    (d.) Jaipur

    Answer. (b.) Kanpur

    Q48. Who is Shiv Kumar Sharma, and what was he famous for?

    (a.) Recital of Santoor

    (b.) Sitar playing

    (c.) Harmonium recital

    (d.) Guitar playing

    Answer. (a.) Recital of Santoor

    49. Which of the following author has written ‘Beyond the lines:- An autobiography’?

    (a.) Asif Noorani

    (b.) Kuldip Nayar

    (c.) Khushwant Singh

    (d.) Kuldip Singh

    Answer. (b.) Kuldip Nayar

    Q50. Why is the Mudumalai sanctuary famous?

    (a.) Lions

    (b.) Deers

    (c.) Elephants

    (d.) Tigers

    Answer. (c.) Elephants

    FAQs on GK Questions on NIFT

    What is NIFT famous for?

    NIFT or National Institute of Fashion Technology is a premier design school in India.

    Is NIFT Delhi a private or government university?

    NIFT Delhi is an autonomous government institute.

    Is NIFT a very tough exam?

    The difficulty level for most students was moderate, however, the Maths section was difficult.

    Is NIFT better than IIT?

    If you are interested towards engineering and computer, go for IIT. NIFT is for those who want to pursue career into the world of fashion, brands, apparels, etc.

    Can I join NIFT after 12?

    To apply for NIFT Delhi, you must have completed your 12th grade.

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