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Fire Friend and Foe – NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English

Chapter 8 – Fire Friend and Foe

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English – Free PDF Download

The CBSE board has assigned the Honeycomb book for Class 7 English. Chapter 8 of Honeycomb Class 7 is one of the most interesting chapters on the syllabus. For students’ reference, our subject-matter experts have developed the NCERT Solution for Class 7 Honeycomb Chapter 8 by our subject-matter experts. Students will be able to perform well in the exam with the help of these solutions. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 8 Fire Friend and Foe are available in PDF format from INFINITY LEARN. On INFINITY LEARN, the chapter-by-chapter NCERT Solution for Class 7 English Honeycomb is also available in PDF format.

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    We give all of the necessary study materials to assist you in organizing your exam preparation. The study materials are available online, and the NCERT Solutions PDF may be downloaded for free through INFINITY LEARN. On INFINITY LEARN, the NCERT books, as well as the Chapter-by-Chapter NCERT Solution for Class 7 English, are also available in PDF format. You may also get NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths and NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science to help you revise the entire syllabus and improve your test scores.

    Answer the following questions.

    1. What do you understand by the flash point of a fuel?

    Ans. Every fuel burns only when it reaches a particular temperature. The temperature at which the fuel burns is called ‘flash point’ of a fuel.

    2. i) What are some common use of fire?

    ii) In what sense is it a bad master?

    Ans. i) Fire is commonly used for cooking food, to warm our houses in winter and to produce electricity.

    ii) Fire is a bad master when it is out of our control.

    3. Match the items in column A with those in column B.

    A B
    i) fuel i) lighted match stick
    ii) oxygen ii) air
    iii) heat iii) coal
    iv) burning coal
    v) wood
    vi) smouldering paper
    vii) cooking gas

    4.What are the three main ways in which a fire can be controlled or put out?

    Ans. The three main ways in which a fire can be put out are:

    a) by removing the fuel,

    b) by stopping the flow of oxygen to fire,

    c) by lowering the temperature around the fuel.

    5. Match the items in box A with those in box B.

    A B
    i) to burn paper or a piece of wood – we heat it before it catches fire
    ii) small fires can be put out – with a damp blanket
    iii) when water is spread on fire and lowers the temperature. – it absorbs heat from the burning material
    iv) a carbon dioxide extinguisher is the best thing – to put out an electric fire
    v) space left between buildings. – reduces the risk of fire

    6. Why does a burning candle go out when you blow on it?

    Ans. When we blow on a burning candle, we remove the hot air around the flame and the temperature lowers below the flash point. Thus, the candle goes out.

    7. Spraying water is not a good way of putting out oil fire or an electrical fire. Why?

    Ans. When we pour water on burning oil, the oil floats on water and continues to burn. If we pour water on electrical fire, we may get electric shock, which is dangerous.

    8. What are some of the things you should do to prevent fire at home and in the school?

    Ans. We should ensure fire prevention norms at home and at school. There should be space between the buildings. Electrical appliances should be properly earthed. Keeping a bucket full of sand also will be useful. School should have fire extinguishers.

    NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter-8

    The eighth chapter of English for class VII is about humans and fire. We all know that primitive man was the first to find the fire. It must have looked odd to prehistoric man, but we now know that fire is caused by chemical interactions.

    We will study the benefits and drawbacks of fire in this chapter. Fire is a very helpful part of nature, yet it may destroy everything if it is out of control. Many accidents have occurred as a result of unrestrained fire, resulting in the deaths of millions of people.

    When oxygen combines with the carbon and hydrogen in the fuel, fire results. We use fire every day for cooking, lighting candles, and burning wood, which is why it is referred to as Mitra in this chapter; but mishaps can occur when a fire is out of control, therefore it is also referred to as the enemy of mankind. We will also learn how to control a fire if it gets uncontrollable in this chapter, as well as what precautions we should take when using fire.

    Class 7 English Honeycomb Syllabus (Latest)

    In CBSE board education, English is one of the most essential required subjects. English proficiency is required because it is a language that allows people to communicate on a worldwide scale. When it comes to the CBSE Class 7 English Honeycomb syllabus, it is critical that you thoroughly comprehend the complete syllabus in order to prepare for your Class 7 English exam. The English Class 7 syllabus consists primarily of chapters from three books:

    A textbook in English (Honey Comb).

    • Reader Supplementary in English (An Alien Hand).
    • Grammar in English.

    NCERT Solution Class 7 English Honeycomb has ten chapters, and you can find NCERT Solutions Class 7 English Honeycomb and Alien Hand chapter-by-chapter on INFINITY LEARN. These solutions are offered in PDF format, making them more accessible to students.

    • Three Questions (Chapter 1)
    • Chappals as a Gift (Chapter 2)
    • Gopal and the Hilsa Fish (Chapter 3)
    • The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom (Chapter 4)
    • Quality is the fifth chapter (Chapter 5)
    • Expert Detectives (Chapter 6)
    • Chapter 7 – The Invention of Vita – Wonk (Chapter 7)
    • Fire Friend and Foe (Chapter 8)
    • Chapter 9 – A well-maintained bicycle (Chapter 9)
    • The Cricket Story (Chapter 10)

    Subject-matter professionals with years of teaching experience design and organize our study resources. They went over the information attentively to ensure that nothing was overlooked. You should go over the textbook and the solved exercises from these NCERT Solutions Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 8 to acquire a better knowledge of the chapters. All of the exercises in the NCERT textbook cover the most relevant questions from this chapter that may be asked in the examination.

    What Are the Benefits of INFINITY LEARN for All Students?

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    The NCERT Solutions for English Honeycomb Chapter 8 for Class 7 are based on the most recent CBSE recommendations. INFINITY LEARN’s App provides access to all study resources. All NCERT books are available in PDF format, as well as chapter-by-chapter NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb, sample papers, and previous year’s solved papers.

    Fire Friend and Foe – NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English FAQs

    How Should I Prepare for the English Exam in Class VII?

    You may prepare for NCERT English Class 7 with the help of professional tutors at INFINITY LEARN. The best online learning platform is INFINITY LEARN. INFINITY LEARN offers great study materials as well as online classes. All online classes are led by teachers who are well-versed in the disciplines in question. Important chapter-related questions are also available on INFINITY LEARN. For decent preparation for the Class VII English Exam, a complete grasp of the chapters and a clear understanding of the question structure are required.

    What Fire Safety Precautions Should We Take?

    We all know that fire is created when oxygen combines with carbon and hydrogen in the fuel. As a result, to control the flames, the oxygen supply must be cut off, exactly as we do when we lay blankets on the fire. Food packets or any wooden things should never be kept near the gas oven since they can create a fire. Lighters and matches should always be kept out of reach of children if there are any in the house.

    What is the difference between a friend and a foe when it comes to Fire?

    Fire is a natural element that is recognized to have both benefits and drawbacks. Fire is incredibly beneficial to all of mankind because it can be used for a variety of purposes such as cooking, burning wood, lighting candles, and so on. However, if the fire becomes out of control, it could become deadly, resulting in major accidents and even deaths. According to Chapter 8 of Class 7 English, Fire: Friend and Adversary, this is why fire is both a friend and a foe.

    According to the Class 7 Syllabus, what are the most common uses of fire?

    Fire is a valuable natural resource that can be used in a variety of ways. Cooking, burning wood to warm our houses, lighting candles, generating electricity, and so on are some of the common applications of fire. The NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 8 - Fire: Friend and Foe explains these themes in detail.

    According to the Class 7 syllabus, what are the three major strategies to control or extinguish a fire?

    Despite its many purposes, fire can be deadly if it is not regulated. Eliminating or stopping one of the components capable of starting the fire is one of three main strategies to manage or put out a fire. We can eradicate fire in a variety of ways, including: removing the source of oxygen, Turning off the gas, lowering the temperature below the point of the flashback.

    What do we consider to be a good friend?

    Fire might be regarded as a good buddy because of the numerous advantages it provides. As a result of all the advantages that fire provides, we consider it a good buddy. For a better understanding of the chapter, go to the INFINITY LEARN website. INFINITY LEARN's solutions are written by subject matter experts and are written in plain language, making it easy for students to get the entire crux of the chapter.

    What are the benefits of studying NCERT Solutions for English Chapter 8 in Class 7?

    Students in Class 7 benefit from the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 8 since it helps them develop information and achieve good grades in their exams. The answers have been prepared by a team of professionals who have worked tirelessly to create a simplified version of the story, summarise it, and provide exact answers to each question. You can also look up more information on the INFINITY LEARN website in the chapter. INFINITY LEARN's solutions are completely free of charge. They're also accessible through the INFINITY LEARN Mobile app.

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