EnglishEssayEssay on Women Empowerment for Students

Essay on Women Empowerment for Students

Essay on Women Empowerment: Women empowerment means empowering the women by promoting their participation in all areas and sectors including economic, political, social, cultural and all other sectors of the society. Women empowerment is the empowering of women, which helps them to make their own decisions by breaking all personal limitations of the society and family.

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    Women empowerment is very necessary in today’s time. It is a powerful tool that can help women to overcome all kinds of discrimination and oppression. So, let’s know more about the women empowerment in the essays below.

    Essay on Women Empowerment

    Short and Long Essays on Women Empowerment

    We have provided below short and long essays on Women Empowerment in English for your information and knowledge. The essays have been written in simple yet effective English language to make them easily memorable and presentable on demand. After going through the essays you will know the true meaning of women empowerment and will be able to answer questions like what are the benefits of women empowerment; education and women empowerment; women empowerment and sustainable development etc. The essays will prove extremely helpful in your school, college essay writing, debate or speech giving competition.

    Essay on Women Empowerment in 100 words

    In a lay man’s term, woman empowerment refers to educating women so that they can become financially independent and make their own decisions. It also means that protection against any kind of violence is provided to them irrespective of any kind of discrimination.

    Women empowerment is fundamental to the progress of the nation and society. No nation can progress socially or economically if its women are left behind. If the women are not educated if they are not safe if the gender discrimination exists then the nation cannot progress and prosper.

    Essay on Women Empowerment in 150 words

    The term women empowerment is used to indicate steps taken to improve the status of women in society and diminishing all the existing gender differences. In a wider sense, it includes economical and social empowerment of women by taking a number of policy measures.

    Mandatory education of girl child and ensuring that each one of them is sent to school is a grand step towards woman empowerment. An educated woman can well take care of her own needs as well as the needs of her family. They get more say in the political and social setup and are more recognized. Making the women financially independent and safeguarding their interests and rights is the basic fundamental step towards their empowerment. Unless the women are free from gender discrimination and other divisions, an equal and fair society can’t be achieved.

    Essay on Women Empowerment in 200 words

    Women empowerment means empowering women by protecting their rights and providing security against any kind of criminal offenses. It also means that no discrimination against women.

    Education is the most important factor in empowering women. If women’s empowerment in true sense is ever to be realized, it could be only through education. An educated woman is like a teacher in the family who makes sure that every child goes to school, irrespective of whether it is a boy or a girl.

    A woman who is educated is able to secure a job for herself and meet her family’s everyday requirements. She becomes financially independent and makes her own decisions. Education brings prosperity not only to the woman and her family but also to the nation.

    Without education, women empowerment is a distant dream and there is no way Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved. If we want the women to be empowered we must educate them and make the education of girl child mandatory.

    Essay on Women Empowerment in 250 words

    Women Empowerment today, has become the most discussed topic around the world. In basic terms, it means to diminish the gender gap and providing equal opportunities and rights to men and women.

    In India, women have always been subjected to acts of physical violence and mental tortures since centuries. They are raped, physically assaulted, subjected to mental harassment, killed for dowry, experience workplace discrimination, paid less than men for the same job, not send to school, etc. This suppression of women in all the spheres of life is a major hindrance to the progress of the nation.

    Most of the work done by women in India is unpaid and is in the unorganized sector. Women in India constitute 49% of the agriculture workforce though they hold even less than 2% of the land. Almost half of the women in rural India don’t have a bank account in their own name and a few of them have a valuable asset in their name.

    Women’s contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India is at 17%, much lower than the global average of 37%. Nearly 54% of criminal offenses in India involve women and it is also reported that at national capital Delhi, over 90% of women have experienced some kind of physical or sexual offense in public places.

    The government of India is making progress by enacting new laws and implementing them, safeguarding the interests of women. The society, as well as other government and private organizations, must come forward to empower women.

    Essay on Women Empowerment in 300 words

    Women empowerment refers to providing the women economical, social and educational rights, without any kind of discrimination based on gender, class, religion or social status. It is an essential prerequisite for the development and progress of a nation.

    Benefits of Women Empowerment

    There are several benefits of women empowerment including that on society and as well as on the country. Some of the benefits of women empowerment are listed as under:

    • Women are able to live their life with dignity and self-respect.
    • The self-confidence of women is increased and they make progress contributing to the growth of the nation.
    • The social status of women is increased and they are better recognized and appreciated.
    • They are able to make financial decisions on their own and become financially independent.
    • Women empowerment paves the way for an equal society where no gender discrimination exists.
    • Women empowerment brings better health facilities for the women which in turns improve the overall health status of the country.
    • An earning woman adds to the family’s income and hence elevates its living standard and social status.
    • A well-educated woman ensures that her children are educated as well, making way to a prosperous nation.
    • Women empowerment will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030) as envisioned by the United Nations.

    Essay on Women Empowerment in 350 words

    Women Empowerment is a term used to indicate steps taken for improving the status of women in society. It refers to their social, political, educational, medical, economical and other forms of improvement. It is very essential for women to be provided equal and opportunities as that of men.

    Education and Women Empowerment

    The role of education is very essential when it comes to women empowerment. It is only through education that women gain access to better opportunities and income. Without education, they are forced to take up low paying jobs and always remain dependent on the men for their needs.

    Education is the only tool to make women financially independent and able to make financial decisions of their own. An educated woman is able to pursue her own dream and decide about her life and career.

    Women Empowerment and Sustainable Development

    Women empowerment is a key factor in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. SDG goal number 5 targets gender equality and women empowerment as the fundamental requirements for an equitable society and bringing sustainable development.

    Women around the world share the primary responsibilities of nutrition of the children, their education, and the management of the household. The presence of women in areas like environment, health and other vital sectors is also increasing.

    SDG 2030 aims for gender equality by eliminating all the root causes that curtail women’s rights in every sphere of life. Women are less paid for the same work than men in several developing as well as developed nations.

    Unless gender equality is achieved and women enjoy equal rights and opportunities as men, sustainable development would still be a distant dream. Educating women and bringing them on the forefront is the first thing to do if we ever want to achieve SDG goals by 2030.

    Essay on Women Empowerment in 400 words

    The term women empowerment is used to refer to the empowerment of women by providing them education and equal growth and employment opportunities equivalent to the men in society. In a broader perspective, women empowerment includes every step taken in different walks of life, with the intention of making the women more empowered.

    The Need for Women Empowerment

    Since centuries women around the world are subjected to various kinds of discrimination and atrocities at the hands of the men. They are more susceptible to domestic violence and considered inferior to the men.

    Girls in rural areas are not sent to the school as spending on the education of a girl is considered a failed investment and not necessary. On the other hand, boys are provided complete primary and elementary education and are seen as the backbone of the family and society.

    Economic Empowerment of Women

    Economic empowerment of women refers to making the women economically independent by developing their skills and making them employable. Policymakers work together with NGOs and other relevant organizations to arrange programs for women education and skill improvement, so that they can be either gainfully employed or do a business of their own.

    The financial independence of women is the first step towards improving their social status and self-esteem. Unless women become independent in fending for themselves and their families, all talks of women empowerment are useless.

    Political Empowerment of Women

    Political empowerment refers to the involvement of women in parliamentary positions and policymaking. As per 2017 estimates, women constitute around 23.6% of parliamentary positions, globally.

    Some methods of political empowerment of women are providing them the right to vote and allowing them to run high offices. Making reservations for the women in parliaments and other constitutional positions will help increase their stake in the political and administrative sphere.\

    Below are the list of topics related to Women empowerment present at IL

    Essay on Women Empowerment in 500 words

    Women Empowerment means providing the women more powers regarding their own will and wish, and making them financially independent and socially recognizable. In other words, the term “women empowerment” refers to diminishing the gender difference that exists in the society by providing the women equal opportunity to earn, work and make decisions as equivalent to the men.

    Why is Women Empowerment Required?

    It is a painful fact that every country of the world, be it developing or developed, has a history that speaks volumes about the ill-treatment of the women. Women are subjected to various kinds of physical and mental tortures, in their own family and also in society.

    Though, the situation has improved considerably from the past, more so in the developed countries. But, third world countries like India, Africa, etc. despite the improvements, still lag behind when it comes to empowering their women.

    Women in some societies are still treated as a commodity. They are expected only to do household chores, cook food, clean utensils, and clothes, etc. Educating a woman or a girl child is considered a taboo and a waste of time and money.

    They are also not allowed to socialize or do a job or business, as per their will. Everything that they do must be approved by the men in the family. A situation like this is absolutely unacceptable and poses a major hindrance to the development of a nation.

    How is Women Empowerment Established?

    There are various ways through which women empowerment could be achieved. Governments should establish a mechanism to ensure that women are provided equal opportunities in career and other fields as men.

    Special efforts must be made to educate women and girls so that they can be fruitfully employed. It is also the responsibility of the society to see that women get the proper opportunities in the entire spheres of life.

    Skill development programs, designed especially for women, are required to elevate their social and economic status. Education and skill development must be given the utmost importance in the case of women.

    Not only the governments but also civic societies must be active in working towards the empowerment of women on a priority basis. The interest of women in all walks of life must be safeguarded for the lifetime.

    Women should be provided with proper healthcare facilities without any discrimination of any kind. Healthcare is a very important sector when it comes to empowering women. Proper health facilities to women will ensure their continuous improvement in all the spheres of life.

    Essay on Women Empowerment FAQs

    What is women empowerment in short essay?

    Women empowerment is about giving women the power and opportunities to achieve their goals and make decisions in their lives.

    How do you write women empowerment?

    To write about women empowerment, focus on highlighting the importance of gender equality, education, economic independence, and equal rights for women.

    What are the 5 points of women empowerment?

    Five key points of women empowerment include education, economic opportunities, health and well-being, equal rights, and participation in decision-making.

    What is meant by women's empowerment?

    What is meant by women's empowerment? Women's empowerment means empowering women with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities needed to have control over their lives and make meaningful contributions to society.

    What are the 7 principles of women empowerment?

    The seven principles of women empowerment typically include gender equality, economic independence, education, health and well-being, freedom from violence, political participation, and equal opportunities.

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