GK QuestionsGK Questions on Pulwama attack

GK Questions on Pulwama attack

The Pulwama attack, a devastating event that shook the nation on February 14, 2019, has been etched into the collective memory of India. This tragic incident, involving a suicide car bombing in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir, resulted in the loss of 40 CRPF personnel, marking it as one of the deadliest attacks on Indian security forces in decades. In the wake of this attack, there was a surge of national grief, a call for solidarity, and a unanimous demand for justice across the country. The Pulwama attack not only highlighted the ongoing challenges of terrorism and security in the region but also led to significant geopolitical consequences, including a heightened state of tension between India and Pakistan.

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    Given the impact and significance of the Pulwama attack in India’s recent history, understanding its facets becomes crucial for anyone looking to enhance their general knowledge. The following set of General Knowledge (GK) questions aims to shed light on various aspects of the Pulwama attack, from its execution to the aftermath and the global response it elicited. These questions are designed to inform and educate readers about the critical details of this event, fostering a deeper understanding of its implications on national security, diplomacy, and the collective consciousness of the Indian populace.

    GK Questions on Pulwama Attack With Answer

    GK Questions on Pulwama attack

    Q. When did the Pulwama attack occur?

    A) January 26, 2019

    B) February 14, 2019

    C) March 15, 2019

    D) April 10, 2019

    Answer: B) February 14, 2019

    Q. Where did the Pulwama attack take place?

    A) Jammu

    B) Srinagar

    C) Pulwama

    D) Ladakh

    Answer: C) Pulwama

    Q. What type of attack was the Pulwama incident?

    A) Shooting

    B) Bombing

    C) Suicide car bombing

    D) Hostage situation

    Answer: C) Suicide car bombing

    Q. How many CRPF personnel were martyred in the Pulwama attack?

    A) 30

    B) 40

    C) 50

    D) 60

    Answer: B) 40

    Q. Which terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the Pulwama attack?

    A) ISIS

    B) Al-Qaeda

    C) Jaish-e-Mohammed

    D) Lashkar-e-Taiba

    Answer: C) Jaish-e-Mohammed

    Q. What was the primary weapon used in the Pulwama attack?

    A) Grenades

    B) Rifles

    C) Explosive-laden vehicle

    D) Rocket launcher

    Answer: C) Explosive-laden vehicle

    Q. Who was the perpetrator of the Pulwama attack identified as?

    A) Masood Azhar

    B) Adil Ahmad Dar

    C) Zakir Musa

    D) Hafiz Saeed

    Answer: B) Adil Ahmad Dar

    Q. Following the Pulwama attack, which operation did the Indian Air Force carry out?

    A) Operation Blue Star

    B) Operation Vijay

    C) Operation Meghdoot

    D) Operation Bandar

    Answer: D) Operation Bandar

    Q. What was the target of the Indian Air Force’s airstrike following the Pulwama attack?

    A) Terror camps in Balakot, Pakistan

    B) Military bases in Islamabad

    C) Terror camps in Muzaffarabad

    D) Military installations in Lahore

    Answer: A) Terror camps in Balakot, Pakistan

    Q. Which highway was the CRPF convoy traveling on during the Pulwama attack?

    A) National Highway 44

    B) National Highway 1A

    C) National Highway 48

    D) National Highway 34

    Answer: A) National Highway 44

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why is Feb 14 Black Day in India?

    February 14 is remembered as a “black day” in India, commemorating the loss of these CRPF heroes.

    What is Pulwama also known as?

    Pulwama is often called the 'Anand of Kashmir' or Dudha-Kul of Kashmir.

    Is today Indian Black Day?

    India also known February 14 as 'black day' due to the attack which bought the country to a standstill after a suicide bomber from Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) rammed a vehicle full of explosives into a CRPF convoy.

    Why is Black Day observed?

    Sufferings of Kashmiri people started with the landing of Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir.

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