EnglishEssaysSpeech on Youth in simple and easy words

Speech on Youth in simple and easy words

There is no reason to doubt that it is youth that shapes the future of a country. If its youth is diligent and hardworking, then that nation is bound to progress, but if it’s youth is indolent and insincere, then no one can save that country from downfall. The topic “Youth” is a relevant subject in the present times as major stress is being laid down on educating the youth and helping them chart their future course of action, which in turn will dictate the fate of a nation. If you want to know more on this pertinent subject, then our speech on youth will give you a good insight. There are short speeches on youth as well as long speeches on youth to cater to the varied requirement of our readers and giving them a concise as well as detailed understanding about the subject matter on one platform itself.

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    Long and Short Speech on Youth

    Speech on Youth 1

    Dear Children – Warm Greetings to all of you! I hope that each one of you is preparing hard this time for your board examination.

    You all must be wondering because of my presence in your classroom today, but as your class teacher had already informed you that the principal would be paying a visit today you all look less surprised. I am not here to reprimand you all, but to share with you some words of wisdom. Since it’s your 12th standard and after your board exams you will bid adieu to us, I considered it as an appropriate moment to exchange a few words which will stay with you for your lifetime.

    Clearly, you are the youth of today and youth of our nation. Youth is the fountainhead of exuberance, energy and dynamism. It is the youth of our country who is going to take forward the legacy of our country and will help it gain new heights of growth and achievements. But if that very youth becomes corrupt, the fate of that nation is bound to be in darkness. Such a nation cannot progress and is fated to face steep downfall. Therefore, it is very important to tap the unbridled vigor of our youth and give it a right direction. By effectively channelizing this energy, any nation can attain limitless heights and bring accolades to its country.

    And, since you are the youth of today, as your mentors or teachers, we are responsible in shaping your future and giving you the right direction. However, we can only help you in selecting the right path and it is you and only you who will have to walk on that path. And, if you don’t perform well in present, it may have serious repercussions in the near future.

    So sincerely work towards shaping your future, making it bright and beautiful because it is your bright future that will pave the way for the future growth of our nation. Your work hard of today will not go waste and will certainly pay off in the days to come. Nurture your youth with diligence, sincerity and hard work. The challenges you are facing at the moment will appear small tomorrow and you will become better with the passing time. But it is extremely important that you grow really serious towards your goals as with the passing time you are also growing older. So with an increasing age should come more wisdom and intelligence? It is well said that time is money as whosoever knows to make a judicious use of time goes really far in life and reaches pinnacle of success.

    Therefore, my advice for today is never lay waste your youth and use it to your optimum capacity. Irrespective of what you want to become in life – a doctor, engineer, teacher, sculptor, actor, etc; you should never shirk away from putting your best of efforts in anything you do.

    I hope you are able to relate with what I am saying and will remember my words forever. In the end, I just want to give my best wishes to all of you and just want to say that better yourself with the every passing day and never get discouraged in life with any impediments that you come across – face them boldly and wisely.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Youth 2

    Dear members of our NGO – Warm Good Evening to all of you! As you all know that our NGO works for the rehabilitation of our youth and helps giving them the right direction; thus it becomes important to understand why it is critical to work towards the upliftment of youth and channelizing their energy in the right direction.

    Before addressing the matter related to youth, let’s first understand the fabric of our society. Every society is formed by people from different social, religious and cultural backgrounds, classes, age groups and values that they uphold. Needless to say, every individual plays a role in society, which bears certain repercussions in the immediate present as well as in the coming future. And, it is the responsibility of each and every citizen of our country to work towards strengthening the base of our society. Metaphorically speaking, every society is like a bundle of flowers where the beauty of each flower is important to be able to make the entire bouquet of flowers look brilliant. Every flower carries a different fragrance, has a different size and color, but every attribute when come together helps in making the bouquet appear more bright and captivating.

    Similarly, the youth just like flowers is an intricate part of any society and they have an important role to play. Any society is incomplete without the participation of young blood. In order to make a society progressive and dynamic, young people should be made an essential part of it. It is rightly said that “today’s youth is the force, hope and leaders of tomorrow” as they are the face of our community, society and country at large. Young people are a harbinger of change in society and can push our government or the system to discharge its role effectively. But our youth too has got important responsibilities to discharge. It is important for them to draw a lesson from the past, remain vigilant in the present and live with a hope of seeing a better future – a future which will be brighter and more promising for the coming generation.

    Our youth has a duty to fulfill, i.e. to remain genuine, honest and uphold good moral values. He/she should work unceasingly for the growth of our society and country. The youth should apply their brain, creativity, strength and skills to bring a meaningful change in our society and enable it to function in the best manner possible. It is our youth and only youth who can sow the seeds of growth and progress and become the backbone of the nation so that the foundation for a bright future based on principles and morals could be laid down.

    For all this to take shape, it is important that our youth concentrate on their studies first and educate themselves well because it is only education that will empower them and help them build the future of our country. Besides intellectual studies, physical education is also must because without a sound health they cannot have a sound mind. So if our youth will remain healthy, then they can put their best efforts in working for their country.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Youth 3

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman – Welcome to the 99th gathering of our Jan Uthan Convoy! Before I begin my speech on Youth for today, please allow me to first felicitate our guest of honor, Mrs. Nirmala Pandey. She has been the secretary general of the youth club from past 20 years and has been actively involved in the rehabilitation camp of her club and is also associated with our Jan Uthan Convoy. Her achievements in the field inspire people like us to work without any selfish interest for the upliftment of our society and nation as a whole.

    I would also like to thank my team members for giving me this wonderful opportunity to stand in front of you all and address this pertinent issue. I seriously couldn’t be more thrilled as I have not even finished a month with the organization and the opportunity to host this event has come my way.

    First of all, let’s ask ourselves how often do we get an opportunity to become associated with something big? How many times do we get an opportunity to look back, learn from our faults and decide how to move ahead? Well, some opportunities remain for the lifetime.

    So after having become associated with this gathering, I personally experience a sense of great thrill and enjoyment after interacting with hundreds and thousands of youth and getting to hear their agendas. The generation of today or the youth in present times is growing up in an insecure and unpredictable environment. Whereas on the one hand, there is no dearth of opportunities, which if seized on the right time can bring a great transformation in the lives of the people; on the other hand there exists immense risks and challenges, which if not correctly addressed can weaken the youth’s potential.

    There are discrepancies at many levels in terms of opportunities, power and wealth. Can you imagine about 65 million population globally were propelled to flee their homes due to war and conflicts? It will lead to the generation of about 600 million new jobs for the workers in the coming decade. There are harmful impacts of environmental and climate changes, which the world needs to address urgently otherwise the whole world will come into its fatal grip.

    In our country India where we have such a sizeable proportion of young population, whose potential if not adequately harnessed can severely impact the development of our nation. So if we could do whatever we can in our capacity to tap the potential of our youth and ensuring that their talent does not go waste – we would be able to offer a great service to the nation.

    I, therefore, exhort all the leaders to come together and empower our youth. I also ask all the young people to organize their peer groups. It is only by harnessing the biggest treasure we are blessed with – our youth – that we can build a much better world for each one of us.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Youth 4

    Hon’ble Chairman, Committee Members and My Dear Audience – Good Evening to all of you! I welcome everyone to the speech ceremony of our Rashtriya Abhivyakti Group.

    I, Sanjay Khandelwal – the senior active member of our group, am your host for today. Since I have been working for the upliftment of our youth from past 10 years and am actively involved with them too, my today’s topic for speech is on youth only. The world today possesses the largest population of youth in history and I vest immense hope in their ability to shape their nation’s future.

    However, when I observe young people around whiling away their time in useless things, I feel a strong urge to correct their behavior and make them utilize their time wisely. We all should understand this fact that today’s youth is our only hope for tomorrow and we owe a sense of responsibility towards them, i.e. to guide them, nurture them and show them the right path. Our younger generation is in no way less than the youth of foreign countries and has a lot of potential to make our country shine globally. They have the requisite knack, attitude, behavior, ability and knowledge to lay a stronger foundation of our country.

    I truly believe that the progress and growth of a nation and its bright future is only possible when the youth of our country is hardworking and progressive in ideologies. And if young people are imparted strong moral values, excellent education and are given the gift of good health, then nothing can stop that nation from reaching great heights of success. However, if that very youth is incompetent and spoilt, then there is hardly any future left for that nation – because, it is always said that “strong buildings always have a strong foundation”.

    Our youth is at the forefront of innovation and change and many of them have a limitless potential to do wonders. All they need is right direction and be given the right opportunities to excel or showcase their potential. Many NGOs that are running to fight various social evils of our society have many young volunteers who are doing a brilliant job. Similarly, other spheres too require young blood and dynamic brains to bring innovation to the world. Being young means carrying a huge potential, curiosity, endless possibilities, energy, creativity, guts and patience. It oozes with vivacity and bring special joy in life.

    We are therefore gathered today to find out various ways of tapping the young talent and honing their skills to its optimum capacity. We know that young individuals have the ability to explore unknown boundaries and give the world great innovation and artistic creations. So let’s recognize such talent and help them come forward and speak their hearts out so that no stone remains unturned in realizing their true potential.

    Now, I will request my other group members to come forward and say a few words on this subject, which will be of a great value to all of us.

    Thank You!

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