EnglishEssayEssay on My Best Friend for Children and Students

Essay on My Best Friend for Children and Students

Essay on My Best Friend: Everyone should have a best friend. My best friend is very special. We have lots of bonding moments like playing games, drawing pictures, or sharing snacks during recess. A best friend is someone you can have fun with and trust.

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    I have many friends in school, but my best friend is the one I share my toys and secrets with. We promise to keep each other’s secrets, which shows our trust in friendship. Sometimes we might have small fights or disagreements, but we always say sorry and make up quickly. That’s because best friends care about each other’s feelings.

    We also help each other. If I forget my pencil or eraser, my best friend always shares theirs with me. When I’m feeling sad, they tell jokes to make me laugh. And when they need help, I’m always there for them. This is the friend’s support that we give to each other.

    Long and Short Essay on My Best Friend in English

    We have provided below short and long essay on My Best Friend in English.

    The essays have been written in simple yet effective English to let you easily memorize it and present it when needed.

    After going through the essay you will know what is a best friend, how important is a best friend, how does a best friend helps us in life and in studies etc.

    These My Best Friend essay will be extremely helpful in your school/college events for essay writing, debate or speech giving.

    My Best Friend Essay (10 Lines)

    1. My best friend’s name is Raghav, and we’ve known each other since nursery.
    2. We live in the same colony and share countless memories from our early days.
    3. Raghav is tall, fair, smart, and a true leader in every sense.
    4. He excels in his studies, always impressing our teachers with his dedication.
    5. We often share our lunch and love playing carom at home.
    6. Music and cartoons are our favorite pastimes, bringing us even closer.
    7. Raghav is always punctual and values good manners, setting a great example for all.
    8. We help each other with homework, especially if one of us misses school.
    9. Our shared love for drawing brings out our creative sides during free time.
    10. Together, we eagerly await family trips during the vacations, making memories that last a lifetime.

    My Friend Essay for Class 1

    I have a best friend named Raghav. We live in the same place and play together. We met when we were very small in nursery class. Raghav is tall and looks very smart. We sit next to each other in school and share our lunch. We both like to listen to music, watch cartoons, and play games. Sometimes, we draw pictures and share our toys. Raghav is very good in class and always does his homework. I like spending time with him because he is kind and helps me when I need it. We have lots of fun together, and I am happy he is my friend.

    My Best Friend Essay 1 (100 words)

    My closest friend since school days is Archana. Our friendship journey began in kindergarten and remains strong. Archana, with her fair skin and charming dimples, is not just pretty but also incredibly smart. She’s someone I deeply admire and feel connected to. From the very first day, we clicked and became inseparable friends. Her vibrant personality, full of entertainment and joy, makes our bond even stronger. Archana is also very understanding, showcasing true friendship qualities by always being there for me, whether I’m facing challenges in friendship or celebrating our bonding moments. We are both classmates, ensuring we spend time together at school, and we also enjoy playing sports daily at the nearby ground close to our homes.

    My Best Friend Essay 2 (150 words)

    True friendship is a rare jewel, and only a few are fortunate to experience it. Amongst the many acquaintances we make, finding a lifelong friend is a unique blessing. I count myself incredibly fortunate to have such a friend since my early years. His name is Naveen, and our bond remains unbroken.

    Naveen isn’t just special to me; he stands out in a crowd. I cherish our bonding moments and value the trust in our friendship deeply. Together, we navigate our way through class 7, supporting each other academically. Naveen possesses admirable qualities: he’s loved by all, including my parents, our class teacher, and our neighbors. His excellence in academics sets an example in our class.

    Never one to be late, Naveen is the epitome of punctuality. His dedication to his studies is evident in his timely completion of homework, and his neatness is reflected in his well-kept books. Inspired by his impeccable writing, he motivates me to improve mine too.

    My Best Friend Essay 3 (200 words)

    Having a best friend is like having a precious treasure, and mine is named Raghav. Living next door, we’ve been neighbors and best buddies since our nursery days. From day one, we’ve sat side by side in class, sharing stories and dreams without hesitation. We’ve grown to know and anticipate each other’s needs, forming a bond based on mutual understanding and trust.

    Raghav stands out with his leadership skills, complemented by his tall stature, fair skin, and smart appearance. Not just blessed with good looks, he excels academically and is the apple of our class teacher’s eye. His punctuality, diligent attention to classwork, and impeccable manners have earned him this admiration.

    Lunchtime sees us sharing our Tiffin, and he always respects and values my feelings, being the supportive pillar I can lean on. Remarkably, we have many shared interests, from our hobbies to our dislikes. Both of us are fans of music, love watching cartoons, and enjoy challenging each other to carom games at home. Whether it’s assisting each other with schoolwork or enjoying arts and drawing landscapes during our free moments, we’re inseparable. Our bonding moments extend beyond school too; we look forward to winter and summer vacations when we can embark on tours and picnics with our families.

    My Best Friend Essay 4 (250 words)

    The name of my best friend is Jyoti. She is my good friend and cares for me a lot. She behaves me well and helps always. I met her in class 6 and became best friend. She is my true friend because she understands me very well and cares for my every need. I like her very much. I never had any friend like her ever before. She comes to my home and I too go to her home. Our parents respects us very much and like our friendship. She is so precious for me and I never want to lose her. Whenever I get absent in the classroom, she helps me in doing all the left home works and class works.

    She is much similar to me in many aspects. She never argues me and describes me well anything which I get stuck. She is an open minded girl and never feels bad for my misbehave. She is very entertaining in nature and makes me laugh through her interesting jokes and talks in the spare time. She is very cute and attractive, attracts everyone through her smile and nice way of talk. She promotes me always to do better in the classroom and exams. We are good in sports and academic activities. She takes my opinions in her every tough work to do in the right way. We manage to share things in our difficult times. We always perform better in the class tests and main exams.

    My Best Friend Essay 5 (300 words)

    I have lots of friends from my childhood but Rushi is my best friend forever. She lives in the apartment adjacent to my house with her parents. She is a nice girl and helping in nature. True friendship is very necessary to all of us to go ahead and get right track in the life. Getting best and true friends in the life is very tough task however some luckiest one get it. She is the first person among my all friends whom I can share my all feeling. She is very good in nature and helps everyone. She is a class monitor and loved by all teachers of the class. She performed well the sports and academic activities. She has good personality and love to help needy people.

    She is very friendly in nature to everyone and meets warmly. She thinks positively and motivates us all time. She talks very politely and never quarrels to me and others. She never tells lie and has good manners. She is very funny person and loves to tell us funny stories and jokes whenever we become sad. She is a compassionate friend and always cares for me. She has ability to do anything hard in her life and I always appreciate her for each small and big achievements. She is a popular student of the school because she is good in academic, sports and other extra activities.

    She always gets high score in the class tests and main exams. She explains any subjective matter in very easy way during exam time. She has good observation power and skill. She catches everything very fast whenever teacher explains in the classroom. She plays football very well and has taken part in many school level and district level competitions and won prizes too.

    My Best Friend Essay 6 (400 words)

    I have a best friend ever in my life named Ashutosh. He is someone special in my life who helps me in my every difficulty. He is someone who showed me right path. He always has time for me even in his busy schedule. He is my neighbour that’s why we become together even after school time. We go together at picnic whenever we get vacation from school. We enjoy our festival holidays together and with each other’s family. We go to see Ramlila fair in the Ramlila ground together and enjoy a lot. We always take part in every extracurricular activities of the school. We love to play cricket and carom at home. He is more than a mentor for me because he always gives me right decisions whenever I become in difficulty.

    He is so special for me in my life; I never do anything without him. He always become in a good mood and never compromise with wrong ways. He always does right things and motivates every one of us in the classroom to do the same. He always has smiling face even in his difficult times and never let his difficulties to come on his face. He is a good counsellor and loves to explain anything. He cares for his parents, grandparents and other family members. He obeys them always and other old people of the society. I met him first time when I was in the fifth grade and now we are in 8th standard in the same section.

    He is very tall and looks different from my other classmates. Once I was very upset because of money problem. I could not buy all necessary books in the class 6. He asked me, what happened and I told him my story. He said that, for this small problem you are so worry and not happy for some days. He laughed and told me that don’t worry we can share all books in the school as well as at home. You don’t need to buy even any single book for whole year. After that he made me laugh through his jokes and stories. I never forget that moment he helped me and always become ready to help him too. He is so practical and never mixes the personal and professional life. He helps me always whenever I get difficulties in solving my Maths homework. Our likes and dislikes never match however we are best friends.

    FAQs on Essay on My Best Friend

    What is a friend?

    A friend is someone who you can rely on and who you can trust.

    What is a best friend?

    A best friend is someone you can rely on and confide in. They are there for you when you need them and they always have your back.

    Write my best friend essay.

    My best friend is someone special whom I can share my all feelings. He is Raghav. He lives with me as my neighbour in the same colony. We met each other in the nursery class on the very first day. We sit together in the classroom and share everything very happily without any problem. We know each other very well as well as understand each other’s need.

    What is friendship?

    Friendship is a relationship between two people who are not related to each other and who have mutual affection for each other.

    Write some best friend quotes.

    A best friend is someone who loves you for who you are, not what you are. A best friend is someone who makes you laugh even when you don't want to. A best friend is someone who is always there for you, no matter what.

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