EnglishSpeechSpeech on Importance of Water in English in simple and easy words

Speech on Importance of Water in English in simple and easy words

Is anything needed to be said on the ‘Importance of Water’? No, right! It’s because we all know how much important water is for all of us. Still we continue to waste this precious resource on which the life of each one of us is majorly depended. However, there’s still an urgent need to address this issue and therefore yet another topic we’ve come up with is – Speech on the Importance of Water.

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    Long and Short Speech on Importance of Water in English

    There are both long speech on the importance of water as well as short speech on the importance of water.

    The long ones fit appropriately where you are addressing an event in an organization and the short ones are most suited for school or college events.

    But every importance of water speech is meticulously written with a view to inform the audience about the subject matter and to move them to action. Read for yourself to know more!

    Importance of Water Speech 1

    Respected Class Teacher, teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

    Welcome to our assembly hall! As we know that today is a speech-giving ceremony day and I have chosen a very pertinent topic to address, i.e. Speech on the Importance of Water. However, I am not going to talk about the importance of water in context of our planet and its scarcity, but how important it is for our very own existence. Even then we continue to waste water and don’t realize its importance to an extent where we should think of preserving every drop of it.

    It will not be an exaggeration to say that Water is a Life Savior. We can go without food, but not without water. Despite knowing all this, we are wasting this important natural resource. Here I want to reiterate the same fact how important water is for our existence.

    How many of us know that our body weight is made up of around 60 percent water? Our body makes use of water in all its organs, cells and tissues in order to regulate the body temperature and ensure other bodily functions. Because the water retention capacity of our body comes down as and when we breathe, sweat and digest food. It therefore, becomes important to rehydrate our bodies by drinking fluids and binging on the eatables that contain water. The amount of water our body requires is based on various factors, such as the type of climate we live in, how much physically active we are and if we are going through an illness phase or are suffering from any other major health problem.

    Friends, besides satiating our thirst, water also regulates the temperature of our body and keeps the tissues moist in our body. Now just recall the time when your mouth goes dry! If our body is well hydrated, it will retain enough water content for our bones, blood and the brain. Besides, water helps in protecting the spinal cord and it works as a cushion or lubricant for your joints.

    The intake of enough water allows our body to excrete waste through sweating, defecation and urination. The liver and kidney use water to allow waste to be flushed out, just like our intestines do. Water can also prevent constipation by softening our stools and help glide the food which we have eaten, through our intestinal tract. But it is important to understand that yet there is no evidence to prove that increasing water intake can help prevent the problem of constipation.

    And the list is endless! Water is thus very crucial for our very existence. No living species can survive in its scarcity. It therefore becomes our responsibility to save every drop of water and avoid its wastage. Given to the rising scarcity of water, there is a constant lurking fear for our coming generation. How they would be able to cope up with such a dreary situation?

    It is therefore required of us to take a conscientious call and make wise use of water.

    This is all from my side, thank you friends!

    Importance of Water Speech 2

    Good Morning Everyone – Welcome to our Society Clubhouse!

    I – Abhinav Kapoor (the secretary of our ABC Society) – feel extremely happy seeing you all coming to this meeting at such a short notice. This is to bring to your kind attention that our society is facing the situation of water crisis to an extent that sometimes water needs to be purchased from the water corporation department. As a responsible citizen of our country, it becomes our responsibility to make a wise use of such an important natural resource.

    So the purpose behind calling this meeting is, to bring forward this issue so that immediate measures could be taken to handle it as I am not able to tackle this situation all by myself. Secondly, I want to raise awareness amongst the people about the importance of water so that national consciousness can be developed and everyone use water not more than what is required. And in this, I require the immediate help of all my society members.

    People in the ancient times understood that water is the source of life and according to the Asian philosophy “water is the beginning and the basis of all creation”. The first Greek philosopher was Thales in the 6th century BC who speculated about the chief material element or source of every living being and cosmic phenomenon, i.e. Water.

    The view point of Thales is that “water is the divine source of every living being” which brought him to a conclusion that the actual substance of nature and soul is water as the power of water is principally kinetic. Water circulation ensures balance on the planet Earth and within every biological organism. We simply cannot imagine life without water and therefore it is not surprising that water plays a key role in many of the world’s religions.

    Friends, do you know that the huge amount of water is contained mainly in oceans that play a crucial role in stabilizing the earth’s climate and making it a hospitable place for humans to thrive. Lands, which are close to the oceans experience more rapid change in the weather conditions. However, water is believed to be an environmental shock absorber. This is the reason why the climate alongside the coastal areas is milder. The heat coming from the sun gets absorbed in the water and fluctuations in the temperature are restricted to a narrower range.

    As the particular heat of water is so high that the changes in climate near the oceans is not extreme. The changes in temperature observed from day to night along the coast are minimal in comparison to day and night changes in the desert where you would find little or no water.

    So water helps in sustaining our lives in ways more than one. I therefore request each one of you to come forward and contribute towards this cause. Also, let’s find out ways to combat this issue of water scarcity.

    This is all I have to say, now may I request you all to feel free to join me here and share your thoughts on the same.

    Thanks You!

    Importance of Water Speech 3

    Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to one and all!

    It gives me immense pleasure to be standing here and kick starting the speech ceremony of today. I have chosen a very pertinent topic, i.e. Speech on the Importance of Water. In the present times, everyone is facing the situation of water crisis and of this situation persists, I fear how our coming generation is going to survive and cope with it. This is as simple a fact that no living specie can survive in the absence of water.

    I, therefore, felt an urgent need to address this issue and spread awareness amongst the people regarding its wise usage. However, we all know about the importance of water, but it’s just that we have become reckless and wastage doesn’t bother us so much so that we are literally stripping off nature of its natural wealth. So, through this platform if I could sensitize people about this issue and influence the minds of the people, my job would be accomplished.

    Friends, water is much more than a liquid substance as the existence of this earth is dependent on water. This is the reason why we say Water is Life. The primary reason is that every living species on this earth comprises around 65 to 70 percent of water in their bodies. Life is unimaginable without water whether it’s that of humans, animals and plants or any other living being. Water is the most significant element present on this earth. Water is very much a part of our lives in our day to day activities, such as for drinking, cooking meals, for bathing, for construction, etc.

    In spite of the fact that our earth consists of 70 percent water, only 1 percent water is fresh and fit for use and the remaining 97 percent of water is salty whereas 2 percent is in the form of ice in icebergs and glaciers.

    These days, human beings are hell bent on destroying the environment and by wasting this 1 percent of clean water in several ways, like:

    • Use of water more than is required
    • Littering water bodies with garbage
    • Reckless use of water in various households

    The more is the wastage of water, the more is the consumption of natural resources, such as fossil fuels for producing electricity which is required for the making of clean water. Following are the chief benefits of saving water:

    • Less use of such natural resource as fossil fuel for producing fresh water.
    • The more water is saved; the more we can put it for the use of plants and animals. This helps in maintaining balance in our ecology.
    • We all should preserve water in order to avoid the situation of drought in the near future.
    • Water should be preserved for the agricultural use.
    • Water should be saved for our future generation as one day it will cease to be available owing to its limited quantity.

    Last but not the least; let’s take a pledge that we all will save water in order to save our mother earth.

    Importance of Water Speech 4

    Warm Greetings Everyone – How are you all doing?

    Hope this day finds you in the best of spirit! Thank you for coming in large numbers and making our campaign – Save Water, Save Mother Earth this grand. Friends, Save Water has become a rallying cry today because of the growing water crisis and if this continues I really fear what will happen to our next generations to come.

    It’s high time and we need to always bear in our minds that water is important for the sustenance of human life. When the supply is plentiful, water doesn’t seem to be a limited resource – chiefly, the fresh potable water which is the most important for human survival. Isn’t it? However, in the absence of conscientious efforts to save water, this vital supply of water may get exhausted one day. Conservation gives us economic advantage as well – as equipment and energy are also conserved owing to the direct outcome of water conservation efforts.

    The huge majority of life on Earth holds relation to the supply of water. Through conservation we can protect the life on earth and create a balance, which would otherwise become upset in the want of water supply. Overuse or wastage of water will threaten other life forms which in a way help in our sustenance.

    Friends, also understand that water is not something that is processed and delivered to your place, free of cost. Every time the water is used, there’s a certain cost involved. The local body of your vicinity charges you a fee. The greater the demand for water, the higher the price you will have to bear. By preserving water, you will be able to save both this precious resource and of course the cost involved per unit.

    Conserving water will curb the need of creating and maintaining water treatment as well as delivery facility, such as sewage setups and personal septic systems. The more water you consume; the more this equipment is used and hence requires replacement. In addition, over use of water can also weaken local treatment plants, leading to some water being forced before it undergoes strict purifying treatment, thereby leading to possible health hazards. Likewise, an overburdened septic system can lead to untreated water seeping into the nearby soil ground.

    So what is required in the present situation of water crisis is that we could only adopt simple water preservation techniques and method, this way we would be able to go a far way in cutting our water usage considerably, i.e. more than half. If you can put in just a little more effort every day, you can alone bring a major change. It’s whether you use a low flow shower head or simply go for zero-gardening, i.e. in your garden, use such plants that can thrive in the absence of water or require little or no water. You will find that your water bills are reduced in the very first month. Do this bit for saving your planet and doing your coming generation a favor.

    This is all I have to say, thank you.

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