EnglishCBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English SA2 Outside Delhi – 2011

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English SA2 Outside Delhi – 2011

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English SA2 Outside Delhi – 2011

Time allowed: 3 hours Maximum marks: 70
The Question Paper is divided into three Sections:
Section A – Reading 20 Marks
Section B Writing & Grammar 25 Marks
Section C – Literature 25 Marks
General Instructions:

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    1. All questions are compulsory.
    2. You may attempt any Section at a time.
    3. All questions of that particular Section must be attempted in the correct order.

    SET I

    Question.1. Read the passage given below carefully.
    School used to be all about writing, whether it was the exercise books we wrote in, the notes we passed round, or the lines we stayed in to do. But not any more. Now it’s all about typing. My six year old daughter is part of the first generation that is truly computer literate and I really didn’t want her learning copperplate writing. I could see that spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation were important, but handwriting? By the time she’s at university, handwriting may not be as relevant as needlepoint. So when my daughter came home last year with cursive handwriting homework, I was nonplussed. Cursive was originally developed to make it easier for children to write with a quill. By joining up the letters, it kept the quill on the parchment and minimized ink blots. But my daughter writes with a laptop. I explained as much to her teacher at the next parents’ day. But her teacher explained something to me. Research suggests that the process of writing information down on paper, by hand, has a more direct effect on the formation of memories in the learning process than typing. Taking notes in class is still the most effective way to learn. It’s’ a better way to store the skills for written language in a child’s brain than pressing keys. There’s nothing old-fashioned about handwriting. Handwriting is w’here it’s at.

    Question.1.1 On the basis of your reading of the above passage fill in the blanks with appropriate
    (a) School used to be all about …………. and now it is all about ………………
    (b) According to the narrator his daughter is …………..
    (c) …………… was developed to make writing with a quill easier.
    (d) The writer was puzzled when his daughter ……………
    (e) Writing information down on paper is …………… typing in the learning process.
    (f) The most effective way to learn is …………..
    (g) f Skills for written language can be stored better in a child’s brain by …………… rather than ……………
    (h) Writing by hand is …………….

    (a) writing; typing
    (b) computer literate
    (c) cursive writing
    (d) came home the year before with a cursive handwriting homework
    (e) a more direct effect on the formation of memories than
    (f) by taking down notes in class
    (g) writing; pressing keys
    (h) not old fashioned

    Question.2. Read the following passage carefully.
    1. Summer vacation offers families dilemmas and opportunities. For too many kids it becomes a period of intellectual passivity and stalled personal growth. For others — and their parents — it’s a time of overload and frantic scheduling.
    2. “Summer is a great time for parents to build a relationship with their children,” says a renowned child psychologist. And it’s an opportunity both for the kids to learn and for the family to grow together. To make this a reality, educators and psychologists point to several simple strategies that parents can start planning before summer gets under way.
    3. “Summer’s a perfect time for kids to take skills they’ve learnt in a classroom and use them in new ways,” notes a well known educator. Comparing prices in a grocery shop can sharpen children’s mental maths skills. Taking measurements to build a new tree house or design a simple plaything teaches geometry. Car trips provide opportunities to study maps and learn geography. Some libraries offer free summer reading programmes for children.
    4. Sometimes kids will need a small push in the right direction. Victoria encouraged her seven-year old son, Philip, to take part in their local library’s summer reading club. For every book report a child wrote, he received a raffle ticket. At the end of the summer sports prizes were raffled off. Philip, who’d painstakingly produced seven book reports won an autographed picture of a hockey star and had his name and one of his reports printed in the local newspaper. (If that’s not possible, encourage children to write letters to editors on current affairs, or about school-related issues.) “Philip moaned and groaned about writing the reports, but in the end, he was happy he put the effort in,” notes his mother. “And his ability to express himself really improved.”
    5. It’s the daily doses of stimulation — intellectual, creative, esteem-building—that parents can give their children that have the greatest impact,” says an eminent researcher. In an informal study conducted in 1998 other researches surveyed successful college students about how they spent their free time from ages five to 12, then compared their activities with those of troubled youngsters. They found that the successful ones were more likely to play spontaneous games, more involved in household chores and more likely to engage in playful activities with their parents. Troubled youngsters spent far less time on chores or family games and more time on their own, planted in front of the TV or a video game.
    6. Often, when parents are drawing up their summer plans, their focus is on entertaining and enriching their children. But experts agree that a summer built completely around a child’s self-fulfillment won’t help a youngster mature into a high thinking, caring member of his family or community. Truly successful kids, say educators, are those who’ve learnt to budget time to help others—whether it’s helping an invalid neighbour or preparing their own family’s meals a couple of nights a week. Where parents fail, say experts, is in the wfay such responsibilities are presented. Too often, they’re trotted out as punishments instead of challenges. To make matters worse, parents often nag the child about the task, rather than simply setting a completion deadline and allowing the youngster to decide when and how he will meet it.
    7. For most parents of school-age kids, the largest block of time they’ll have with their children is in the summer. With a little advance preparation, parents can use the summer to help develop their youngsters into smarter, more creative, more caring human beings.

    Question.2.1. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the following questions briefly:
    (a) How can parents give the kids a special summer vacation?
    (b) In what new ways can kids use the skills they learn in the classroom during the
    summer? Mention any two.
    (c) What advantages did Philip have on writing the book reports?
    (d) Why should a summer vacation not be built completely around a child’s fulfillment?
    Answer. (a) Parents can give the kids a special summer by
    (i) building a relationship with their children
    (ii) stimulating them intellectually, creatively and by building their esteem.
    (b) During the summer vacations, kids can use skills they learn in the classroom in new ways. They can compare prices in grocery shops and sharpen their mental maths skills. They can take car trips to study maps and learn geography.
    (c) The advantages Philip had on writing the book reports were—
    (i) he won an autographed picture of a hockey star
    (ii) he had his name and one of his reports printed in the local newspaper.
    (d) A summer vacation should not be built around a child’s fulfillment because just focussing on entertainment does not help a youngster mature into a high thinking, caring member of his family or community. A successful kid is one who budgets time to help others.
    Question.2.2 Choose the most appropriate meaning of the given word from the options provided: 4
    (a) The word ‘frantic’ means…………….
    (i) well planned (ii) done quickly/ not organised
    (iii) meticulous (iv) fearless
    (b) The word ‘strategies’ means ………………..
    (i) plans (ii) layers
    (iii) rules (iv) schedules
    (c) The word ‘moaned’ means ……………….
    (i) to look at the moon (ii) to feel happy
    (iii) to shout loudly (iv) to make a low cry
    (d) The word ‘stimulation’ means ……………….
    (i) to stop (ii) to aggravate
    (iii) to excite or invigorate (iv) to put an end to
    Answer. (a) (ii) done quickly/not organised
    (b) (i) plans
    (c) (iv) to make a low cry
    (d) (iii) to excite or invigorate

    Question.3. The following newspaper clipping sets you thinking on the unpredictable weather patterns:
    Write a letter in about 100-120 words to the editor of a national daily bringing into light the uncertainty of the changing environment due to which the people of Leh had to suffer a great loss of life and property. Also urge him to appeal to the people to render help wholeheartedly to the sufferers at Leh. You may use your own ideas and the ideas from the unit, ‘Environment’. You are RamestyRama, 25 Vasundhara Colony, Chandigarh.
    You are Radhika/Raghav, B-12, Jawahar Market, New Delhi. You happened to see the following news item in the New Indian Express. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the editor of the newspaper registering your unhappiness at the lack of safety for women in Krishna Nagar, New Delhi. Mention the measures that can be adopted to solve the problem.
    25 Vasundhara Colony Chandigarh 6th October, 20xx
    The Editor
    The Times of India
    New Delhi
    Subject: People of Leh suffering due to uncertain weather and rains Sir
    Through the medium, of this letter I wish to bring to light the uncertainty of the changing environment due to which the people living in Leh have had to suffer great loss, both of life and property.
    The recent unexpected floods at Leh wiped off an entire village there. According to the Meteorological Department, such heavy rain is quite unheard of at this time of the year and they are attributing this unexpected phenomenon to global warming. Whatever be the reason, the end result is that the people of Leh suffered incessantly. We the citizens of the Earth must wake up to the situation and stop exploiting mother nature and the environment before it gets too late.
    I take this opportunity to urge the readers to render wholehearted help to these helpless people whose homes and property have been completely washed away by torrential rains. They need to be provided with dry foods, temporary shelter material, clothes, blankets, medicines, sanitation and agricultural aid to bring back some kind of normalcy in their devastated lives.
    In this critical situation it is a sincere appeal to you all to support these unfortunate flood victims of Leh whose lives have been adversely affected.
    Yours Sincerely Rama
    B-12, Jawahar Market New Delhi
    The Editor
    The New Indian Express New Delhi
    22nd March, 20xx
    Subject: Lack of Safety for women
    Through the medium of this letter I would like to express my deep concern and unhappiness at the lack of safety for women especially in Krishna Nagar, New Delhi. After reading about the incident of Gita, a working woman, who was attacked on her way back home, in your newspaper yesterday, I was extremely disturbed about the lack of safety for women in different areas of Krishna Nagar where women have become easy victims to numerous instances of chain-snatching and picking of pockets. I seriously feel that the police patrolling should be increased in this area as it begins to get dark. Plain clothesmen should be deployed to ensure safety of women. Moreover the Electricity Board should ensure that the faulty street-lights are repaired at the earliest so that the criminals are not able to use the onset of darkness to their advantage. These measures should be adopted to check this problem as soon as possible.
    Yours sincerely,

    Question.4. I was reading a book when I looked up. There in the window 1 saw ……………… complete the story in about 150-200 words describing what happened.
    Rohit decided to write a story for his school magazine, but due to ill-health he was unable to complete his story. Complete his story so that it could be given for publishing. On my way to school I met none other but a Genie—the fictional character, who rises out of a magic lamp Write the story in 150-200 words.
    Answer.I was reading a book when 1 looked up. There in the window I saw a cloud of smoke rising from below. I was in the study on the first storey of my house. 1 immediately rushed to see where the smoke was coming from. On looking down, to my horror I realized that there was a fire in my lawn . At once I called the fire brigade and shouted to raise an alarm in the house to alert my family members. My parents and I ran out to take stock of the situation to see the extent and enormity of the fire. Fortunately only one part of the hedge in the lawn was burning and the fire had not spread out to the entire area. We tried to put the fire out by dousing it with buckets of water and sand. Soon the fire brigade also arrived and the firemen took over the task of stopping the fire. We were fortunate that 1 saw the cloud of smoke at a good time or else the whole of our beautiful green garden would have burned down and gotten reduced to ashes. On doing a proper search, the firemen revealed the cause of the fire to be a burning cigarette left by the careless gardener near the hedges.
    On my way to school I met none other but a Genie — the fictional character, who rises out of a magic lamp and fulfils our wishes. So, you can imagine my astonishment when I encountered this Genie myself. At first, I was too stunned and dumbfounded to even react. But gradually, I realized that I could now make a wish which was sure to be fulfilled. The Genie then asked me what my wishes were. Excitedly, I told the Genie that I wanted a computer, an I-pod and a Robot who could do my work for me. The Genie promised to fulfil my first two demands but on the third he wrinkled his brows and said that it was not possible to get that kind of a gadget and the access to such a gadget would make me physically and mentally lazy and this was one thing that he as a Genie could never even think of doing. As promised, I got my I-pod and computer but they too vanished as soon as I got up from sleep and my dream was over.

    Question.5. Complete the passage given below choosing the correct alternatives. 3
    I heard the noise first, the sound (a)……………….. screeching tyres. A car, obviously, out of control was rushing straight towards me and my four year old son as we stood on the footpath (b)………………. to cross the street. There was no time to do (c) ………………… ; it happened in a millisecond. The vision of that big car (d)…………………….. the footpath a metre or so from us will never be erased (e)……………………. my memory. I don’t know how close the car came to us, because I turned (f) ……………… at the last moment
    (a)(i) from into (iii) for (iv) of
    (b)(i)wait (ii) waited (iii) waiting (iv) waits
    (c)(i) nothing (ii) anything (iii) none (iv) something
    (d)(i) is hitting (ii)hit (iii) hitting (iv) was hit
    (e)(i) in (ii) from (iii) towards (iv) within
    (f) (i) inside (ii) out (iii) under (iv) away
    Answer.(a) (iv) of (b) (iii) waiting
    (d)(iii) hitting (c) (ii) from
    (e)(ii) anything (f) (iv) away

    Question.6. In the following passage, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing words along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. 4
    They reached the dam nine e.g. dam at nine
    in the morning. Stopped in the (a) _ _ _
    garden near dam and left their (b) _ _ _
    food in rest room. In the garden (c) _ _ _
    there several beehives. The (d) _ _ _
    boys girls had their tea and went (e) _ _ _
    to the dam. Water flowing (f) _ _ _
    over the dam. They the sight. (g) _ _ _
    Suddenly, there lightning and it began to rain heavily. (h)
    Answer.(a) morning They stopped
    (b) near the dam
    (c) in the rest
    (d) there were several
    (e) boys and girls
    (f) Water was flowing
    (g) They enjoyed the
    (h) there was lightning

    Question.7. Rearrange the following to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done for you. 3
    Example : the body / neglected / the teeth / one of / are / the most / parts of /
    The teeth are one of the most neglected parts of the body.
    (a) the pain / we go / only when / to the / unbearable / dentist / becomes /
    (b) dental hygiene / in kids / be inculcated / should /
    (c) solve / dental / brushing / can / the teeth / woes / most /
    Answer.(a) We go to the dentist only when the pain becomes unbearable.
    (b) Dental hygiene should be inculcated in kids.
    (c) Brushing the teeth can solve most dental woes.

    Question.8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
    But must I confess how I liked him,
    How glad I was he had come like a guest in quiet, to drink at my water-trough And depart peaceful, pacified, and thankless,
    Into the burning bowels of this earth?
    (a) What is the poet’s instinctive reaction on seeing the snake?
    (b) How does he treat the snake?
    (c) Why was the snake pacified?
    Answer. (a) The poet likes the snake.
    (b) The poet treats the snake like a guest.
    (c) As its thirst was quenched, the snake was pacified.
    (a) The incident referred to here is the time when the conspirators stabbed Caesar one by one.
    (b) The cut wound that Brutus’ stab caused Caesar was the most unkindest cut’ because Caesar could not believe that Brutus, whom he considered his true friend, had betrayed him and joined hands with the conspirators.
    (c) The speaker (Mark Antony) is addressing the Roman citizens,

    Question.9 Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each. 8
    (a) HOW did Mark Antony prove that Caesar was not ambitious?
    (b) What does the expression on the face of the statue convey?
    (c) Why did the Wedding-Guest “beat his breast”?
    (d) The news of the “miracle recovery” shocked Michael. Why?
    (e) Describe the past of Patol Babu as an actor.
    Answer. (a) Antony reminds the people that the public treasury was full of wealth charged for the release of slaves whom Caesar brought to Rome as captives. Caesar shared the sorrows of the poor and wept with them and refused the Roman Crown thrice thus proving to the people that Caesar was not ambitious.
    (b) The statue’s facial expression conveys that he was upset about something because he is frowning and sneering. It also conveys ‘the old command’ of an absolute ruler who can do what he wants without thinking of other people.
    (c) The Wedding-Guest could hear the sound of the bassoon which signalled the arrival of the bride and meant that the wedding ceremony would begin soon. But he was not able to attend the celebrations and was forced to listen to the mariner’s tale so he beat his breast in utter desperation.
    (d) Michael was shocked by the news of the ‘miracle recovery’ because it was about the recovery from coma of a boy whom Michael had gotten to know so well recently. The boy was Sebastian Shultz, his companion in the psycho-drive game. Michael had eventually succeeded in saving him after several failed attempts and now the real Sebastian too had come out of coma. Michael was shocked on discovering that the real Sebastian and the one in the game were the same person.
    (e) Patol Babu had a real passion for acting at one time. He was always in demand in ‘Jatras’, in amateur theatricals, in plays put up by the club in his neigbourhood. There was a time when people bought tickets especially to see him act.
    Question.10. In the play ’Julius Caesar’ we meet the Roman mob which displays certain qualities and characteristics which we can categorize as the ’mob-mentality’.
    Write a short article on ’Unchanged Mob Mentality’ in about 80-100 words.
    ’Success quotient varies from person to person. Many want materialistic gains but a few only want fulfillment.’ Discuss this statement in the context of the lesson ’Patol Babu, Film Star’, highlighting the values of selflessness and contentment. Write your answer in 80-100 words.
    Answer. Unchanged Mob Mentality
    When we talk about ’Mob Mentality’ it conjures up an image of an aggressive, chaotic group of people. This image of the mob has remained unchanged since time immemorial. Confusion or even panic prevails when people are in a large group. People in a crowd have a tendency to suddenly begin rushing in one direction, although many people in the group do not even know why this is happening, they just sense the urgency in the group and thus rush in the direction of the group. The word ’mob’ has always had negative connotations. One immediately imagines a wild and aggressive crowd feeding on each other’s panic. When people are part of a group, they often experience a loss of self¬awareness and thus they are less likely to follow normal restraints and lose their sense of individuality and identity. This has been the basic mob mentality which will never change.
    Patol Babu was highly satisf ied that the acting part that had been assigned to him had been done very well. Ail the past years of struggle had not been able to diminish or ever hamper his acting abilities in the least. He very much doubted the fact that the film unit people would be able to appreciate the labour and imagination that he had put into this one shot. So even though he needed the money very badly he felt the remuneration he would be given would be insignificant when measured against the intense feeling of satisfaction that he had got for doing his small job with perfection and dedication. So he walked away before he could be paid for his role. Inspite of the fact that he needed money badly, he chose not to take it as it was negligible compared to the contentment he felt at his perfected and dedicated performance. For Patol babu, the fact that he was able to perform his miniscule role with perfection was a big success in itself. He felt extremely satisf ied at his undiminished acting talent. For him personal satisfaction was more important than a financial reward.

    Question.11A. What, according to Anne, is the best remedy for fear, loneliness and unhappiness? 10
    Give a brief character sketch of Margot Frank.
    Answer. Anne feels the best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely and unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God. It is only then that one feels that all is and it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature^ As long as this exists, and it certainly always will, Anne knows there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. Anne also firmly believes that nature brings solace in all troubles and as long as she lives to see the sunshine, the cloudless skies she cannot be unhappy.
    Anne’s older sister Margot was bom in Frankfurt in 1926. She receives little mention in Anne’s diary and Anne does not provide a real insight into her character. Anne thinks that Margot is smart, pretty and emotional and everyone’s favorite. But Anne is never able to form a close bond with Margot and even when Margot is mentioned in the diary it is only to highlight her jealousy and anger. Anne also feels that Margot is never rebuked by their father and mother whereas they always scold her for everything. They were always more partial towards Margot as if she v/ere the victim of some great injustice and so finally Anne becomes quite indifferent to Margot’s moods.

    Question.11B. How was Helen tutored by Mr. Merton S. Keith of Cambridge? 10
    Give a brief character sketch of Helen Keller.
    Answer. From February 1898, Mr. Keith came out to Wrentham twice a week, and taught Helen algebra, geometry, Greek and Latin. Miss Sullivan interpreted his instruction. For eight months Mr. Keith gave her lessons five times a week in periods of about an hour, explaining each time what Helen did not understand in the previous lesson, assigning her new home work and taking home with him the Greek exercises which she had written during the week on her typewriter, correcting them fully and returning them to her. In this way Helen’s preparation for college continued without interruption under Mr. Keith’s guidance. Helen found it much easier and more pleasant to be receiving personal tuition and attention.
    Helen Keller is the main character of the novel ‘The Story7 of My Life’. Despite being blind and deaf, she shows hardly any repugnance for her state. She is a sensitive girl who is extremely close to her family, specially her mother. She is always relating what she does with them and all the things that they do for her. Helen Keller’s remarkable trait is that she is always trying to improve herself and she likes to find new ways to express herself and communicate with others. Helen is a determined and strong girl who through her life demonstrates that obstacles, whether they are physical or social can be overcome. She is a heroic figure who overcomes extreme hardships to accomplish the most impressive goals.

    SET II

    Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set-I.
    Question.3. Many species of animals are getting extinct. This is going to disturb the ecological balance. Write a letter in about 100-120 words to the editor of a newspaper on why this is happening and on the need for conservation. You may take help from the unit, ‘Environment’ and from the notes given below. You are Rohit / Rachna, 21 Esplanade Road, Nainital. 5
    • Poaching
    • Deforestation
    • Upsets balance of ecosystem
    • Strict implementation of laws against poaching
    21, Esplanade Road Nainital
    22nd October, 20xx
    The Editor The Daily Times XYZ City
    Subject: Urgent need for conservation of the environment
    Through the medium of this letter 1 wish to express my concern and anxiety over how man’s wanton disregard for the flora and fauna is disturbing nature’s ecological balance and how by doing this man is gradually digging his own grave. ,
    The Earth’s species are dying out at an alarming rate, upto a thousand times faster than their natural rate of extinction. A study reveals that we are currently experiencing the worst phase of species die-offs since the loss of the dinosaurs thousands of years ago. Unlike past mass extinctions caused by natural events like volcanic eruptions, natural climate shifts etc,, the current crisis is almost entirely caused by us humans who poach or hunt animals despite the fact that it is illegal. The government needs to adopt mechanisms for strict implementation of laws to prevent poaching. Foot patrolling, which is an effective way to control inconspicuous poaching activities should be heightened. The need of conservation is the urgent need of the times.
    I hope you will publish my letter in your esteemed newspaper so that the attention of the concerned authorities can once again be directed to the urgency of strengthening laws for conservation of our environment.
    Yours Sincerely,

    Question.5. Complete the passage given below choosing the correct alternatives. 3
    I was a 13-year old boy (a)………………… a neighbour from our apartment building asked me to carry (b) …………. some coal for her heating and cooking every day. She was a (c)…………….. lady, who lived on the fifth floor. Carrying coal to our second floor flat had
    been one of my (d) ………………. at the time. Grandma thought that I shouldn’t take (e)………………. money from my neighbour, but my mother thought there was nothing wrong with it. So I had a chance to learn (f)…………………
    (a) (i) where (ii) whose (iii) when (iv) who
    (b) (i) out (ii) in (iii) away (iv) up
    (c) (i) respectfully (ii) respectable (iii) respectful (iv) respect
    (d) (i) chore (ii) work (iii) chores (iv) works
    (e) (i) some (ii) any (iii) little (iv) no
    (f) (i) which (ii) what (iii) when (iv) where
    Answer. (a) (ii) when (b) (iv) up (c) (ii) respectable
    (d) (iii) chores (e) (ii) any (f) (ii) what

    Question.9 Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 zvords each. 8
    (a) What do the terms ‘trunkless legs’ and ‘shattered visage’ signify?
    (b) Why was the dead albatross hung around the neck of the ancient mariner?
    (c) What is the poet’s instant reaction when he catches sight of a snake near his water trough?
    (d) How did Patol Babu react to the news given to him by Nishikanto Ghosh?
    (e) Why did the news of the miracle recovery shock Michael?
    Answer. (a) The “shattered visage” which is a massive crumbling stone head lies half buried in the sand and gives us the first close image of a fallen king. It describes something in pieces. The legs which are “vast” but “trunkless” are two contrasting images. The legs are in a desert, giving the image of a vast barren land with just the remains of the statue.
    (b) The sailors removed the holy cross and hu ng the dead albatross around the neck of the ancient mariner as a form of punishment for his wanton act of killing an innocent and harmless bird. This would be a constant reminder of the heinous act he had committed due to which he was not worthy of the holy cross around his neck.
    (c) The poet’s instant reaction on seeing a snake near his water trough is one of fear. He then observes the snake more closely out of a sense of curiosity and is quite easily fascinated by the its graceful and dignified movements which appeal to the poet.
    (d) Patol Babu had never expected such news that too at the start of the day. It was beyond his wildest dreams that an opportunity to act in a film would come to a 52-year old non-entity like him. So he was extremely excited on receiving this news from Nishikanto Ghosh. He was so excited to hear this news that he even mixed up his wife’s shopping list while buying provisions.
    (e) The news article mentioned that a fourteen year old boy called Sebastian Shultz, who had gone into coma following an accident, had miraculously recovered. Michael was shocked to read this because when he saw the picture of Sebastian, he realized that he was the same person whom he had met in the virtual world and was trying to rescue him. Michael couldn’t understand how the boy in the game and the one who just came out of coma could be the same.


    Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I and Set II.
    Question.3. You happened to notice a lot of garbage strewn in your locality. The inefficiency of the authorities in clearing the garbage on time has resulted in an unbearable stink. The people feel that this indifference is sure to spread diseases. Write a letter in about 100¬120 words to the editor of a newspaper on this problem and what you think can be done to curb this menace. You can take help from the unit on ‘Environment’ and the hints given below. You are Raju/Renuka, 251, Gitanjali Apartments, Delhi. 5
    • Proper garbage dumping facility
    • Civic sense in people
    • Resident association to take charge
    • Authorities to be alert
    251, Gitanjali Apartments Delhi
    16th November, 20xx
    The Editor
    The Hindustan Times K.G. Marg New Delhi
    Subject: Inefficiency of authorities in clearing garbage Sir
    Through the medium of this letter I wish to bring to the notice of the Municipal Corporation the inefficiency of the concerned authorities in clearing the garbage on time in our locality.
    The accumulated garbage gives out an unbearable stink making it difficult for the residents to walk in the colony. The garbage that is strewn around attracts a lot of mosquitoes and flies. The people of our locality feel that this indifference on the part of the authorities is sure to spread diseases. Our repeated complaints have fallen on deaf ears. It is our request to the MCD to allow the Residents’ Association to take charge of allocating responsible agencies with the job of clearing garbage on time. We will ensure that the garbage is dumped at the right place at the right time. This will also enable us to keep our locality clean and hygienic and help instill a sense of civic awareness among the residents.
    I sincerely hope you will publish my letter in your esteemed newspaper so that our woes are brought to the notice of the Municipal Corporation and we are able to live in hygienic surroundings.
    Yours Sincerely Renuka

    Question.5. Complete the passage given below choosing the correct alternatives. 3
    Bilaal first learnt the value of helping (a)……………… children when he was four. He saw pictures of the utter (b)………………….. the earthquake in Bhuj had caused. Even at that young age Bilaal (c)…………….. imagine the suffering of the children left without parents.
    (a) (i) others (ii) another (iii) other (iv) another
    (b) (i) destructed (ii) destruction (in) demolition (iv) destruct
    (c) (i) could (ii) can (iii) should (iv) would
    Answer. (a) (iii) other (b) (ii) destruction (c) (i) could

    Question.9 Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each. 8
    (a) What had Caesar written in his will? Why did Antony read it to the Romans?
    (b) Why, according to Ozymandias should the ‘Mighty’ despair?
    (c) Why is Michael unable to rescue Sebastian Shultz in the first game?
    (d) John wants the ghost of Helen to disappear before Lavinia appears on the scene. Why?
    (e) What did Patol Babu do for a living after having been retrenched?
    Answer. (a) Caesar had left seventy-five drachmas for each Roman. He had willed all his walks, his private gardens and newly planted orchards beside Tiber river for the pleasure and recreation of the Romans And their heirs. Antony read out Caesar’s will to the Romans so that they could realize Caesar’s true worth and avenge his death at the hands of the conspirators.
    (b) Ozymandias feels the ‘Mighty’ should despair because his own achievements are going to make their glories inadequate. No matter how hard his fellow kings try, their exploits can never match up to those of Ozymandias and his glory will make them pale into insignificance.
    (c) In the first game ‘Wildwest’ Michael and Shultz try to escape being shot by Black-eyed Jed but their attempt fails and they are surrounded by Jed and his men. Then Jed fires a shot and as Shultz tells Michael to duck, he himself is hit by the bullet and slumps back against Michael. Thus Michael fails to rescue him in the first game.
    (d) John wants Helen, the ghost, to disappear because he feels his wife, Lavinia, who is a bit jealous and possessive might overreact on seeing him with another woman. Moreover John is anxious that his wife might in all likelihood swoon on encountering a ghost as he thinks that she is a rather sensitive lady.
    (e) Patol Babu opened a variety store but he had to wind it up after five years. Then he had a job in a Bengali firm but had to give it up due to high handedness of the boss. Then he remained a salesman for ten years. Of late he had been with a firm dealing with scrap iron.


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