IIT JEEJEE MainsJEE Main 2024 Cutoff, Qualifying Cut off for NITs, IIITs, GFITs

JEE Main 2024 Cutoff, Qualifying Cut off for NITs, IIITs, GFITs

The JEE Main 2024 cutoff is the minimum qualifying mark required for candidates to take part in JEE Advanced. Expected JEE Main cutoff marks are as follows: General (89+), EWS (78+), OBC (74+), SC (44+), and PwD (0.11+). NTA releases the JEE Main cutoff 2024 on jeemain.nta.ac.in along with JEE Main session 2 results.

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    The JEE Main cutoff is also presented as opening and closing ranks for admission to prominent engineering colleges in India. These ranks signify the first and last ranks (OR-CR) for admission to 32 NITs, 26 IIITs, and 33 GFTIs. JoSAA releases JEE Main opening and closing rank cutoff PDFs after each counselling round.

    A JEE score of 180+ in JEE Mains is considered good for NIT admission, while aiming for IIT requires a score of 250+. For B.Tech admission to top NITs like NIT Trichy and NIT Rourkela, a JEE Main rank below 5000 is deemed favourable, based on previous year trends. Applicants are advised to use this information as a reference for JEE Main Cut-Off 2024.

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    JEE Main Cut-Off Release Date

    JEE Main 2024 Cutoff

    The JEE Main Cut-Off 2024 is released On 13 Feb after the declaration of NTA JEE Mains 2024 Result for session 1 . Successful candidates in the JEE mains exam will qualify for JEE Advanced 2024. While awaiting the official cutoffs, candidates can refer to the expected cutoffs for JEE Main 2024 and the previous year’s cutoffs.

    JEE Main 2024 Cut-Off (Expected)

    The minimum marks required in JEE Mains to qualify for JEE Advanced 2024 are yet to be officially announced by NTA. However, considering the analysis of the previous year’s JEE Main cutoffs, the expected JEE Main Cut-Off 2024 for various categories, including General, OBC, EWS, SC, ST, and PwD, is compiled below. Keep an eye out for the official announcement for accurate and detailed information on JEE Main Cut-Off 2024.

    Category Expected Cutoff 2024
    General 92+
    OBC-NCL 76+
    EWS 80+
    SC 47+
    PwD 0.18+

    JEE Main Cut-Off 2024

    The JEE Main Cut-Off 2024 represents the minimum marks necessary for qualification in JEE Mains for admission to JEE participating institutes. Candidates can access the subject-wise cutoff online, and the qualifying marks for JEE Mains 2024 to advance to JEE Advanced will be available. The authorities will release the qualifying IIT JEE Main cutoff 2024 with the JEE Main result declaration. Keep an eye on updates for the JEE Main 2024 admission cutoff, which will be provided here once JoSAA releases.

    JEE Main Previous Year Cut-Off marks

    Candidates can refer to the JEE Main Cutoff for previous years, including 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019. While awaiting the official announcement of IIT JEE Main Cutoff 2024, applicants can examine the qualifying cutoff marks from past years for reference. The JEE Main Cut Off for 2023, for instance, includes the following category-wise percentiles:

    JEE Main Cut-Off for 2023

    Category Cutoff
    General 90.7788642
    EWS 75.6229025
    OBC 73.6114227
    SC 51.9776027
    ST 37.2348772
    PwD 0.0013527

    JEE Main Cut-Off Marks 2024

    Year General EWS ST PwD OBC-NCL SC
    2022 88.4121 63.1114 26.7771 0.0031 67.0090 43.0821
    2021 87.8992 66.2215 34.6729 0.0096 68.0234 46.8825
    2020 90.3765 70.2436 39.0696 0.0619 72.8888 50.1760
    2019 89.7549 78.2175 44.3345 0.1137 74.3167 54.0128

    JEE Main Cut-Off 2024: Marks Vs Percentile

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    Candidates must understand the Marks vs Percentile relationship in JEE Mains 2024 Session 1. This information is a valuable reference point, allowing candidates to assess their performance relative to others and grasp the competitive scenario. By correlating their marks with the corresponding percentile, candidates gain insights into their standing in the examination, aiding them in better evaluating their performance in JEE Mains 2024 Session 1.

    JEE Main Percentile JEE Main Marks JEE Main Ranks
    99.9 241+ 1-1233
    99.8 225-227 1234-2406
    99.7 212-218 2407-3524
    99.6 203-209 3525-4701
    99.5 196-203 4702-5882
    99.4 190-198 5883-7098
    99.3 185-193 7099-8286
    99.2 181-190 8287-9417
    99.1 176-186 9418-10580
    99 173-182 10581-11750
    98.5 160-170 11751-17477
    98 148-160 17478-22957
    97.5 140-152 22958-28943
    97 133-146 28944-34570
    96.5 126-140 34571-40248
    96 121-135 40249-45745
    95.5 116-131 45746-51264
    95 112-127 51265-56821
    94 105-120 56822-67841
    93 98-113 67842-79286
    92 93-107 79287-90443
    91 87-102 90444-101351
    90 82-97 101352-112695

    What is the minimum marks required in JEE Mains 2024 to qualify for the JEE Advanced 2024?

    Candidates looking for “how many marks are required to clear JEE Mains” must acknowledge that the qualification marks for JEE Advanced vary yearly. The JEE Main cutoff marks depend on factors such as the JEE Main difficulty level of the paper, the number of candidates appearing, and overall performance. Candidates need to score above the cutoff marks to qualify for JEE Advanced or secure admission to various engineering colleges. The cutoff marks are typically released along with the JEE Mains results on the official website. It’s important to note that the cutoff marks can differ for different categories (General, OBC, SC, ST, EWS, PwD).

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    JEE Main Total Marks

    JEE Main 2024 allocates a total of 300 marks for the B.Tech paper, while both B.Arch and B.Planning papers have a total of 400 marks each. The distribution of marks for each section across the three papers is as follows:

    JEE Main Total Marks For B.Tech Paper:

    • Physics: 25 questions (100 marks)
    • Chemistry: 25 questions (100 marks)
    • Maths: 25 questions (100 marks)

    JEE Main Total Marks For B.Arch Paper:

    • Maths: 25 questions (100 marks)
    • Aptitude: 50 questions (200 marks)
    • Drawing: 2 questions (100 marks)

    JEE Main Total Marks For B.Plan Paper:

    • Maths: 25 questions (100 marks)
    • Aptitude: 50 questions (200 marks)
    • Planning: 25 questions (100 marks)

    NIT JEE Main Cutoff 2024

    For admission to NITs through JEE Mains 2024, JoSAA will oversee a 6-round admission process. The NIT JEE Main Cut-Off will be released in the form of opening and closing ranks after each round. The Opening Rank signifies the lowest eligible rank for admission to a participating institution. At the same time, the Closing Rank represents the highest eligible rank for securing admission to one of the participating NITs. This information is crucial for candidates to understand their chances of admission during the JoSAA counselling rounds.

    Institute HS Quota OS Quota
    NIT Trichy 5164 1509
    NIT Surathkal 3406 1984
    NIT Rourkela 8282 3786
    NIT Warangal 3115 2413
    NIT Calicut 10512 5256
    MNIT Jaipur 5746 4909
    NIT Silchar 24876 12818
    VNIT Nagpur 6916 7087
    NIT Durgapur 12851 10070
    NIT Jalandhar 16205 11017

    JEE Main 2024 Cut-Off: FAQs

    How does the release of JEE Main cutoff 2024 impact candidates?

    The JEE Main 2024 cutoff will be released simultaneously with the final session exam result. This JEE Main cutoff determines the minimum qualifying marks for candidates to sit in the JEE Advanced.

    What role does the JEE Main 2024 cutoff play in selection?

    The admission JEE Main cutoff 2024 signifies the minimum marks needed for higher chances of securing admission into participating institutes. JoSAA releases this cutoff on behalf of the institutes, guiding candidates in assessing their eligibility for admission.

    How can candidates check if they qualify for JEE Advanced 2024?

    The qualifying JEE Main 2024 cutoff, released by NTA, is the key. Candidates meeting this cutoff will be eligible to appear for JEE Advanced 2024, an essential step for admission into premier engineering institutions.

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