Study MaterialsSC Scholarship 2020 | List, Eligibility, Awards, Application Process

SC Scholarship 2020 | List, Eligibility, Awards, Application Process

SC Scholarship 2020 West Bengal: The scheduled caste (SC) students are given SC Scholarships to allow them to pursue their higher studies without any financial constraints. A variety of SC scholarships are provided by the Department of Social Welfare and Empowerment, Government of India, along with their state-level affiliates. The purpose of these scholarships is to provide adequate financial assistance to economically disadvantaged and meritorious students. An SC scholarship is split into the pre-matric, post-matric, national fellowship of Rajiv Gandhi and scholarship from overseas.

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    This article introduces you to all important SC scholarship information such as the complete list of SC scholarships, their eligibility, the application process, award details, selection criteria, required documents and more.

    SC Scholarship – Objectives and Coverage

    By providing full financial support, the Scheme seeks to identify and encourage quality education among students belonging to SCs. The program will protect students from SC to follow studies above 12th grade. The system will operate in all schools approved by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

    A scholarship will be awarded to SC students who secure admission to the notified institutions to meet the requirements for full tuition fees and non-refundable fees (there will be a ceiling of Rs. 2.00 lakhs per year per student for private sector institutions and Rs. 3.72 lakhs per year per student for private sector flying clubs for commercial pilot training and type rating). Books and stationery @ Rs. 3000/-per year per student and the latest computer with accessories such as UPS, Printer, Multi-media limited to Rs. 45000/-per student as one-time support during the course.

    The Institute will provide the award winners with computers and supplies. Alternatively, the Institute may also consider reimbursing the costs of buying the computer from a student. Only Rs. 45,000/-given, the software and accessories are purchased from a reputable manufacturer/supplier. Due to adequate results, the scholarship, if granted, will continue until the course is completed.

    SC Scholarships Eligibility

    Students from the SC who have obtained admission to the approved institutions in compliance with the requirements specified by the respective institutions shall be eligible for scholarships under the system to the sum of the number of scholarships allotted to the respective institutions. In the case that the amount of admitted students meets the number of awards, the grant will be limited to the highest in the inter-se merit list.

    The remaining SC students admitted to the college in various courses shall be eligible as a federally funded scheme for the Post-Matric Scholarship (PMS) administered by this Ministry, given that such students are otherwise eligible for the scheme. In the event that the Institute finds that the number of eligible candidates in the 1st year is less than the number of scholarships allocated to it, the balance scholarships may be offered to students studying in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year, etc. one of the inter-secondary merits of the results of the previous year, giving priority to those with a higher number of years left to complete their respective course, i.e. 1st year to get priority over the 2nd year and so on.

    Thirty percent (30 percent) of the slots allotted to the Institute shall be reserved according to their inter-se merit to deserving SC girl students. In the absence of a sufficient number of girl students, the slots may be allocated according to their merit to deserving by students. Moreover, the 30 million slots as stated above will not include girl students chosen on the basis of their success in the Institute’s overall merit list of SC students.

    If there is more than one student with equivalent marks for the last available slot in an institution; priority may be granted to the student with the lowest parental income.

    The Scheme’s advantage will not be extended to more than two siblings in a household. Students must send an affidavit in the Institute to this extent and confirm that he/she is not the family’s 3rd sibling who profits from the Program.

    The total annual family income ceiling for all sources under the Scheme shall be Rs. 6.00 lakh and the general selection criteria for any institution’s eligible candidates shall be the merit. Furthermore, if there is more than one candidate with equivalent marks for the last available slot in an institution; priority may be granted to the applicant with the lowest parental income.

    The scholarship will be paid immediately after a student has obtained entry and has started attending classes. If the student fails to pass the final exam, the scholarship will be canceled. Nonetheless, he will still be qualifying for the Post-Matric Scholarship.

    SC Scholarship List

    The following table provides information for SC students in India on all types of scholarships available. You should look for and qualify for a scholarship that suits the criteria within the timeframe defined. You’ll also hear about the amount of SC scholarships that the governments are providing.

    Scholarship No of Scholarship Timeline for application
    NA April
    NA April
    2,000 July-October
    National Overseas Scholarship for SC 100 December (once in an academic year)

    National Overseas Scholarship for SC

    Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India launched the National Overseas Scholarship initiative to support financially constrained SC students/professionals to be able to study abroad through this fellowship. Applications are eligible for applications from students or professionals belonging to the SC category who wish to pursue a master’s or Ph.D. in institutes abroad.

    Engineering and management, pure science and applied science, agricultural science and medicine, international trade, accounting finance, humanities, social science, and fine arts are the fields of study covered by this SC scholarship scheme.

    Types of allowance US UK
    Annual maintenance allowance USD 15,400 GBP 9,900
    Research/teaching assistantship Supplemented Supplemented
    Contingency USD 1,500 GBP 1,100
    Incidental journey allowance USD 20 NA
    VISA fees, poll tax, etc. Actual fees Actual fees
    Air travel, Local travel, etc. As applicable As applicable

    For the actual amount to be paid on the nominee by the Government of India, the chosen applicant will have to conduct a bond on a non-judicial stamp paper before a notary. The candidates are not required to change the course of study or research while making use of the scholarship.


    • Applicants from the SC category may apply.
    • They must be under 35 years of age.
    • In their last examination, applicants must have secured more than 55 percent marks.
    • The annual income from the family should not exceed Rs. 6 Lakh per year.

    Application Process

    The applicants can follow the steps below to apply online for this SC Scholarship

    • Step – 1: Click here to start the application.
    • Step – 2: To create login details, click the’ Register Yourself ‘ button.
    • Step – 3: Log in to your account once you have registered successfully to proceed with the application.
    • Step – 4: Complete all required details including personal details, details of employment, work details and details of visas.
    • Step – 5: Upload the following documents
      • Caste certificate
      • Birth certificate
      • Photograph of the applicant
      • Scanned signature of the applicant
      • Current address proof
      • Permanent address proof
      • Sheet/degree Qualification
      • Valid document for marks
      • Valid report on entry to the Foreign University
      • Income Certificate of all the family members
      • NOC certificate of the Employer family
    • Step – 6: Apply electronically through the completed application form.

    Selection Process

    Students who have already been admitted to the academic being applied by an authorized body in that country in one of the accredited foreign universities or institutions. On the basis of the criteria given here, the recruitment and testing committee should make appropriate recommendations.

    Pre-Matric Scholarship for SC

    This SC scholarship is offered by the Indian Government and implemented by the State Government or territories of the Union (UT). The goal is to provide financial support to Class 9th and 10th students and to reduce their dropout due to lack of funds so that they can continue their higher studies. The amount of financial support that each scholar will receive under this scheme is given under this scheme.

    Award Day scholars Hostellers
    Scholarship per month (for 10 months) Rs. 225 Rs. 525
    Books and Ad-hoc grants per annum Rs. 750 Rs. 1,000


    • Students should be classified as SC.
    • Parents should not exceed the annual income of Rs. 2.5 Lakh per year.
    • The students should not receive any other central government funds.
    • The applicant should be a regular student recognized by the government or the Central / State Board of Secondary Education in a government school or school.

    Application Process

    • Students will submit through the National Science Portal (NSP) or portals of the respective state.
    • Together with the main application, the following documents should be uploaded: passport size photo, self-tested certificate copies, diploma, degree, etc. caste certificate, and income statement.

    Post-Matric Scholarship for SC

    Course Day Scholar allowance (for ten months) Hostellers allowance (for ten months) Readers allowance (for blind candidates)
    Group 1 – (I) Graduate and postgraduate courses in Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Agriculture, etc. (II) Management and Medicine postgraduate courses. (III) CA / ICWA / CS / ICFA and so on (IV) MPhil, Ph.D. and postdoctoral programs Rs. 1,200 Rs. 550 Rs. 240
    Group 2 – Professional degree program, Pharmacy certificate, medical, etc. Rs.820 Rs.530 Rs.240
    Group 3 – Graduate and post-graduate courses not covered by Group 1 and 2 Rs.570 Rs.300 Rs.200
    Group 4 – Post matriculation level non-degree courses (10th passed) Rs.380 Rs.230 Rs.160

    The students will also receive reimbursement for non-refundable fees, study tour fees, thesis typing/printing fees, book allowance, and book bank facilities in addition to the maintenance allowance.


    • This scholarship may be applied for/by SC students enrolled in postgraduate or post-secondary courses at recognized institutes/universities/colleges.
    • The parents/guardians’ annual family income should not exceed Rs. 2.5 Lakh per annum

    Application Process

    • The application form can be filled out online via the national scholarship portal (NSP) or national portal.
    • Candidates must ensure that they upload scanned required documents such as self-tested certificate copies, diplomas, degrees, etc., and caste certificates & declarations of income.

    Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for SC

    The SC students receive support from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment for the Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship or RGNF program. There are 2,000 scholarships awarded annually to students of SC. Students should be enrolled in the University Grants Commission (UGC) recognized universities. The fellowships are for M.Phil and the Ph.D. in particular.

    Course name Duration Amount Subjects
    M.Phil 2 years For the original 2 years Rs. 25,000 (JRF) Rs. 28,000 (SRF) for the remaining term Humanities, Social science, and Science
    P.HD. 5 years Rs. 25,000 (JRF) for the initial two years Rs. 28,000 (SRF) for the remaining tenure Rs. 10,000 Engineering and Technology
    For the initial two years Rs. 20,500 (for the remaining tenure) Rs. 12,000 Contingency for humanities and social science
    For the initial two years Rs. 25,000 for the remaining tenure Rs. 3,000 per year per student to the host institution Contingency for science, engineering, technology
    Rs. 2,000 per month for students with physical disabilities Departmental assistance


    • Only students from the SC category can apply.
    • You have to get admission in MPhil/Ph. D. University degree or university degree.

    Application Process

    • On the official website of the RGNF, students can fill out an online application.
    • There are two sections to the application: (1) personal details (2) educational skills and research experience.
    • Applicants must upload scanned copies of the following documents: mark sheets and certificates of the institution (all in PDF format or JPG format).

    FAQ’s on SC Scholarship 2020

    Question 1.
    Which is the main authority that provides the SC Scholarships?

    A variety of SC scholarships are provided by the Department of Social Welfare and Empowerment, Government of India, along with their state-level affiliates.

    Question 2.
    How many different types of SC Scholarships are available currently?

    An SC scholarship is split into the pre-matric, post-matric, national fellowship of Rajiv Gandhi and scholarship from overseas.

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