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The Comet – II – NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 10

The Comet – II – NCERT Solutions: Subject specialists have designed NCERT solutions for English Class 8 Chapter 10 which includes thorough solutions for reference. These solutions are updated according to the latest CBSE syllabus for 2012-22 and are provided in easy language for understanding. Tips and tricks are also provided.

These solutions are provided so a student can clear his doubts and get help with deep understanding of the concept. Also you can refer them to make the chapter notes and revisions notes. PDF of this can also be downloaded from website.

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      SR 10 - THE COMET - II

      Comprehension Check

      1. “For a moment James wondered if he had done his sums right.” Why was James doubtful about his sums and calculations?

      A. James reached his hotel at 1 p.m. He looked up the star studded sky. He couldn’t believe any unwanted event would happen on such a peaceful night. So, for a moment James wondered if he had done his sums right.

      2. What did the scientists at the conference say about James’ sums?

      A. The scientists at the conference said that James’ sums were correct. The comet would collide with the earth.

      3. Immediate action was needed, the scientists decided. Give one example each of ‘defensive’ and ‘offensive’ action mentioned in the text.

      A. The defensive measure was that people should live in bunkers. The offensive measure was to do something to deflect the comet from its path.

      4. “I am not buying any Christmas presents till December 15.” What did Sir John mean by that?

      A. Sir John made this comment because he was not sure about the safety of the earth.

      Comprehension Check

      1. What isDuttadaexpected to do on his return from London?

      A. Duttadaon the return was expected to take part in aShanti Yajna to pacify evil spirit behind the comet.

      2. What is his reaction to the proposal?

      A. Duttada reacted angrily. He said it was only superstition to believe that comets have evil spirits.

      3. i) What does ‘project light brigade’ refer to?

      ii) What does Sir John say about the project in his letter toDuttadain October?

      A. i) Project Light Brigade’ refers to the plan to divert the comet from its path.

      ii) Sir John in his letter made a mention of The Charge of the Light Brigade.

      4. Did Sir John buy Christmas present on December 15? How didDuttadacome to know about it?

      A. Sir John bought Christmas present on December 15.Duttadacame to know about it from his letter. This showed that the project was successful.

      5. Why, according to Indrani Debi, had the comet not been disastrous? Do you agree with her?

      A. IndraniDebi thought that the comet cannot harm the earth because of the ‘yajna’ performed at their house. We cannot agree with her because it is superstitious to believe that ‘yajna’ would divert the path of the comet.

      6. Is Duttada’s general outlook

      i)rational ii) moral iii) traditional?

      A. Duttada’ general outlook was rational and scientific. He went by reason, not by custom or blind beliefs.

      NCERT Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 10

      English is an interesting subject for the students. The chapters contain hidden meanings and most students need an additional guide to know these meanings. to assist students during this aspect, NCERT Solutions are the necessity now. This chapter is one such chapter that needs extensive detailing. Therefore, NCERT Solutions of this chapter has been designed by subject matter experts at Infinite learn. They know the IQ level of class 8 students in their minds while preparing these solutions and thus , students find it easy to understand . Students can easily download NCERT Solution of this chapter in any of their devices and study as per their convenience. Science Students who are trying to find NCERT Solutions for class 8 Science also will find the Solutions designed by our In-House Experts. You can also download NCERT Solutions Class 8 Maths to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

      Key Features of the Chapter The Comet – II – NCERT Solutions

      1. NCERT Solutions helps in providing fully resolved step by step solutions to all textbook questions.
      1. Set of solutions which comes with a list of all important formulas on algebraic identities.
      1. These solutions are made accordance to the latest syllabus.
      1. Solutions are prepared by subject matter experts.
      1. NCERT Solutions provides help for the preparation of competitive exams.

      About Infinite Learn Solutions

      Infinite Learn mission is to create world-class learning content for students. We are focussed on raising the students learning abilities. These Solutions have been structured very carefully to give several benefits to the students that utilize these study materials. That is why, these are crafted by subject matter experts to focus on concept and its explanation.

      For any type of support related to the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 given here, students can approach our support team who will help clear all their doubts. Students can also check out Infinite Learn for a more efficient learning experience.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How are the NCERT Solutions of this chapter helpful from an exam perspective?

      NCERT Solutions of this chapter is the popular study material used by the students to score good marks in board exams. Practising these solutions make the students to top the final exams and become expert in the subject. These solutions are made, based on the most updated NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English syllabus, including all the crucial topics of the respective subject.

      How to master Class 8 English CBSE?

      Practice makes a man perfect. This quote applies to students as well. To get a clear image in the topics covered in Class 8 English, students must go through all the topics they find in their NCERT English textbook. For this, try to solve all the questions given in their NCERT Class 8 English textbook. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English for these exercises can be find easily on Infinite learn website and on the Infinite learn Mobile app as well.

      Can I score full marks in Class 8 English chapter 10?

      Yes, you can easily score full marks in Class 8 English Chapter The Comet – II – NCERT Solutions. All you need to do to score full marks in English is frequent practice. All of the concepts should be clear in this subject since many questions are expected in the board examination from this chapter. This will help you make your confidence up and well versed with the chapter and can score full marks in the exam. You should also refer to the NCERT Solutions of this chapter.

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