Study MaterialsNCERT SolutionsNCERT Solutions for Class 8 EnglishNCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 8 – It So Happened Jalebis

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 8 – It So Happened Jalebis

NCERT solutions for class 8 English It So Happened Jalebis

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 8 are available for students on Infinity Learn to use as a resource to help them better understand the concepts taught in the chapter. The solutions are designed to break down the concepts in an easy to understand manner. In addition, the solutions are also useful for helping students prepare for exams, as they can use the solutions to practice solving problems before the test.

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    Subject specialists have designed NCERT solutions for English Class 8 Chapter 8 which includes thorough solutions for reference. These solutions are updated according to the latest CBSE syllabus for 2023-24 and are provided in easy language for understanding. Tips and tricks are also provided.

    These solutions are provided so a student can clear his doubts and get help with deep understanding of the concept. Also you can refer them to make the chapter notes and revisions notes. PDF of this can also be downloaded from website.

    Comprehension Check I

    Q1. Money to school?

    Ans. The boy didn’t pay the fees because the teacher was on leave on that day.

    Q2. i) What were the coins ‘saying’ to him?

    ii) Do you think they were misguiding him?

    Ans. i) The coins advised him to buy and eat hot and fresh jalebis.

    ii) The coins were misguiding him because the money was meant for paying the school fees.

    Q3. Why didn’t he take the coins’ advice? Give two or three reasons.

    Ans. A The boy didn’t take the coins’ advice because of many reasons. First, the money was meant for the school fees. Secondly, he was afraid of the teacher. Thirdly, he thought that even looking at something in the bazaar was a sin as he was provided so much at home.

    Q4. i) What did the oldest coin tell him?

    ii) Did he follow his advice? If not, why not?

    Ans. i) The oldest coin said that they were advising him for his own good. He said that he could pay the fees with the next scholarship money.

    ii) The boy didn’t follow the advice because he was a good boy from a reputed family.

    Q5. He reached home with the coins in his pocket. What happened then?

    Ans. After reaching home he couldn’t suppress his temptation for jalebis. The coins kept on urging him to go and buy the jalebis. Finally he rushed to the shop and bought jalebis.

    Comprehension Check II

    Q1. i) Why didn’t he eat all the jalebis he had bought?

    ii) What did he do with the remaining jalebis?

    Ans. i) He didn’t eat all the jalebis he had bought because the quantity was more than he could eat.

    ii) The remaining jalebis he distributed among the boys from the neighbourhood.

    Q2. “The fear was killing me,” what was the fear?

    Ans. The problem was of digesting all the jalebis he had eaten. There was a danger of one or two jalebis coming out with a burp.

    Q3. “Children’s stomachs are like digestion machines.” What do you understand by that? Do you agree?

    Ans. This means children have the capacity to digest food easily even if they overeat. We cannot agree with it.

    Q4. How did he plan to pay the fees the next day?

    A. He planned to pay the fees the next day with the scholarship money.

    Q5. When it is time to pay the fees, what does he do? How is he disobeying the elders by doing so?

    Ans. When it is time to pay the fees he takes his bag and leaves the school. He disobeys the elders by crossing the railway track and eating sweets.

    Comprehension Check III

    Q1.What was the consequence of buying jalebis with the fees money?

    Ans. The consequence of buying jalebis with the fees money, made him to be absent from school for the first time in his life.

    Q2. His prayer to God is like a lawyer’s defence of a bad case. Does he argue his case well? What are the points he makes?

    Ans. He tries to please God with his requests and by reciting the ‘Namaz’. He admits that he had made a mistake. He says if he had known that the scholarship would be delayed he would not have spent the money. Thus he argues his case well.

    Q3. He offers to play a game with Allah Miyan. What is the game?

    Ans. The game is that he would go up to the signal, touch it and come back. In the meantime God should put four rupees under the rock.

    Q4. Did he get four rupees by playing the game? What did he get to see under the rock?

    Ans. No, he did not get the money. Instead, he found a worm under the rock.

    Q5. If God had granted his wish that day, what harm would it have caused him in later life?

    Ans. If God had granted his wish that day, he would not have learnt a lesson. He would continue doing mistakes and then depend on God for everything.

    NCERT solutions for class 8 English It So Happened Jalebis

    The NCERT class 8 English supplementary chapter 8 provided by Infinite learn can be downloaded in PDF format for simple learning on mobile and desktop. Subject matter experts designed the class 8 chapter 8 for the best solution solving experience for students.

    Students can know the theme of the NCERT solutions of this chapter and then start solving the question. The It So Happened Chapter 8 deals with a boy who was given money to pay for his school fees. The coins, which he received to pay fees, make him to buy some fresh jalebis, which he eat while coming from school. Master Ghulam Mohammed was on a leave so that’s why he decided to delay his fees.

    Key Features of NCERT Solutions for this chapter

    • NCERT Solutions helps in providing fully resolved step by step solutions to all textbook questions.
    • Set of solutions which comes with a list of all important formulas on algebraic identities.
    • These solutions are made accordance to the latest syllabus.
    • Solutions are prepared by subject matter experts.
    • NCERT Solutions provides help for the preparation of competitive exams.

    About Infinite Learn Solutions

    Infinite Learn mission is to create world-class learning content for students. We are focused on raising the students learning abilities. These Solutions have been structured very carefully to give several benefits to the students that utilize these study materials. That is why, these are crafted by subject matter experts to focus on concept and its explanation.

    For any type of support related to the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 given here, students can approach our support team who will help clear all their doubts. Students can also check out Infinite Learn for a more efficient learning experience.

    NCERT Solutions Class 8 English Chapter 8 FAQs

    Which is the first day of monsoon mist?

    The first day of monsoon mist varies by location but generally marks the start of rainy season fog.

    Why is mist called melancholy?

    Mist is called melancholy due to its hazy, gloomy appearance.

    What made the boy fearful after eating the jalebis?

    The boy felt fearful after eating jalebis because he saw a snake-shaped jalebi, which scared him.

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