Study MaterialsNCERT SolutionsNCERT Solutions for Class 10 EnglishNCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 2 – The Thief’s Story PDF Download

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 2 – The Thief’s Story PDF Download

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Question: Who does ‘I’ refer to in this story?

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    Answer: I refer to Hari Singh, the narrator of the story, a 15-year-old experienced thief.

    Question: What is he “a fairly successful hand” at?

    Answer: He is a fairly successful hand at stealing. He is an experienced thief. He is so clean and swift in the work that he robs people without being caught.

    Question: What does he get from Anil in return for his work?

    Answer: In return for Hari Singh’s work, Anil gives him food and a place to live in.

    Question: How does the thief think Anil will react to the theft?

    Answer: According to Hari, Anil would be sad not because of the loss of money but because of the loss of trust he had in Hari.

    Question: What does he say about the different reactions of people when they are robbed?

    Answer: Hari’s experience with theft had made him aware of the differences in people’s reactions when they’re robbed. A greedy man shows fear; the rich, anger, and a poor man acceptance.

    Question: Does Anil realize that he had been robbed?

    Answer: Yes, Anil realizes that he had been robbed, as he gave a fifty rupee note to Hari, which was still damp due to the night’s rain.

    Think About It

    Question: What are Hari Singh’s reactions to the prospect of receiving an education? Do they change over time? {Hint: compare, for example, the thought: ‘I knew that once I could write like an educated man, there would be no limit to what I could achieve with these later thoughts:

    • ‘Whole sentences, I knew, could one day bring me more than a few hundred rupees. It was a simple matter to steal and sometimes just as simple to be caught. But to be a really big man, a clever and respected man, was something else.’) What makes him return to Anil?

    Answer: Hari was very happy and grateful when he learned to write his name. He was very excited when Anil promised to teach him to write whole sentences. He knew that being an educated man would add to his abilities, and he could achieve anything. But when he left Anil’s house, he realized that stealing was simply a crime to indulge himself but being educated was entirely different.
    He knew the respect, reputation, and possibilities that would come to him once he was educated. And so, his urge to receive education compelled him to return to Anil.

    Question: Why does Anil not hand the thief over to the police? Do you think most people would have done so? In what ways is Anil different from such employers?

    Answer: Unlike others, Anil does not hand Hari to the police on theft charges. He knew about the theft, but he neither thrashed him nor mentioned it in front of Hari. He was glad that Hari had realized his mistake and the importance of education in life.

    Anil wanted Hari to become a literate man and lead a respectful life.

    He is different from other such employers because he is very understanding. Hari’s return gave him the hope of a change in him.

    Talk About It

    Question: Do you think people like Anil and Hari Singh are found only in fiction or are there such people in real life?

    Answer: People like Anil and Hari Singh are found only in fiction. Though exceptions might be there, these people are rarely seen. Anil was a kind and considerate person concerned about Hari’s education and future. And Hari is a thief whose heart changes after realizing the importance of education for his future. People like these are imaginary in today’s world.

    Question: Do you think it is a significant detail in the story that Anil is a struggling writer?

    Answer: Yes, it is an important detail that Anil is a struggling writer. His lifestyle was simple, and he used to spend according to his pocket. His struggle sometimes gave him a lot of income, while he used to worry about the next payment. Hari’s observation about the discontinuation in his work justifies his behavior regarding money.

    Question: Have you met anyone like Hari Singh? Can you think and imagine the circumstances that can turn a fifteen-year-old boy into a thief?

    Answer: No, I haven’t met anyone like Hari Singh, but the existence of such people is certain. Circumstances can force a fifteen-year-old boy to become a thief. It may be the need to feed the stomach, satisfy illegal addiction, maintain health, fulfill luxurious demands, etc.

    Question: Where is the story set? (You can get clues from the names of the persons and places mentioned in it). Which language or languages are spoken in these places? Do you think the characters in the story spoke to each other in English?

    Answer: The story is set somewhere in Uttar Pradesh near Lucknow. We can say so because the story mentions that there is a railway station for the Express train to Lucknow. The presence of sweet shops and bazaars also indicates a decent-sized town. No, the characters in the story do not speak to each other in English but probably in Hindi.

    Question: The Thief’s Story NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Will Assist You in Preparing for the Chapter

    Answer: Ch 2 English Class 10 tells the story of a fifteen-year-old who encounters a tiny thief. The criminal goes by Hari Singh, but this is not his real name. To avoid the cops, he constantly changes his name. He’s a master at enticing young, impressionable men and earning their trust. After that, he robs them and flees. He meets Anil in a match and is immediately taken by his easy-going, polite, and straightforward demeanor. He discovered him to be a simple target to win over. However, as time passes, he sees that Anil’s goodwill has swayed him. Not only does Anil entrust him with the entire family, but he also begins to teach him how to write complete sentences. Hari was illiterate, and Anil’s small act profoundly affected him. He snatches money from under the mattress where Anil was sleeping one day out of habit, but he soon regrets it. He returns the money once his conscience pricks him. Hari eventually detaches himself from the sin of stealing and abandons his vocation as a thief. After that, he begins to live a straight life.

    NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English with the Most Up-to-Date Syllabus (Footprints Without Feet)

    The CBSE has recommended two books for the English Class 10 Board Examinations. “Footprints Without Feet” is one of them, and “The First Flight” is the other. The question paper is divided into three sections: A, B, and C are the three options. Reading skills are covered in section A while writing skills and grammar are covered in section B. Section C is where you’ll find the literature (objective and long response types).

    ‘Footprints Without Feet’ is divided into ten chapters. All ten chapters are covered with chapter-by-chapter solutions, which may be downloaded from the links below:

    • Chapter 1 – A Triumph of Surgery.
    • Chapter 2 – The Thief’s Story.
    • Chapter 3 – The Midnight Visitor.
    • Chapter 4 – A Question of Trust.
    • Chapter 5 – Footprints Without Feet.
    • Chapter 6 – The Making of a Scientist.
    • Chapter 7 – The Necklace
    • Chapter 8 – The Hack Driver
    • Chapter 9 – Bholi
    • Chapter 10 – The book that Saved the Earth.

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