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Ncert Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew Poem Chapter 5 The School Boy

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 5 Poem – The School Boy – Free PDF Download

INFINITY LEARN has made the School Boy Class 8 poetry from the CBSE English book Honeydew available to pupils. Our best-experienced topic specialists answered the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 5 poem by following the CBSE guidelines’ current last year question patterns.

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    William Blake wrote the poem “The School Boy” for Honeydew Class 8 Chapter 5. The poet communicates the idea of an unhappy schoolboy on his way to school in this poem. The student is no longer interested in his studies or books. He enjoys the dawn, trees, and birds, according to him. Despite being a nature enthusiast, he found those mornings to be extremely uncomfortable owing to his school. Almost every student has experienced something similar. The author contrasts and brilliantly pulls the beauty of nature into his words in this poem.

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      Chapter 5 The School Boy

      1. Find three or four words/phrases in stanza 1 that reflect the child’s happiness and joy.

      A. The words that reflect the child’s happiness are:

      i) the birds sing.

      ii)skylarksings with me.

      iii) O ! what sweet company.

      2. In stanza 2, the mood changes. Which words/phrases reflect the changed mood?

      A. i) drives all joy away.

      ii)crueleye outworn.

      iii) Sighing and dismay.

      3. ‘Cruel eye outworn’ refers to

      A. iii) the dull uninspiring life at school with lots of work and no play.

      4. ‘Norsit in learning’s bower worn throw’ with the dreary shower’

      Which of the following is a close paraphrase of the lines above?

      A. i) Nor can I sit in a roofless classroom when it is raining.

      The School Boy – NCERT Solutions For Class 8 English Honeydew Poem – Free PDF Download

      English is the type of subject in which every student must gain sufficient knowledge, which can be tough if you have any misconceptions about the words in any given line. Consider the following scenario: You must understand the exact message that the poet wishes to express by this sentence in this chapter, ‘With the dreary shower.’ English is the most prioritized language on the planet, and every parent wishes for their child to be able to speak it fluently and confidently in public. And we know you’re up to the task.

      We, the INFINITY LEARN team, think that any student may achieve academic success, but he must manage his time wisely and study with the appropriate tools. INFINITY LEARN supplies you with precise and high-quality study notes and materials. Our professionals check these study materials on a regular basis to ensure that you get the finest grades possible. They operated entirely in accordance with the CBSE’s requirements. This also provides you a decent grasp of the pattern and allows you to write your own answers to any of the questions in this chapter. So, hurry up and download The School Boy Class 8 PDF from the link provided below.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      1. ‘Nor Sit in Learning’s Bower Worn Thro with the Dreary Shower,’ says the first.

      Which of the following lines is the most similar to the ones above?

      When it’s raining, I can’t sit in a classroom without a roof.

      I can’t learn anything in school because the teachers keep lecturing and explaining things to me.

      I also can’t sit in the school garden because I’m afraid of getting wet if it rains.

      Ans: I can’t learn anything at school since the teachers keep lecturing and explaining everything to me.

      1. Is it possible to have free access to the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English The School Boy File?

      Yes, NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English are available. On our website, you can download The School Boy for free. 

      1. Which of the following statements does ‘A vicious eye outworn (stanza 2)’ allude to?

      The Lessons That Are Difficult or Involved.

      The shabby or excessively noisy classroom.

      The Life at School is Boring or Uninspiring, with Too Much Work and Too Little Play.

      Mark the answer that you believe is correct.

      Ans: A life at school that is dull or uninspiring, with a lot of work and little play.

      1. Which words or phrases in Stanza 2, ‘The Mood Changes,’ reflect the changed mood?
      • Ans: The following words or phrases describe the mood of the child:
      • The cruel eye has seen better days (of the teacher).
      • Sighing and disappointed.
      • It takes away all joy.
      1. How do I compose perfect answers in tests for Chapter 5 of English Honeydew, Class 8?
      • The key to getting good grades in English is to write well-written and impressive answers. Follow the steps below to create great answers for Chapter 5 of Class 8 English:
      • Read the chapter thoroughly to grasp the author’s point of view.
      • For Chapter 5 of Class 8 English Honeydew, use INFINITY LEARN’s NCERT Solutions. The answers are offered by English professionals and demonstrate how to answer questions correctly in tests.
      • To expand your vocabulary and improve your command of the English language, read a few additional novels.
      1. Is the youngster in Class 8 English’s poem “The School Boy” happy?

      Ans: The boy in the poem “The School Boy” appears to be a happy child in love with nature at the beginning. However, as the poem develops, it becomes clear that the child is terrified of going to school on a bright and happy morning. The child seemed to detest sitting in class and prefers to spend his time outside in the sunshine. The notion of spending hours in school makes the youngster upset, and he is not happy at all.

      1. What is the subject of Class 8 English poetry “The School Boy”?

      Ans: The poem “The School Kid” by William Blake tells the story of a young boy to the reader. The young youngster is in love with nature, as we can see from the poetry. He creates enthralling comparisons and beautifully portrays many aspects of nature. He, on the other hand, despises being “caged” like a bird for hours at a time at school. The boy dislikes going to school and feels overburdened by the weight of books and school expectations.

      1. In Class 8 English poem “The School Boy,” who blows the horn?

      The huntsman winds the horn, according to the narrator of “The School Boy.” From afar, the boy hears the sound of a hunter. These lines are spoken by the youngster in the poem as he describes the beguiling beauty of a June morning. He also notes the sound of trees with birds singing. The skylark seemed to be singing along with him. All of this makes the boy fall in love with the summer mornings.

      1. What do you know about the poet of Class 8 English poem “The School Boy”?

      Ans: “The School Boy” is a poem by the poet “William Blake,” and it is included in his poetry collection “The Songs of Experience.” William Blake was a poet who was born in England. He was a painter as well as a printer. He left his mark on English literature with a number of masterpieces. His illustrated poetry anthology “Songs of Innocence and Experience” is the most well-known of these. Unfortunately, his abilities were not appreciated as much during his existence as they were after his death.

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