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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 14 – Practical Geometry

Subject specialists have designed NCERT solutions for Maths Class 6 Chapter 14 which includes thorough solutions for reference. These solutions are updated according to the latest CBSE syllabus for 2012-22 and are provided in easy language for understanding. Tips and tricks are also provided.

These solutions are provided so a student can clear his doubts and get help with a deep understanding of the concept. Also, you can refer them to make the chapter notes and revisions notes. PDF of this can also be downloaded from the website.

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    Chapter 14 – Practical Geometry

    NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapters


    In the NCERT solutions, the first section tells us about the different concepts of how to make different shapes of definite measurements. The NCERT solutions of this chapter also include list of different problems and their solutions to learn these concepts. Students may also find some unsolved problems at the end of the chapter for practice. The problems shown in PDF are based on various difficulty levels that will help to develop conceptual learning. Infinite learn experts have prepared these solutions in an easily understandable manner.

    Exercise 14.1 Questions and Answers

    Students may have developed some concepts until now. They need to utilise these concepts to solve the problems given at the end of chapter. To get these solutions, they can download the PDF file and can learn those solutions for their reference.

    Exercise 14.2 Questions and Answers

    Constructing a line segment is easy to learn in practical geometry. Students can easily draw it using a pencil and a ruler. If they want to practice this topic, they must follow these solutions provided on Infinite Learn.

    Exercise 14.3 Questions and Answers

    Copying a line segment can be easily done if done through proper procedure provided in this chapter. Students can follow the rules given in the PDF to learn the easy steps.

    Exercise 14.4 Questions and Answers

    Student can practice the construction of perpendicular if they already know the concept given in this NCERT Solutions. They require the basic geometry – instrument box for this and can easily draw by following the proper procedure provided in these solutions.

    Exercise 14.5 Questions and Answers

    Students also can easily draw perpendicular bisectors on line segments by going through the rules mentioned in these NCERT Solutions.

    Exercise 14.6 Questions and Answers

    They can easily draw angles of various kinds using the procedure mentioned in these NCERT solutions.

    All Exercises in the Chapter are given below

    : 5 Questions (2 short questions and 3 Long questions).

    : 5 Questions (5 short questions).

    : 2 Questions (2 long questions).

    : 3 Questions (3 Long questions).

    : 9 Questions (9 Long questions).

    : 9 Questions (1 short question and 8 Long questions).

    Key Features of NCERT Solutions for this chapter

    1. NCERT Solutions helps in providing fully resolved step by step solutions to all textbook questions.
    2. Set of solutions which comes with a list of all important formulas on algebraic identities.
    3. These solutions are made accordance to the latest syllabus.
    4. Solutions are prepared by subject matter experts.
    5. NCERT Solutions provides help for the preparation of competitive exams.

    Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions of this Chapter

    1. How will I Draw a Circle of a Definite Radius?
    2. Is NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 14 important from an exam point of view?
    3. Why should I opt these NCERT Solutions?

    1. How will I Draw a Circle of a Definite Radius?

    A circle of definite radius can be drawn using a compass, a ruler, and a pencil. First, measure the radius using compass and ruler. Then draw the circle by placing the compass needle at a fixed point which is also known as centre of the circle.

    2. Is NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 14 important from an exam point of view?

    Yes, these NCERT Solutions deals with solutions for all questions given in NCERT Textbook Maths for Class 8. The most of the questions coming in the exams are from these exercises. By studying these concepts, you can achieve good grades.

    3. Why should I opt these NCERT Solutions?

    The concepts available in this chapter are thoroughly explained in simple language, which makes it possible for every student to understand the topic in detail. Solutions are designed by subject matter experts at Infinite learn with the aim of helping students boost their exam preparation.

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