Study MaterialsNCERT SolutionsNCERT Solutions for Class 9 EnglishNCERT Solutions for sophistication 9 English Moments Chapter 6 – Weathering the Storm in Ersama PDF Download

NCERT Solutions for sophistication 9 English Moments Chapter 6 – Weathering the Storm in Ersama PDF Download

Learning English is an important aspect for college kids in today’s age. Sometimes it’d seem difficult to know all the meaning of words and therefore the essence of a topic without help from experts. NCERT Solutions for sophistication 9 English Moments weathering the storm in Ersama has been prepared by our team of experts at INFINITY LEARN. Their knowledge of the English language makes it possible to elucidate all the questions during a clear and straightforward language that students of sophistication 9th would find very easy to travel through.

The NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) is that the body is liable for providing students with the study material for classes 1 to 12 altogether schools affiliated with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Since the NCERT books are the most source mentioned for all subjects, the importance held by these books during a student’s preparation for his or her exams automatically rises. The question papers for every subject also are prepared strictly supported by the syllabus covered by the NCERT books.

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    English is a crucial subject throughout one’s education in class. it’s an important part of our communicational means, and also an element critically affecting a student’s outcome. English in school 9 introduces students to several new grammar and writing concepts alongside various new literature chapters. it’s a more modern and better level within the subject and students may face some difficulty in gaining an in-depth understanding of certain concepts sometimes.

    Since every student aims to attain well altogether subjects during their school life, it’s crucial for them to know the importance of preparing well. Their preparation for the exams is an important criterion weighing in on their result. pertaining to NCERT Solutions during their preparation can help students make their preparation stronger. The NCERT Solutions can help students easily learn more about the chapter and also solve Weathering the Storm in Ersama – extra questions and answers.

    To help students score well within the CBSE Class 9 English examination, INFINITY LEARN has provided NCERT Solutions for every chapter within the Class 9 English Literature. These solutions are meant to supply students with a radical understanding of every detail that has been discussed within the chapters. The NCERT Solutions are prepared with a selected specialize in easy comprehension and maximum accuracy consistent with the NCERT books and CBSE standards.

    NCERT Solutions Class 9 English Moments Chapter 6 has been designed keeping the CBSE curriculum in mind; hence students will ace in their exams if they avail of this service provided by INFINITY LEARN. Subjects like Science, Maths, English will become easy to review if you’ve got access to NCERT Solution for sophistication 9 Science, Maths’s solutions, and solutions of other subjects. you’ll also download NCERT Solutions for sophistication 9 Maths to assist you to revise the entire syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

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      SR 6 - Weathering the Storm in Ersama

      SR 6 – Weathering the Storm in Ersama

      Think about IT

      1. What havoc has the super cyclone wreaked in the life of the people of Orissa?

      A. It was a devastating storm that washed the houses away and destroyed hundreds of villages. It killed thousands of people and uprooted a large number of trees. There were dead bodies all around. People became homeless and many children who had lost their parents became orphans. This crazed destruction continued for the next thirty-six hours. The condition seemed grim after the super cyclone.

      2. How has Prashant, a teenager, been able to help the people of his village?

      A. On reaching his village, Prashant found deplorable conditions all around him. He had leadership qualities so he took the initiative to rehabilitate people. He made a team of young volunteers and cleaned urine, filth, vomit, and floating carcasses. His team was fully dedicated to serving others. He persuaded grief-stricken women to look after children. In this way, he became a ray of hope for all.

      3. How have the people of the community helped one another? What role do the women of Kalikuda play during these days?

      A. Prashant took the initiative and mobilised everyone to help one another. In this time of distress, the people of the community joined hands together and started relief work. Women started working in the food for work program and looked after the orphans.

      4. Do you think Prashant is a good leader? Do you think young people can get together to help people during natural calamities?

      A. Undoubtedly, Prashant is a good leader. He has all the qualities of a leader. He has the special quality of taking initiative. His vision is quite clear. He faces adverse circumstances courageously. He is a source of energy for others and has great motivational power. I think that youth is power. This power can be used to assist society during natural disasters. Whatever job is assigned to the youth in such circumstances they perform their duty with full spirit.

      Talk about IT

      Talk about the preparedness of the community for a natural disaster. (You can talk about evacuation plans and rehabilitation; permanent safe shelters; warning systems; relief efforts; building materials to withstand cyclone/flood/earthquake, i.e. safe housing; peoples’ organization of their own rescue; the survival instinct, etc.)

      A. We are part of the community. Natural calamities may occur at any time. We have witnessed many such natural disasters which caused devastation all around. The occurrence of such calamities is not under our control but preparing ourselves to face such devastation is under our control. If precautions are taken timely, the effects of such calamities may be reduced. For this purpose, we should adopt the following points and discuss them.

      • Evacuation plans
      • Rehabilitation process
      • Permanent safe shelters
      • Warning systems
      • Relief efforts
      • Building materials to withstand cyclone/ flood/earthquake
      • People’s organization of their own rescue
      • The survival instinct etc.

      Short Summary of Chapter 6 – Weathering the Storm in Ersama

      Chapter 6 – Weathering the Storm in Ersama is predicated on a real-life situation that was experienced by the most character “Prashant” within the aftermath of the cyclone. Prashant has been described as a young man who was forced to spend two terrifying nights stranded on the roof of a house thanks to dangerous circumstances caused by the cyclone. However, he doesn’t lose hope and decides to seem after his family amid the chaos that had been created. While he decides to travel back to his village, the story narrates how Prashant does his best to assist people who had been suffering from the disaster a bit like he was.

      As one reads further, the chapter provides an in-depth account of how he was moved by the plight of affected women and youngsters, and therefore the solutions he comes up with to form their situation better in any way possible. The chapter provides a valuable lesson on the importance of effort and determination to try to do good.

      NCERT Solutions for sophistication 9 English- PDF Download

      The complete NCERT Solutions of sophistication 9 English Moments Chapter 6 PDF is out there at the official website of INFINITY LEARN. you’ll download it anytime for offline viewing and don’t need to depend upon internet connectivity. These readily available solutions provide an excellent thanks to quickly revising the most points of ch 6 English class 9 Moments. The PDF for the NCERT Solutions is out there for college kids to download with no charges.

      NCERT Solutions for sophistication 9 English Chapter 6 – Weathering the storm in Ersama: Explained intimately


      This story is predicated on the wretched cyclone that hit Orissa within the year 1999 and therefore the devastation it caused within the entire state. The plot is narrated through a young boy Prashant, who is simply nineteen years old. He had already lost his mother 7 years ago in 1992. He decided to go to his friend’s place in Ersama on 27th October 1999. Ersama was 18 kilometers were from his village Kalikuda. While at his friend’s place, an important storm started, the type nobody had seen earlier. Soon the weather turned menacing, and lots of trees and houses got uprooted.

      Prashant, alongside his friend’s family, took refuge at the roof of their house. They were stranded there for two whole days and survived on coconut milk from the coconut which had fallen on their roof. The cyclone continued for 36 hours, and when the rain subsided Prashant was shocked at the quantity of injury this calamity had caused. Cemented houses were fractured, carcasses of animals and humans’ corpses were floating within the water, and every one huge tree had fallen to the bottom.

      When things decreased, Prashant immediately wanted to travel and see his family as he was scared for his or her life. Prashant’s friend’s family begged him to not put his life in peril, but Prashant was adamant, and he started his journey of 18 kilometers on foot with the assistance of a sturdy stick. He witnessed the macabre scene on his way with bodies of men, women, and youngsters floating all around. repeatedly he lost the road and had to swim. Finally, he reached his village to seek out that his home was washed away completely. He finally found his family alive within the Red Cross society.

      Prashant then decided to require things into his hand and to alleviate the pain and suffering of villagers by organizing a gaggle of youth who took the trouble to urge rice for villagers, attended wounded folks, brought together orphaned children under a polythene shelter, etc. He also organized a match for teenagers to require their minds off misery and ladies started taking care of kids while menfolk took care of finding food.

      Prashant and his group didn’t let orphaned kids enter institutes found out by the govt as they thought it might bring loneliness to them. They instead persuaded the widows and motherless women to supply a family for these kids in order that they’re mentioned in their community.

      Exercise “Think about It”

      The solutions of CBSE Class 9 English weathering the storm in Ersama are explained in a lucid manner which can help students in grasping the key concepts easily.

      Exercise believe It Solutions: 5 Questions (5 long questions).

      Exercise “Talk about it”: 1 Question (1 long question).

      This set stimulates higher-level thinking in students.

      Key Features of NCERT Solutions for sophistication English Chapter 6

      Subject matter experts have meticulously prepared NCERT Solutions for sophistication 9 English Moments Chapter 6 at INFINITY LEARN. Their understanding of sophistication of 9th students’ pain points when it involves studying English has made them provide the solutions in an easily comprehensible manner. It not only provides solutions but also encourages students to think at a better level. a number of the advantages of NCERT Solutions for sophistication 9 English chapter weathering the storm in Ersama are:

      1. The solution is out there in PDF form, which may be mentioned anytime by students easily for revising all the Weathering the Storm in Ersama extra questions and answers quickly.
      2. The language utilized in designing the solutions is extremely clear and straightforward to know for a category 9th student.
      3. Every concept is explained intimately in order that students don’t need to return to read the whole chapter to recollect the gist of the story.
      4. The solutions provide students with an understanding of the way to write accurate, descriptive, and presentable answers which will help them score maximum marks within the exams.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Why did Prashant instruct the children to lie on the ground with an empty bowl on their stomachs?
      2. Why were Prashant and his team not in favor of orphaned children and widows receiving shelter in government-run institutions?
      3. What is the summary of Ersama’s Weathering the Storm?
      4. Is Ersama’s Weathering the Storm a genuine story?
      5. Who was Prashant in English Class 9 Chapter 6?
      6. Can you tell me where I can get the NCERT Solutions for Weathering the Storm Class 9 PDF?
      7. How can I grasp Chapter 6 of Class 9 English?

      Q. Why did Prashant instruct the children to lie on the ground with an empty bowl on their stomachs?

      Ans. On the fifth day of the hurricane, a military chopper flew over the village and dropped some food packs. It didn’t show up again in the days after that. After that, the youngsters took empty utensils from the shelter and told the kids to lie down on the ground with the empty vessel on their bellies. It was done to alert the rescue team to the presence of hungry people in the community and to draw their attention to their plight. The message was effectively delivered, and helicopters were dispatched on a regular basis to drop food and other necessities for the locals.

      Q. Why were Prashant and his team not in favor of orphaned children and widows receiving shelter in government-run institutions?

      Ans. Prashant and his friends believed that sending children to an orphanage would cause them to be removed from their friends and families, making them feel loveless. In such a situation, the widows would be stigmatized and lonely. They intended to reintegrate the orphaned group into their community. They intended to rehabilitate children by placing them in foster homes or with childless widows.

      Q. What is the summary of Ersama’s Weathering the Storm?

      Ans. Prashant, a 19-year-old lad, tells the story’ Weathering the Storm in Ersama.’ He discusses the cyclone that struck Orissa in 1999. He tells us about his encounter with the violent storm and the devastation it wreaked. He also describes how he collaborated with others to assist the impacted family. This narrative teaches about perseverance and hard work in the face of adversity brought on by natural disasters.

      Q. Is Ersama’s Weathering the Storm a genuine story?

      Ans. Yes, Weathering the Storm is a genuine story of a young boy’s adventure during a cyclone that devastated Orissa in 1999. The story emphasizes the value of family, bravery, and determination. This chapter’s explanation may be found on NCERT Solutions on INFINITY LEARN. These solutions were built specifically to help students prepare in a more efficient and clear manner. You may also save the free PDF to your computer and utilize it offline.

      Q. Who was Prashant in English Class 9 Chapter 6?

      Ans. In the story Weathering the Storm, Prashant is a 19-year-old kid. He is also the narrator of the story, telling us about his cyclone experience. Weathering the Storm in Ersama demonstrates that Prashant is a brave young man who values his friends and family. We observe his charity when he assists the communities and families who have lost children as a result of the cyclone.

      Q. Can you tell me where I can get the NCERT Solutions for Weathering the Storm Class 9 PDF?

      Ans. NCERT Solutions for this chapter, as well as other chapters and disciplines, are available on INFINITY LEARN’s website and app. INFINITY LEARN offers solutions that are simple to comprehend and cover all of the important themes. Visit INFINITY LEARN to get the NCERT Solutions for Weathering the Storm Class 9 PDF. All of the answers to the problems in the textbook are included in the solutions. The answers are written by topic specialists in a way that students can readily understand and remember.

      Q. How can I grasp Chapter 6 of Class 9 English?

      Ans. Harsh Mander’s Weathering the Storm is the sixth chapter in English Class 9. Once you’ve finished reading the story, make a list of the words that are difficult for you to understand and look up their definitions. On INFINITY LEARN, you may also find explanations, questions and answers, and other study materials that will help you better comprehend the chapter from the standpoint of your tests. It’s critical that you understand both the story’s background and the lesson it teaches you.

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