EnglishparagraphParagraph on National Integration in English – Long and Short Paragraphs

Paragraph on National Integration in English – Long and Short Paragraphs

National Integration is a gesture that brings the people together despite many differences they possess. It has many advantages and unlike other things, it has no disadvantage. ‘National Integration’ is such a term that is very frequently used in debates related to politics, social issues and external problems etc. It is a very important factor for the continuous and tactful development of the country. National Integration is a very important topic and we should never miss a chance to get knowledge about National Integration.

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    Long and Short Paragraphs on National Integration in English

    We have prepared few paragraphs on National Integration. As we earlier said that it is a very important topic so we have brought for you these paragraphs to clear your every doubt. The topic is intriguing and we hope that you will also like these paragraphs.

    An important benefit of these National Integration paragraph is that you can also add some of the lines of any paragraph or the whole in your essays or speeches on National Integration. So let’s start reading and have fun.

    Paragraph on National Integration 1 (100 Words)

    The word ‘Integration’ refers to the unity at any level while ‘National’ refers something related to a nation. So ‘National Integration’ means the unity of the people living in a particular country no matter from which religion, caste, culture, tradition and gender etc. they belong. National Integration also talks about the unity of the people with different thoughts and opinions.

    In other words, we can say that National integration is a gesture of being together for the whole population of a country on any national issue despite their differences. It can be achieved with the cooperation of every person without skipping a single citizen.

    Paragraph on National Integration 2 (150 Words)

    National Integration is a sense of unity among the people of a Nation. It is a very important factor and can only be achieved if the people of a Country have faith in each other. All the people of a nation are like family members and being unite on any affair gives more strength and ability to dominate the rivals. It will not be wrong to say that National Integration is the primary need of every Nation.

    Unity is nothing but accepting and promoting the thoughts and beliefs of every fellow citizen. It is very important that we understand the feeling of each other and correct them if we find them wrong instead of criticizing them. Despite our personal profit, we would have to think about social welfare and goodwill of others if we want National Integration. National Integration demands to treat every citizen equally and to provide them every right rather than dominating them.

    Paragraph on National Integration 3 (200 Words)

    National Integration is not a term of less than the average value. In fact it is the strongest logic to show the power and ability of a Nation to the whole world. The National Integration makes the people of the nation unanimous on National issues. It is all about developing a sense of unity, solidarity and cohesion among the people of the Nation.

    National Integration is called “Rashtriya Ekata” in Hindi. It reduces the differences among the people of a Nation to make them united and work all together to achieve success as soon as possible. National Integration can be obtained only with the co-operation of the people and it is well known that it benefits the people themselves. National Integration is not something to be achieved by force but it is a volunteer thing which should be shared by the people with their choice.

    India is a country with varieties of religions, castes, traditions and languages etc. so Integration for India means a big thing. The National Integration in India can actually benefit it the most because the diversity in India is more than the other countries. Every citizen of India should contribute in Integration and make India the leader in the World.

    Paragraph on National Integration 4 (250 Words)

    National Integration is all about making the people of a nation united and let them work with a sense of oneness towards the welfare of each other. It removes all kinds of discriminations whether cultural, social, traditional, geographical, racial and all the other types of differences existing among the people. National Integration is the only tool with the help of which a country can show its strength and ability to the whole world.

    In the words of the great American Political Scientist Prof. Myron Weiner, “National integration implies avoidance of divisive movements that would Balkanise the nation and presence of attitudes throughout the society that give preference to national and public interest as distinct from parochial interests”. In short, Prof. Myron Weiner said that National Integration is about saving the nation from such powers which try to divide the people. It is the matter of public interest and we would have to rise above from the narrow thinking of personal profit to the social goodwill.

    We all know very well that India had been the colony of British Government for more than two hundred years and it became possible only because of their policy of divide and rule. We were strong enough to fight and expel them but they divided us in small powers and made us to fight ourselves. Would India have been under the Government of British if we had not been divided? This is why the term National Integration is given so much importance at national level.

    Paragraph on National Integration 5 (300 Words)

    The word National Integration strongly refers to the love of the citizens of the Nation for their motherland. National Integration is formed when the people have the feeling of togetherness and oneness and work in unity to make a strong nation without any existing difference whether cultural, social, and economical or any other difference. It means the National Integration is unification of all diversities to form a strong nation with the better sources of development.

    India is a land of diversities and diversities here is found in many aspects like diversity in food, dressings, language, traditions, customs etc. Almost all the festivals are celebrated in every part of the nation but with some different customs and traditions. Being a country with huge population and much diversity, India strongly needs integrity in its roots. History of India has proven that whenever India has lost its integrity, the external powers have succeeded in attacking and ruling it but also at the time when the sense of Unity has taken place in the hearts of Indians, they have kicked those powers out of their motherland.

    Even today in this modern and educated time, many internal and external powers are trying to break or divide our unity. Many people try to incite us and spread riots by using some statements on or against our spirituality and culture. Never listen to such persons who say some bad things about the culture and people of his own country, because it creates negative feelings in the mind and breaks national integration. We should not be disintegrated by their words spoken on the name of our religion, caste, class, sect, and province because integrity is our strength. One thing that is absolutely true is that the country where the National Integration will be promoted will be on the path of progress in all ways.

    Paragraph on National Integration 6 (350 Words)

    People of any country should never forget that religion, caste, society and class will only exist in that nation when the nation itself exists. It is very important to have national integration or a sense of unity within the people to build a strong nation.

    Maintaining national unity is essential for every country. Any nation will be great only if it will succeed in maintaining unity in the diversity of the people of the country but this is possible only when the people living in that country have awareness, intelligence, tolerance, new ideology, positive thoughts and generous heart.

    Importance of National Integration: Despite having different religions and castes, the thing that leads our country on the path of progress is our national unity. This is the reason why we should understand the real meaning of “unity in diversity” in India. It does not mean that the nature of integrity should be due to racial and cultural equality here. Rather, it means that despite this difference there is unity. India has the second largest population in the world.

    People of all major religions of the world with different languages live here together. In spite of all differences, we should live peacefully with each other without any political and social dispute. We should enjoy unity in this great country where everything is diversified to fulfil the purpose of national integration. Therefore, looking at these reasons, we can say that if we want to develop our country fully, it is necessary to have national unity in us.

    Hindrances in National Integration: There are many factors which act as obstacles in creating National Integration.

    Communalism is the first thing that comes in my mind when I talk about obstacles. Communalism means such feelings and activities which may make one’s community and its characteristics superior and consider other communities and their beliefs inferior. Communalism is the main threat to the unity of our country.

    Terrorism is a serious challenge before the world today. People with terrorist ideology want to get their views expressed through fear and terror. At present, terrorism is constantly trying to break our national unity.

    Paragraph on National Integration 7 (400 Words)

    National integration refers to having a sense of unity by mutual feeling and happiness among the inhabitants of the nation, without discriminating the caste, creed, area and language. National integration arises from the thought, behaviour and determination of the citizens of the nation. It is the duty of every citizen of the nation to oppose and confront the forces and ideas that weaken national unity and integrity and to do such things which strengthen national unity and national integration.

    Nature of National Integration: There are two types of national integration. The first type of integration is based on the uniformity which means integration among people having same Language, Living, Customs and way of worshipping.

    The second type of national integration is internal unity despite the difference in factors like caste, religion, customs, languages and others. It is well known as the Unity in Diversity. In the context of India, if we talk about national integration then the second type of national integration is seen here. India is second in the world in terms of population.

    Supporting Elements for National Integration: Some important supporting systems to promote National Integration are democracy, fundamental rights, fundamental duties and secularism.

    There is a provision of equality in fundamental rights, freedom and social justice etc. to provide development opportunities to the citizens. Under these constitutional provisions, the weaker sections of the society like scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes are protected.

    Our Constitution declares India to be a secular nation. Followers of every religion have the right to religious freedom. The government will not discriminate citizens against any religion.

    Also there is provision of fundamental duties in Indian Constitution. They provide some mandatory duties to every citizen of the country without and discrimination whether racial, religious or any other.

    Need of National Integration in India: National Integration is very necessary element for India to remain united. Because of the lack of Integrity, India was divided into two parts India and Pakistan right after the Independence. It could be possible only because of division of two major religions of India Hindu and Muslims.

    The partition of Bengal in 1905 was also the result of lack of integration among the people of India. It was a very major incident in Indian history which was later withdrawn by the British Government and it was possible only because the Indians have realized their mistake and become united to fight against the British Government.

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    FAQs on National Integration Paragraph

    What is the short paragraph of national integration?

    National integration refers to the process of fostering unity, solidarity, and a sense of belonging among the diverse cultural, religious, and regional groups within a country. It aims to create a harmonious society where people of different backgrounds coexist peacefully, embracing a common identity as citizens of one nation.

    What is national integration and its importance?

    National integration is the endeavor to unite a nations diverse population, transcending differences in culture, religion, and region. It is crucial for maintaining social harmony, political stability, and economic progress. Without national integration, a country may face internal strife and conflicts.

    What are the five points of national integration?

    Five key aspects of national integration include promoting tolerance and respect for diversity, ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all citizens, encouraging cultural exchange and understanding, fostering a shared sense of national identity, and promoting social cohesion through policies and programs.

    What is the meaning of integration in a paragraph?

    Integration refers to the process of bringing together different individuals or groups, allowing them to function as a unified whole. In the context of national integration, it involves forging a cohesive and inclusive society from diverse cultural, religious, and regional elements, where all citizens feel a sense of belonging and work together for the common good.

    What is the importance of national integration?

    National integration is of paramount importance as it ensures the stability and progress of a nation. It prevents conflicts and divisions among various groups, fostering social cohesion and unity. This, in turn, leads to a stronger, more prosperous, and harmonious country where all citizens can thrive.

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