EnglishSpeechSpeech on Girl Education in simple and easy words

Speech on Girl Education in simple and easy words

The social cause that involves around education and in particulars girl education is the most talked about cause. It is the project of every government that takes it up on the priority as they all understand the importance of teaching the girls. It can begin a revolution as it did in America or France in the 17th & 18th centuries. To make out children aware, at school assemblies or at the various functions or government run programs such speeches are given by various speakers whose inspiring words motivate others to work towards the cause. So whether it is any such occasion or simply a school student trying to win a competition, we have it all here.

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    On this site we have shared here some examples of Speech on Girl Education and its importance that will help you on any occasion. Our short speech can be used at school or college level and the long speeches may be used by speakers other than children. The language is easy to understand with simple examples that each one can relate to. You can draw reference from our speeches and make your speech interesting for your audience.

    Long and Short Speech on Girl Education

    Girl Education Speech – 1

    Good morning to all present here today on this very special day/occasion of —– I, XYZ, student of class ___ or House ___________, am here to impress upon you the importance of educating girls.

    Girls who belong to the families who think that girls are a burden that they have to off load to the groom & his family’s shoulders, A mindset according to which girls are considered as a mere commodity and a soul that is made to fulfill the duties others assign to her, that is the fate most of the girls meet.

    When we talk about girls we talk about half of the population, half of those people who are talented, powerful, resourceful and full of energy however untapped. Souls that are equal in every aspect to the other half whom we call boys.

    A lot of us may not have heard the name of a famous personality Washington Irving. But what he says is really very interesting. He says “The best Academy is a mother’s knee”. Do you all agree to it? I do. All my lessons, whether at school, or in the playground, or even at my hobby center, just all of them are reinforced, coated with all the morals & virtues that it makes a holistic sense and teaches me by my instinct what is correct way of doing something and what is not. Who makes it possible? My mother.

    Who is this mother? Mine or yours or anybody else’s, she is but a girl of yesteryears. Now imagine that this very girl herself was uneducated. Think that she had never gone to any of the schools, remained at home, learnt to cook & clean and that’s it! Would you be where you are today? So yes I agree completely with Mr. Irving, Mother’s knee is the best academy. So if you want an educated generation to follow you think how important it is to educate the girls.

    Why just a mother, a girl child grows up to be an officer, a lawyer, a minister, a doctor, even an army officer. There is no limit to the opportunities she has in store for her if given a chance to prove herself.

    Construction of a strong building depends on its robust foundation. Likewise a strong nation is built when all its citizens are well-educated knowledgeable participants. And if we keep half of the citizens away from their personal development we have begun already to falter our plan to move further as a nation. Whether a girl grows up to be working full time, part time or becomes a home maker, she will be able to perform to her fullest abilities if she has had a sound education.

    An educated girl will definitely know the importance of going to school. She will know how important it is for each one of the person in and around her must be exposed to this wonderful world filled with compassion, creativity, innovation, science, art, music, dance, yoga and so many more things that we imbibe in us when we go to a school. It gets so inter-twined in the fabric of one’s life that one is bound to benefit. An educated girl will be able to constructively contribute towards building of a strong character, not just hers, but all around her too. She can even go ahead and teach her mother, if her mother has never gone to a school. Her younger siblings can benefit from her. It is in villages that a lot of household still think it as a taboo to send their girl child out of the house to study. For them primary education is enough for their daughter to survive. But in today’s world where internet and its benefits are out-numbered and education is on the tips of everyone having an android phone, education is just a click away.

    We have beautifully designed curriculum for all classes by government run programs and TVs showing teachers recorded programs on the Gyan Bharti channels that even this excuse of sending girl child out of the house seems like a bundle of lies. Not a penny is spent and you can learn so much. The children get free food, free books, money for their dresses and all the support they need.

    What are we waiting for then – Educate the Girls, Build a Strong Nation.

    I end my speech with the words of Helen Rice, “A mother’s heart is a child’s classroom”.

    Girl Education Speech – 2

    Hello Everyone! I thank you for inviting me to this special assembly / function/ and giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts with this august gathering. Amongst my listeners I see a lot of youngsters and some seasoned ones like me.

    Education is that vehicle that takes you to places unknown, sitting right in the comfort of your classroom you know what North Pole is like, where to go if you want to see the seas. Education maketh a Human Being.

    We have all gathered here today to celebrate the Girl child and her future in this nation. The one very important aspect that we all realize is that the Girls must be sent to school. They must get the education that we very fondly send our boys to get in schools and vocational institutes. Enough is being done to promote and support the cause. Let me put it in words what some of us may feel already as a cause why even after 70 years of independence we are not able to overcome this problem of entrusting education on the Girl Child and which still seems to be the responsibility of the government and educators alone.

    Almost 70% of Indians lives in villages, belonging to conservative families with traditional values; where sending their girls out of their house is still a taboo. The inhibitions that are imposed on the girls and their mothers (father’s in some cases) to not send them out to learn is a result of social custom. The ‘Mukhiya’ or the head of the family still think that if their girls go away from the vicinity of their very pious homes, their uncorrupted pure minds will get polluted and they will shun their ‘original pure devout mindset’. It will cause a permanent change and they will become rebellious.

    The girls will also see the world that education will show them. A whole new world that is so full of opportunities that are waiting to be seized! A world that can make them able, able enough to use their brilliant unutilized, untapped creativity and resplendence.

    Girls are that part of humanity that is the carriers of all positivity in a society. They are the ones whose presence itself is an ambience full of chivalry, decency and pleasantness. Their presence brings out the best in men. Compare this place to the room where there are only boys. What comes to your minds? Do you all see the picture that I do? I am not saying that boys are not capable. They are in fact the ones who have been successfully running most of the functions, yet not alone. Their counterparts the Girls are the other equally important part. You keep them home; you have kept half of the country away from learning. Away from becoming a productive participant, away from all the achievements that they are capable of when they get their education.

    The use of this word education is not limited to just books and school. If we have a good look around us we see P. V. Sindhu, Bharatanatyam dancer Geeta Chandran, Astronaut Kalpana Chawla, Indira Nooyi Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo, The now Miss World – Manushi Chhillar. We notice the contribution of girls and women in every field they are exploring.

    All we need to do is to allow them to step out of their cocoon and spread their wings and span the skies. We need to shun our age old attitude. We need to believe that we can depend on them.

    The fact is that today the girls can educate themselves within the comfort of their homes. Technology has a very important role to play in this. I would like to highlight the role that our governments have been playing over a period of time. Today with the help of communication infrastructure our governments have provided various educational channels that are free of cost and are available to the remotes of the villages. They are spending not just money but also the time of the super stars of the education world to make such informative and educative programs be it science, history, maths, physics or even classical music or dance. If we motivate them towards learning then why would they not come forward and become what they desire to become.

    My appeal today to you all young and old present here is to go home and think how each one of us can make a difference. May be next time we go on a vacation to these areas where you cross villages you can go connect with them, find out from them the current status of schools and their children. We can actually go visit some and help them to know the importance of sending their children, especially their Girls to school. After all it is our country; it is our duty & responsibility to get involved. Let us together build a strong nation.

    Thank You

    Girl Education Speech – 3

    Good morning to one and all present here today on this very special day/occasion of —–I, am XYZ, student of class ___ or House ___________. We the humans are different from any other species that we think are as intelligent as us of may even be swifter or sharper in many ways. But we possess some things that no other species have. One is thumb, the structure of it has made it possible for us to create & invent and hold. The other most important thing is education.

    Having said that importance of education for girls is undoubtedly an important issue. It is only just to think of boys & girls as a whole, there is no gender parity. The girls as well as boys are to be groomed equally if we talk about national growth and development. How can we leave one half of its productive population in the four walled boundary called home and dream about a futuristic world that is so full of technology, creativity, beauty and advancement in every field.

    In India we know, most of the people live in villages. But these villages have changed over a period of time. The way the people thought around independence they are not as conservative any more. A lot of families have sent out their daughters to other states with better facilities. There they learn not just school books but also many more things like theatre, dance, painting, music, sculpting, science, history, journalism, medicine and so many more fields relating to computers etc.

    The girls go out and do their best, may it be education or sports, they excel on the basis of their hard work and persistence just like any other boy who is focused towards achieving his goals.

    The only thing that stops anyone from achieving is they themselves. But in the case of girls, besides their determination they need a lot of support from the family. They need a family that understands them and their need to grow just like any other male counterpart in their family. So a lot of responsibility lies in the hands of her parents. According to MacArthur Foundation, “a concern over school distance/safety is a critical barrier to sending girls to school especially in rural areas.”

    Save the children organization says, “Deep rooted gender norms prevent households from sending girls to school – belief that girl’s earnings will only benefit her marital family discourages parents from investing in her education.”

    “More than 50 per cent of girls fail to enroll in school; those that do are likely to drop out by the age of 12.” (According to 7th All India Education Survey, 2002).

    Children are like buds, given correct amount of water and enough sunshine at the right time, they develop into healthy blooming flowers. When I say children I mean both, irrespective of their gender. We can overcome all the problems if we are able to change how we perceive our daughters, importance of educating them and relating its importance towards our national growth. Making an environment conducive for their learning, we can together make the difference.

    Educate Girls, Eradicate Illiteracy

    Enlighten the children, Enliven the Nation

    Girl Education Speech – 4

    Good Morning to all present here today on this very special day/occasion of —–I, am XYZ, student of class ___ or House ___________. I have selected the topic girl education to speech about here:

    Imagine this world, full of halves – Half a flower, half a Sun, Half your favorite movie, half your face or even half your school. How would the world look? One word – Incomplete, so imperfect!

    So how can we even think of sending half the children to school and the other half at home? Or keep half of yourself at home & the other half in the playground!! That is how defective it is, when we think of boys sent to school & girls being kept at home deprived of education.

    Education is such a tool that makes you capable. It chisels out moral & intellectual advancement marked by refinement in taste and manners. In simpler words Education maketh a MAN. Women are born with a lot of those values, so I believe. So the effort to make the society a better place the presence of women in the society not just in the comfort of their homes but as an active and equal participant in building of a community; is a necessity. We want to see women at schools, teaching our children, we want to see them as nurses, we want to see them cleaning houses, or as cooks, maids, nannies, care takers, but how about seeing them in the forefront – as factory owners, business women, managers, Astronauts, Ministers, Breadwinners of their families…..

    How will they achieve these goals if 75% of the population that resides in villages does not send their girl children to schools? There goes by our dream to see the buds bloom into gorgeous flowers, that don’t just beautify the world but also gives it happiness, color and vigor. The efficacy of creating a prosperous nation ceases. In India it is the mindset of the people that needs to be altered. We must focus upon the objective of modifying India from developing nation to DEVELOPED nation. Even God has giving the children same brain structure, same intelligence same learning and grasping abilities. The teachers who teach us, the schools we go in, whether in cities or in villages, do not differentiate or discriminate. Then who is stopping the girls from learning? Who should we term as our enemy? Let us understand our enemy first and then we will know how to win him/her. King Ashoka always used to identify the grit of his enemy.

    “The great enemy of a person is often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent persuasive & unrealistic”, said John F Kennedy.

    Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan is a well known face, not just in Pakistan, not in Asia, but the whole world knows her. She is one girl who stood firm against the few people who were armed with guns. All she wanted to do was to stand for what she believed was correct – education is a birth right of every human, irrespective of the gender. They fired at her. They tried to kill her. But she lived, not just to tell her story, but to remind us again and again the very importance of speaking up against those who want to stop the girls from learning, those who believe that girls are to be confined, girls have no freedom to decide what they desire.

    This girl knew her enemy alright. She knew that the only one person to stop her from getting educated was herself. She has taught the world the power of believing in oneself and the power of standing by one’s belief. So it is of paramount importance to give our girls this sense of strength that they have within them. It is their belief, their ideology, their choice, decision to study and explore the wonderful world of books.

    Then it is equally significant to educate the conservative and traditionalist families that reside in villages and small towns. Educate them that their girl child has equal right to study; go to school if there is one in their village. If not then, in today’s world that is structured around technology , it is extremely easy for them to provide education to not just their girls but themselves if they desire, for education & learning does not have an expiry date! It rather keeps you young and mentally constructively occupied. Our govt. not only has channels free of cost that at aired in the entire country, but they also provide education through open schools like SOL, IGNOU etc… Above all the government provides incentives like free education, school dress, mid-day meals to motivate children to go to school every day. A lot of schemes are there to support education in India. In fact if one wants one can learn various skills like computer software, programming, typing, tailoring etc in the skill development centers. There is very little or no cost attached to it.

    So much is being done and so much more needs to be done. Educating the girl child is a journey that will lead us to a better community, and an efficient nation. In Michelle Obama’s words, “No country can truly flourish if it strifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens”.

    Thank you!

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