BlogGeneralParent-Teacher Meeting: Eight Kinds of Questions Parents Ask

Parent-Teacher Meeting: Eight Kinds of Questions Parents Ask

Parent-Teacher Meeting: Frequent interaction with teachers guiding the children helps parents understand the facts and progress through the academic calendar. It is always important to attend a parent-teacher meeting. However, adequate preparation turns the meeting more effective.

Mutual talks between parents and teachers build the children’s standards while addressing pros and cons. Asking teachers the right questions and listening to detailed insights on the ongoing activities can help enhance their productivity.

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    Identifying and solving problems becomes easier when there’s a solid parent-teacher relationship. Also, meetings allow long-standing benefits in a student’s life, as they realize that both teachers and parents have a common goal.

    The prerequisites in a parent-teacher meeting include pre-planning what you want to ask the teacher. It is also essential to schedule time for another appointment if required to know what exactly your kid is up to.

    Below are a few questions to help you analyze your child’s problems and progress in any area.

    1. General questions

    Parents must be in sync with the school curriculum and how the teacher approaches teaching in general. Knowing the skills being addressed in class at each point is more important.

    Also, questions around how they tie into the school year’s overall goals need to be discussed. Here are a few to get an idea:

    • Is my child keeping up with the work?
    • How often do you schedule tests?
    • What is your homework policy?
    • Could you outline the schedule of a typical day?
    • How are the tests marked?
    • What type of discipline do you use in the classroom?

    2. All-round development

    The overall development of children is the key focus of education. At Infinity Learn, we describe a student as a summation of his/her skills, knowledge, aptitude, and perception. Altogether, a single frame can portray the development.

    Parents speak around the below-mentioned questions when knowing their children’s potential:

    • What are my child’s strengths?
    • Have you identified my child’s talent? If so, what is it?
    • What are the challenges that my child is facing?

    3. Academic performance

    The primary segment is academics and how children are doing in it. To assess the children’s academic performance, parents should ask the following questions to the teachers:

    • Is my child’s performance in line with the academic goals?
    • Which subjects are the most challenging for my child?
    • Is my child performing to the best of his/her abilities?
    • Is my child having problems just on tests or with school work in general?
    • In which subject is my child outstanding?
    • Does my child respond better to certain types of teaching (like oral instruction) and less to others (such as reading)?

    4. Academic strengths and weaknesses

    Perspectives constantly change from a parent and a teacher’s side. Ask the teacher what personal weaknesses your child needs to work on. It’s always recommended to listen to the response with an open mind.

    Parents ask about their children’s strengths, and below are a few:

    • How can I support to overcome my child’s weaknesses?
    • At what level should my child be concerning his or her studies?
    • Might my child have a learning disability?
    • Do you think an evaluation is needed?
    • What types of support are available to help my child keep up with their classmates?

    5. Homework

    • Is my child up to date with the homework assigned?
    • What should I do as a parent while my child performs homework?
    • What is the ideal amount of time to complete homework?
    • Any suggestions to pique my child’s interest in completing homework?
    • If I have any queries, who can I reach out to?

    6. Social skills

    It’s essential to ask about your child’s social affinity at school. Exploring a few questions discussed below helps parents understand children’s social growth.

    • Does my child mingle with his/her classmates?
    • How do you deal with disagreements between my child and another student?
    • Does my child encounter any problems while conversing?
    • Is it easy for you to communicate with my child?

    7. Aptitude and behaviour

    • I am encountering a particular behavioural issue with my child. Could you offer advice on how to tackle it skillfully?
    • Can you tell me a little about my child’s behaviour during class hours?
    • Is there any teaching methodology you follow?
    • Is my child attentive during classes?

    8. Parental involvement

    • Do you have any suggestions for me to help my child complete their assignments at home?
    • What can I do to reinstate all my child learns in school?
    • How can I help my child develop an interest in a subject he detests?

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